Digital Marketing News 5/8/20

Chloe – I have been using the Segment tool more and have found it useful to determine how sitelinks are performing and also how performance within Google Ads differs on Search Partners.

Lucy – Google Ads are introducing reccomendations at MCC level meaning you can see what changes google advise at MCC level.

Billy – A useful tool within Conversion actions is seeing which URL is producing conversions. This helps determining if conversion or event code has been copied onto the correct pages.

Em – I have been doing lots of Search term report work and will use the search function on the website to determine how relevant the search terms are.

Thomas – Google Ads have added a new feature to Youtube ads. Leadform Extensions have now been added to video campaigns, making it more likely to convert. Instead of needing to click to go to the site and then convert, people can add their details into a form below the video ad. The account needs to meet certain criteria to use this feature, but it is well worth testing.