Digital Marketing News – 8/7/2020

Digital Marketing News

Jake –

New features on the Google Ads overview page: You can now view and apply recommendations. View optimisation score and create campaigns directly from the overview page.

Chloe –

Phone details reporting —

Way to find out where the calls came from. Distinguish between dynamic calls & see if your client is missing leads due to missed calls. Also tells you how long a call was. E.g. if over 45 seconds classed as a conversion + which ad group the ad came from that caused the call. Mobile Click-to-Call metric shows details of all the clicks that you’ve received through Call only ads or Call extensions.

Reports > Extensions > Call Details

Billy –

Combined Audiences

Combined audiences is a new targeting option that will allow you to combine various audience attributes. Such as detailed demographics and affinities, to create “personas” that represent segments of your target audiences.

You can create different personas to represent different types of users that might use your products or services. By creating personas based on your users’ backgrounds. Needs and goals, you can target the right customers at the right time.

With combined audiences, you can intersect audience segments to express most advertiser personas.

Charlotte –

We are not fully utilising the lookalike and remarketing options when it comes to FB ads. In terms of lookalike audiences they have evolved to offer very targeted combinations which will be very effective when we have clients who have budget restrictions or want to prioritise ROAS.
There are different remarketing audiences we can test which are more targeted i.e. the top 25% of visitors based on site time and exclude those who interacted to a post/ad within a specified time period.

Testing placements is also something we need to be doing as different placements cater to different goals due to user intent. This can subsequently impact campaign performance

Lucy –

Google Ads TruView for Shopping Campaigns – Ecommerce businesses with pre-made videos or the ability to create videos would benefit from this type of targeting. Its a combination of video and product ads. The video is shown above the product ads so the viewer has the choice of watching the video and then clicking through to the landing page, or clicking on one of the products listed underneath to take them to a more specific item’s URL. You can filter the products shown for more specific audience remarketing or product awareness. I think this would be great to test for brand awareness too because it has the potential to improve bounce & CTR.

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