Digital Marketing News 29/7/20

JAKE – Report the Store Visits Metric (For Businesses with Brick & Mortar Locations) For clients with shops or showrooms, a proportion of clicks will result in higher footfall and this isn’t always reported. So by leveraging the Store visits metric, we can report additional value to clients and even create specific campaigns or ads which focus on driving up store visits in addition to e-commerce focused campaigns. Where this is relevant, you can create store visits as a custom column in Google Ads and you can also create a report for it in Predefined reports (Dimensions) > Conversions > Shop visit.

Learn more about creating reports in the Report Editor. To see shop visit conversions in reports:

About Offline conversion tracking:

Set up offline conversion tracking:

CAT – Over the last couple of days I have been creating an Amazon selling page. They ask you to fill out a lot of information for the verification process, today I learned how to get a copy of a business registration from gov. (Very long process)

1. Visit

2. Click on the Find Company Information link on the right-hand side of the home page or navigate directly to

3. Enter your Company Name or Company Number and click on Search

4. Select the Current Appointments Report option and click on Add to Order 5. Complete your order by entering the appropriate login details. If you have not used this service before, you will need to register a free WebCheck user account. Now the account is in a verification process and hopefully it’ll be sorted by the end of the week!

BILLY – Linkedin Ads Audience Exclusions Review the demographics and performance chart to see who your ads are being seen by. you can filter this by: job function, job seniority, company, company size etc. If you find anything or anyone you would like to exclude you can go to campaign level – manage scroll down about half way down the page and you can search for job roles/titles to exclude which you do through the audience attributes section.

CHARLOTTE – Assets are now available for some accounts in Google Ads which will tell you info about individual headlines/descriptions. It is not available for all accounts yet, but you can view them at account level underneath ads and extensions

EMILY & NICK – We learnt Display Campaigns and Google Ads editor

THOMAS – Testing TikTok Ads as they are currently offering to match any ad spend up to £1600.