Thomas Green Announces the Best 2020 Christmas Tv Ad | the Wonderbly Moment

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service, this is my last video on the topic of Christmas adverts in 2020 and after watching about 40 of them and becoming a bit of a scrooge and seeing so many ads which don’t show any of their products and don’t tell you where and how to buy or donate, I decided to look for a good Christmas ad and award that company with in my opinion the best Marketing within a Christmas ad in 2020 – A highly prestigious and sought after credential.

Drum roll please…

The award goes to


Well done Wonderbly. 

Wonderbly is an online personalised children’s book company. Since 2013, their bestselling books have delighted over 6 million children and grown-ups all over the world. and inspire the next generation of brave, imaginative, book-loving kids – one personalised story at a time.

Let’s have a look at the award winning ad:

Because it’s short I can walk you through why it’s a good ad from a marketing perspective.

Within the first few seconds, you can immediately see where you need to go if you want to purchase the product and I would add that this present on the ad for the majority of it, so if you decide to make that impulse purchase, you don’t have to figure out what to do in order to buy one.

There is also a principle here which I have discussed previously which is features vs benefits, the feature is a personalised children’s book which is pretty cool, but the benefit you would get from purchasing the book which they are showing to you in the ad is what most parents want and that’s to make their children happy or to make them feel good. In a lot of advertising, companies attempt to imply you will receive that type of benefit, but you know almost immediately if that is probable or not and I can tell you as a user of wonderbly’s products, it is true in this instance.

So far we have where you can go to buy, what they are selling and the benefit of why you should buy all in under 10 seconds of watching the ad and I don’t think you can say that about any of the other Christmas ads I have watched.

Here they are showing you the process of how you go about choosing the character you put in the personalised book, this is overcoming objections because maybe prospects may think well it’s nice concept but maybe it’s complicated or time consuming or maybe they don’t have a character which looks like my child and you can clearly see and the voice over states that it’s for any child.

We have a call to action from the VoiceOver in exchange for what you will receive, you have the product range for you to choose from, then another call to action including that it’s a perfect Christmas gift.

From a marketing perspective, this ad is far superior to almost all of the Christmas ads that I watched and I watched a lot of them. In terms of improvements, I would put a link in the description of the video, so people can click to go to the site rather than typing it in and I would consider an offer so if people were to order by a particular date, they get some sort of bonus, I’m not sure why the dislikes are high, but if I had to guess it’s because the video has been promoted and when the targeting is broad, people can dislike videos just for it being an ad rather than anything to do with the video itself.

So if you are considering making a Video Ad for your business, think about how you might implement the principles mentioned like Wonderbly have done, this concludes the 2020 Christmas Ad reviews, if you like this content, let me know as I may review non Christmas ads if that’s the case, if you need help with your digital marketing you can visit us at and I’ll speak to you soon.