May 28, 2015

Get Your Free AdWords AudioBook

“Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.”

Are you new to Adwords and not sure who to speak to? Have you spoken to some agencies and have a feeling that you are not being told the full picture or have picked up on the sales patter? Have you heard that most agencies “white label” your work out to smaller agencies and don’t actually do the work you are paying them for?

Do you want to feel prepared before making any decisions on who should manage your Adwords account? This audio book was created for you.

Your Free AdWords Audiobook is one step away.

Listen to 7 Things You Must Know When Hiring Anyone For PPC by entering your details below. Ethical Marketing Service are an experienced company who believe in honest and transparent practice, and are always open in our approach and discussions with clients. This 25 minute free audio could be the most important thing you could hear before choosing a company to manage AdWords on your behalf.

Our Commercial Director Thomas Green shares his years of experience in business and the horror stories he has heard, and how to ensure you are informed to make the right decision. Listen to what he would tell his friends & family if asked. He shares some vital things to be considered, to watch out for and how you can know your account is being managed correctly. You are entrusting companies with your money, so it’s only wise to find out everything you can before signing into any long contracts. We offer a Money Back Guarantee. And if we can, so can everyone else.

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