A Promotion Which Creates Testimonials

A Promotion Which Creates Testimonials Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to share something that can be very powerful for the right business. This is a promotion which can potentially generate a large amount of testimonials for you.

This promotion is a competition you can run for the funniest or craziest places your customer has used your product. What you would encourage your customers to do is share a picture of themselves using your product in unique situations. If they win, they get some sort of discount code or special prize. This is a way for you to engage with your clients again and possibly get them thinking about your business.

But when I was referring to testimonials, I didn’t mean written ones. For every entry that you get into the competition. That is someone metaphorically raising their hand stating they have used your product. That they are happy enough to share publicly that they do.

You can have terms about the competition that if they enter you may use it for marketing purposes. On the website for example and providing its positioned correctly with a good reason to respond, you could have dozens of testimonials coming your way.

The specifics of the competition would most likely have to be changed in order to be relevant to your business. But some examples might be:

Most exotic place you wore our brand

Funniest place you read my book

Ethical Marketing Service is a service based company so you have to be a bit more creative. But predominantly we provide customers for businesses, so ours might be, the most peculiar customer or enquiry provided by our marketing activity.

The best story, or the funniest place or most exotic place wins the competition. You can make a big announcement about it to your email list or social media following. If it’s interesting which it should be, people will be tuned in to what you are saying. As opposed to all the many other noise going on. You could be announcing a new product line which the winner gets for free or a complimentary service. The details have to be specific to your business, but the main thing is that the prize is not a disappointment as people don’t want to win a competition where they get 5% off their next purchase.

Getting that kind of testimonial is also very different than a standard templated one. You might see talking about great service which someone will just scan through. You will be holding attention. If you can do that, you can give them a reason why they should buy from you again.

If you need any guidance on this visit us at ethicalmarketingservice.com and I’ll speak to you soon.