Ad Copy Principle

Ad Copy Principle Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to share with you a continuation of my last video. Which was on attention, interest, desire, action or AIDA. But this is an emphasis on the first part which is attention. Ad Copy Principle.

The context of the first video was the ad is designed to get peoples attention. But there is a principle that I learned a while ago in a book called how to win friends, influence people. Which is if you want to hold peoples attention. Are they going to be more interested when you talk about yourself. Or are they going to be more interested when you talk about them?

In that particular book, the example it is a discussion. But in ad copy or website copy. You would be doing all the talking because there is no way for the prospect to participate. So who is it that you should be talking about?

Should you be talking about yourself and your company. Or should you be talking about the prospect, and their thoughts, their objections and their goals? A very loaded question, but a good analogy for emphasis here is dating.

Hypothetical, let’s say you go on a first date with someone. Would you want to spend more time with that person if all they did was talk about themselves all night. At very least you would want a healthy balance. But it is also said that you will be far more interesting if you talk about them. So if you want to hold attention in your marketing. You should lean towards more time on your prospect and less time about how great you are.

An example to illustrate might be “We have been in business for X number of years”. Vs “Are you looking for someone with real experience rather than someone who just talks a good game?” the emphasis is on what they want, not what you want.

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