Addressing Inner Dialogue

Addressing Inner Dialogue Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk you through a principle which I call “addressing inner dialogue”.

If they are on your website or having a conversation with you, every prospect has continual inner dialogue. You should be in on that conversation addressing the various points that they have.

I am not asking you to be a mind reader. Just know that when you first do business with someone or they’re a first time prospect. The guard is up and they are highly skeptical as they don’t know you. There is every reason to be cautious given the varying standards across many businesses.

To illustrate, if someone new were to visit Ethical Marketing Service. Here is some of the inner dialogue I might expect from a first time visitor:

  • Do they actually provide the services I am looking for?
  • Are they even a real company?
  • Could it be some sort of scam?
  • Maybe it’s just one guy sitting at home on his sofa?
  • I wonder if my account will be outsourced to a different country?
  • Are they going to try to charge me extra for things that I thought were included?
  • I wonder if I call that number if someone will actually answer?
  • And if they answer are they going to pressure sell me?
  • If I hire them, I wonder if they will actually do anything
  • Do you think those testimonials are real?
  • A money back guarantee, that’s interesting, I bet they make it difficult to get though
  • Maybe I should just do this another time
  • Maybe I could ask Steve if he knows anyone trustworthy who does this

It may not be all of those things at any one time. But I have heard some funny ones, from people thinking I was not a real person to someone thinking I was artificial intelligence.

I also once had someone ask me if I could take their credit card information out of Google Ads. It’s not to say that those scenarios might never happen and to you they sound ridiculous. But you still have to address the inner dialogue. 

So a good exercise for you would be to do what I have done but for your website. Pick out the most frequent or likely dialogue, address it somewhere on the page or when you talk to them. If you have ever seen a Frequently Asked Questions section. It’s is sort of like this, but you’re addressing the inner dialogue and not waiting for them to ask.

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