Bait In Marketing

Bait In Marketing Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service, before I get started on todays content, Bait in marketing. I have an update on the book, it has arrived…

Quite happy with it, so I can give you a release date, it is the 1st of July. If you haven’t already, go to Get on the early bird list for the bonuses I am giving away.

What I would like to talk to you about today is what is referred to as bait in marketing. I’m not overly thrilled about the fact that in this metaphor your business is fishing. Your customer is the fish and the fish ends up dead, but apart from that, I think the lesson is good.

Your customer has a desire for certain things. Whether it is conscious or unconscious. There is a dominant idea in their mind and as the business or marketer. You want them to take a specific action for you. Every business does.

So you need to intertwine the two in such a way that the taking of action with you will bring them a step nearer to their goal.

You do that with Bait. A side point to this, it’s infinitely easier if what you are offering is highly valuable to them.

You find the thing your potential customer is interested in and make it prominent in your marketing message. Rather than talking about yourself and how great your business is.

This is a universal, meaning that it doesn’t matter what it is that you have to promote. This principle never changes.

If you don’t do this, the potential customer is going about their day with all their priorities and you are asking them to pay attention to you, instead of the priorities that they have.

How would you feel if you were thinking about everything that’s important to you and someone walked up to you and started saying you need to pay attention to them and what they want you to do.

People in front of you are a lot harder to ignore than an ad you might see online. So you need to create your ads being sure to include what’s important to your prospect.

An example of bait in marketing is:

Hundreds of website visitors and they didn’t buy anything?
How often is this waste repeated on your site? 

Your business expenses have never been higher. It’s extremely expensive when a prospect leaves your site without making a purchase. 

The solution in this instance is hard work and expertise, Ethical Marketing Service is a Google Partner and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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