Beginners Marketing Error To Avoid

Beginners Marketing Error To Avoid Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I wanted to share with you something which has an extremely negative impact on response. Something for you to avoid. Beginners Marketing Error To Avoid. The best way to illustrate this is actually if you have seen any of The Apprentice with Alan Sugar.

Each year the candidates are normally set an advertising task. They put all this work into creating a TV ad, a big ad which plays on a loop in central London. One thing which happens pretty much every year, is when they do market research. They ask the general public what they thought of the ad and the response is “I don’t really know what it’s for”.

The candidates do all this hard work. Hours of planning, designing, and editing. They have forgotten that the viewer of the ad has absolutely no prior knowledge of their company, what it does. It’s very obvious to them what the company does. But remove any context or prior knowledge and that is the position your prospect is in.

How this translates to your digital marketing is whenever a prospect clicks on an ad. They will spend maybe a few seconds trying to determine what it is that you do if it’s unclear. They leave your site and don’t look back.

Every now and again, I will come across a site where I have to work very hard to understand what service this company provides. There are instances even on google search where the searcher thinks when they click they are going to visit a site about what they are looking for. But end up on something completely different. So have a look at your site and ask if I had no knowledge about this what so ever. Would I be able to figure out in a few seconds exactly what this company does.

There are a couple of principles here which I have talked about before but will reiterate. First is the headline needs to stand on its own with no images or surrounding content, people will know what product or service it’s promoting. So never mind the whole site, the headline alone needs to be able to communicate what you do. Second, a confused prospect never buys. So you need to be crystal clear about what you do and what they should do next.

If it’s the case that this doesn’t apply to you, a useful exercise is to think about it by degrees. Meaning that maybe it’s clear what you do. But it’s possible you haven’t explained some things which the prospect has questions about. A common example being what happens when they submit their information into a form. There are many sites which exist to capture information. And sell the leads onto multiple businesses and they look like any other site. The end result being that the prospect gets 10 unwanted phone calls from lots of different businesses. So how clear are you being about what happens when they get in touch with you. Or when they take a specific action.

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