Congruency In Your Digital Marketing

Congruency In Your Digital Marketing Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of being congruent from the messaging in your ad to the copy on your landing pages.

Whenever you create an ad on any platform, you should have a call to action. An offer somewhere in the ad. If your prospect has clicked that ad, it means they want to know more about what you said in your ad.

If you don’t have congruency from ad to landing page, It could be compared to an ad which gets someone to go to a physical store for a particular product or service. But when the potential customer gets to the store, what they went for isn’t there.

It’s either a bad experience. Which most likely doesn’t end up in a sale or worst case, it could look like a bait and switch. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where you advertise a very good price. Then when the prospect enquires, the great price isn’t available. But the company has this other option which was the real price all along.

It’s very easy to setup a 4 page site and then send all of your traffic to that one site. But if you want the best results, whatever you are saying in your ad, should have its own or a highly relevant landing page.

An example of that is, we are running a Google Ads campaign right now. All of the keywords that contain “Google Ads management” are going to landing pages where the copy says “Google Ads”. And all of the “Google Ads management” keywords go to landing pages where it’s referred to as Google Ads. They are the same thing, but for the sake of consistency they are congruent.

This principle is also encouraged by Google to improve quality score. They have a great quote which emphasises my point:

“The connection between your ad and your landing page is the bridge between a potential customer and a purchase. The better they’re connected (or the more directly relevant they are), the better your chances of a conversion.”

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