Differentiation In Marketing Continued

Differentiation In Marketing Continued Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to continue on the topic of differentiation in marketing, given the importance of the topic.

Your USP is one of the main things that will differentiate you in business. One unique thing to every business is the owner. If there is one definite thing which is unique and that is you. The question becomes are you marketing yourself in your own business?

Most competitors can copy everything about your business and its proposition. They could quite literally copy and paste everything you say onto their own website and replace your business name with their own. But if you are able to position yourself as an authority in your market, competitors can copy what you say, but they can’t copy who you are.

If you want a great USP to differentiate yourself from your competition. One of the ways you can do it is marketing yourself and why the prospect should want to do business not just with your company. But with you as an individual.

I have briefly mentioned telling your story in your marketing, I will reiterate now as I think it is relevant. Your story is also unique and qualifies as differentiation. But you are not telling your story for the sake of it. It is for a specific purpose, your story has to contain why you are the person they should do business with. As opposed to all the other options they have. Also it should have within it, why they should listen to you at all. What is it within your story which makes it justifiable that you are a person to listen to.

Now you are marketing yourself and adding your story, you can add credentials about yourself to the mix, if you are an author, that is a great way to do it as you can point to a book which no one else can sell – again unique.

This also brings up another interesting point which is putting your personality into your copy. If you are marketing yourself, have told your story, have credentials that no one else can claim and you are putting personality into your marketing. You are so far from being a nameless, faceless corporate company that you have differentiated yourself in the market.

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