Digital Marketing News – 27/10/2020

▪️ Jake –
Improvements to Smart Shopping campaigns to boost visibility during holiday sales using a new customer acquisition goal in order to help the Smart Shopping campaign optimise for new customers. This is available in the US but not sure about the UK. Visit this link for more info.

▪️ Em –
For Black Friday sales next month, I have put in place the promotion for a client via the “promotion extension” which already has Black Friday as an option. Also, you can set a “countdown” option on google ads by setting up a new ad > h3 > {countdown} and it will autofill it.

▪️ Chloe –
Google Ads + Analytics layouts have changed on newer accounts. Now “Google analytics 4”, main change I can see is that it consolidates all key information into different “streams” and the tracking ID can either be a UA or G number. Instead of goals its “conversion events”, but from what I can tell so far it requires certain parameters to be already installed on the website’s code. Haven’t had much time to assess the new changes properly yet.
The upgrade is available on all GA accounts.
Learn more

▪️ Lucy –
How to create a new audience list for an RLSA campaign using a cvs file of the client’s contact list. How to adjust the headings of the spreadsheet so that it meets Google’s requirements and agreeing to the GDPR rules. A free app to download for Shopify called Weglot helps to translate product data and website landing pages into seperate URLs to use for Google Ads Shopping campaigns to target other countries in their local language and currency. Use of the app does result in charges dependant upon the amount of words and pages that the user wishes to have translated. This can all be connected to The Merchant Centre to allow adjustments to be made to the language targeting of the product feed.