Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here, today I wanted to talk to you about Ethical Marketing. Some of the reasons why our digital marketing company is called Ethical Marketing Service.

I personally started digital marketing in 2010. I quickly learnt that marketing agencies in general had a bad reputation for promising results. In order to get business and then under delivering on that promise. Not all marketing agencies are like that, but a significant amount of them are.

I found that to be a very short sighted way of doing business. As when you first do business with someone, maybe it’s the case that it might be valuable to you. But the real value is really in the ongoing relationship with that person. You have acquired a client who if you deliver for and stay in touch with, they will want to come back and do business with you again. So the idea of promising something you can’t do for the initial revenue alone. When you could just be honest with them is odd.

They presumably put some work in to acquire a client and then just burn the bridges quite quickly. So in naming the company, I had learn’t that someone who has absolutely no knowledge of what you do. Should be able to know from the company name alone. And in order to position the company differently from agencies who were doing those types of things. Because of our guarantee, I added ethical.

I also think that the internet has removed the barrier of entry for a lot of people. Which overall is a positive thing, but if you are exaggerating in the way you communicate. You get immediately put into a category of people who are untrustworthy. Trust is extremely important in marketing because if you have a relationship with someone like I said previously. You know they exaggerate, you won’t believe any of the claims they make.

As a company we don’t accept any businesses which I would argue are detrimental to society in general. An example of that is we won’t work with gambling sites and that’s not to say that all gambling is bad. Just that the better results we get for that client, the worse off all the customers will be.

We introduced the mission statement fairly recently. Which is “we want to be the most trust worthy marketing agency that exists”. We can refer back to that with any of the decisions that we make on a daily basis. Lastly, it’s not always the case that you can get results for a client. Based on feedback I have received from the many clients I have spoken to. It sounds very much to me like a client is much better off with us, than they are with the vast majority of the market. But in the instance where for whatever reason a client doesn’t get the results they wanted. I wanted to have a clear conscience, that’s why the guarantee we offer has absolutely no conditions. 

If for the first 30 days a client of ours is unhappy. They can say they don’t feel they should have to pay and we will refund that money. We haven’t had to do many. But I think that and the other things I have mentioned qualify as ethical marketing.

If you have any questions on this or need any help. Visit us at and I’ll speak to you soon.