Have You Sold Yourself On Your Own Business?

Have You Sold Yourself On Your Own Business? Video Transcription

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service, today I would like to go through a useful exercise with you which helps in not only raising the standards of your business, but also how you promote yourself.

The premise is, you can’t sell or market yourself as well as possible if you don’t fully believe in it.

The way you determine if you have sold yourself on your own business Is with the following questions:

  • Is your business significantly better than your competitors and if so how?
  • Why should I choose your business instead of the alternatives?
  • If for a moment, you were the customer of your own business. Would it be obvious that your business would be not only the best marketed but would give you the best outcome as a consumer?

This may require some tough reflection. As most don’t have a good answer to these questions. If you don’t, attempting to convince others, when you don’t believe 100% in it, is going to affect the response you get.

Zig Ziglar used to say that selling (and marketing is sales multiplied) is a transfer of feeling from one person to another.

If you can have great answers to the questions that I asked. It will come through in your sales and marketing activity and do wonders for your business.

If you don’t have great answers. And you don’t believe that you are the best choice for the customer, it’s time to change things. Whether it be the proposition. The service or the product. Make some changes so that you can be confident that the best company to go with for that prospect is yours.

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