New Google Ads Location Insertion & Why It’s Important

New Google Ads Location Insertion & Why It’s Important

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about New Google Ads Location Insertion & Why It’s Important.. A newly released feature by Google within Responsive Search Ads.

It is called Location insertion. Before I share with you why it matters. I am just going to share my screen so you can see how it works:

— See Video Tutorial— 

So now you know how to implement it, here’s what’s interesting about this feature. I have spoken before about customisation being a principle you should be adhering to in your marketing. The better or more specific the message is to the person who views your ad. The more probable it is that they will respond to it.

Google know this and that’s why they have introduced this feature. I am in Worthing. So if I see an ad for something which says “Speedy Delivery To The UK”. It’s about as general as it gets without stating Europe or the World. But If it said delivery to Sussex. It would be slightly more specific to me and might catch my eye a bit more. If we went one step further and said “We Do A Speedy Delivery To Worthing”. That’s highly relevant to me and it would give me the impression that it was meant for me. Rather than meant for everyone.

The next important thing to notice about this feature is, it has been added to Responsive Search Ads, but not Text Ads. At least for now, what this tells me is, Google know that customising to the person who views the ad gets a better response, they also know what types of ads get a better response over others. So why make it available for Responsive Search Ads and not normal Text Ads? They are incentivising advertisers to use Responsive Search Ads, because it makes them more money because more people click on their ads and more people convert using these types of ads providing a better return for a business. 

When Google released Responsive Search Ads, the case study they gave was a 43% increase in conversions as a result of this feature alone.

In short, if you want a better response on Google Search Ads, you must be doing Responsive Search Ads as that’s what Google has determined works best. If you stick with normal Text Ads, you are sticking with something that Google is trying to get you to come away from which doesn’t work for very long. There are exceptions, but if you want the competitive edge, my opinion is you should have Responsive Search Ads in every ad group, within your search campaigns.

I will also make a prediction now which I can refer back to in the future. Normal Text Ads will eventually be retired by Google and Responsive Search Ads will be the default because if Google is creating new features and only giving them to Responsive Search Ads, it’s only a matter of time before they retire the old ones and the new ads with the better features become the default. This has happened many times over the years.

If you need any help getting your account up to scratch and using these new features, visit to set up a time to discuss and I’ll speak to you soon.