Optimisation Applied To Your Business

Optimisation Applied To Your Business Video Transcription

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about optimising, not in the Google and Facebook context, but optimising parts of your business.

I learned this principle from Jay Abraham. I interpreted it as, if you make improvements to parts of your business which you are doing regularly and that require no additional effort, there is a geometric or exponential improvement that can be made. This can mean your business grows more than it would have, for no additional effort.

The example given for context is a voicemail, whenever you call someone, there is a high probability that it will go to voicemail. Yet barely anyone is prepared to record one and not many think about how you could get the best response from it when you do.

And yet it’s something that we do sometimes day in day out, with a slight change or slight improvement you could get an increased response. Over time, that ends up in more call backs and perhaps more revenue.

It requires no additional effort to do it once you have a better way. But when you add this principle to all the other improvements that can be found. There is a compounding affect that can really make a difference to your business.

To be clear, the voicemail is an example to explain the principle. The principle can be applied to dozens of daily things which then have a compounding effect on your business.

In order to give you the most value, I have some examples. But to make the most of the principle. You should look for these within your business as you know the most about it.

The other examples are:

  • Email signatures
  • The way you answer the phone
  • The way you end a call
  • Staff meetings
  • Welcome communications for new clients
  • Potential cross sells of products or services
  • Affiliate relationships for services you don’t provide

All of these things, once they are improved or setup. If you do them badly or well, it takes no extra effort. Yet if you take all those things and improve them and anything else you might find as you search for them, you are optimising your business.

So what are you doing each and every day, which if you found a more efficient or effective way to do it, would take no extra effort from you?

I hope that helps, we offer a 30 day guarantee on our services.

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