Qualify Your Google Ads Search Campaigns

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about qualifying your Google Ads Search Campaigns.

By qualifying I am not referring to ad copy or long-tail keywords. But instead who actually gets to see that ad.

People tend to be quite aware of adding audiences to display campaigns. But with search once you add the keyword, targeting is not very often thought of (excluding RLSAs).

But there is plenty you can do to further qualify who you show your ads to. This can be based on the data. So if a particular age group doesn’t convert well, you might exclude or reduce what you are willing to pay for them. Or if you have a business which only typically serves one gender. It might be better qualified to exclude the other one.

You can also add in market audiences to your search adgroups for people who are considering a product or service like yours. Affinity audiences for people who have specific interests. Or you can create custom intent audiences from keywords and URLs and apply those. That way not only will they be searching a particular term. But they will also be for example in the market to buy according to google. 

Google also has the ability to combine audiences now. So if you wanted to combine one audience with another, that feature is available. You will be able to add that to your search campaign.

Household income is one that in the UK at least isn’t pulling that much data through, but when it does, it’s certainly one to implement even if it’s just a bid adjustment for people who have a higher income as presumably they have less price sensitivity.

If you are looking for reach rather the return on ad spend, then you may want to add these as observation so it doesn’t narrow the reach of your campaign, but if you want a better return and are limited by budget, by adding an audience and targeting it, you can narrow your reach and potentially get a better return on your budget.

Qualify Your Google Ads Search Campaigns – Ethical Marketing Service

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