New Keyword Planner Feature – Refine Keywords

New Keyword Planner Feature – Refine Keywords Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to share a new feature with you which has been added to keyword planner in Google Ads. The term is “refine keywords”

What you do is go to keyword planner. Click discover new keywords and put a relevant keyword in, hit enter and click get results.

This will populate results in the way it previously did. But now there is a tab on the right which is the refine keywords section.

What Google have done is categorised themes of the results. You can untick categories of keywords which are not relevant to your business.

I got results for the term “digital marketing services”. Clicked “expand all” in the refine keywords section and I was able to remove some brand names. Also it allowed me to breakdown by industry. So if I wanted to include web development keywords I could include. Or exclude them and all the other digital marketing services I wanted to include or exclude in the results.

Previously this would be a manual process, but Google are attempting to save you the time consuming process when doing keyword research to manually go through a lot of irrelevant terms and from what I have seen so far, it looks like a great amendment to the keyword tool and it’s going to save a lot of time.

It is in beta so if it’s not in your account yet, it was only released recently but I am sure they will roll it out to everyone soon.

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