Remarketing Explained

Remarketing Explained Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service, today I would like to talk about remarketing. Not in the “how to” sense, but more on principles as if I am not mistaken, it’s a word created by the tech crowd. I think it causes some confusion unnecessarily.

As the term suggests, you are marketing but the “re” means again. So you are marketing again to the same prospect. That just sounds like follow up to me. Perhaps someone has enquired or gotten in touch with you (in this instance, visited your website). They haven’t bought from you immediately so you are following up with them.

The principle is that simple. If anyone says remarketing, you know they mean follow up. But it raises the question..what is the best way to follow up with someone?

Let’s say you talk to a prospect about your product or service and they don’t buy. You decide to follow up with them and what do you say?

With some prospects, all they need is a little nudge as a reminder. Because they fully intended on buying, they just hadn’t gotten round to it yet.

This part is important, because the basic version of follow up which I just stated. Which is just reminding them, is what most businesses do when they remarket to their prospects.

This means there is opportunity for you, because if I were following up with a prospect. I’d think about all the potential things that they haven’t heard from me yet about my company or my product or service.

I might explain more about what is included in the product or service, that isn’t included by competitors. I may show videos from happy clients, I might send them a case study to look over.

Also, I might point them to any credentials I have and why I am authority on the topic. I also might give them a guide so they can be informed about making the right choice. I may make them a special offer incentivising them to act. Also I may ask them to get in touch and say why they haven’t become a customer yet. 

As you are probably aware, I could go on doing that. But this type of messaging or a sequence of messaging, is all possible when you remarket.

On most of the known medias, you can remarket to someone for a significant amount of time. There is really no excuse for following up with them by saying the same thing over and over again. I have said many times, you need to make your case to your prospect, it better be a good one.

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