Rough Draft Finished – The No Nonsense Google Ads Book

Rough Draft Finished – The No Nonsense Google Ads Book Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here from Ethical Marketing Service. I hope you are doing well. This is just a quick video to say that the rough draft of my Google Ads book is finished. It is on its way to me in the post as we speak.

The reason why this is relevant to you, is I am going to be giving away a load of bonuses for people who purchase the book and in true marketing style, the bonuses will far exceed the value of the purchase of a book, so you can potentially get a heavily discounted product or service.

Some of the bonuses include:

A consulting call with a google ads professional

Me personally critiquing your marketing

Reports on what your competitors are doing

And potentially getting your business in the book itself

Consulting calls are normally £50 +VAT and they can be extremely valuable to your marketing and getting them for the price of a book, is very much in your interest and that’s also separate from the fact that I have packed the book full of valuable information about Google Ads, but also Marketing principles in general.

If that sounds valuable to you, you can get on the early bird list and get a bonus absolutely free.

Just visit fill out your details and I’ll be in touch. There’s also a link beneath the video if you need it. Thanks for listening and I’ll speak to you soon.