Six Marketing Fundamentals

Six Marketing Fundamentals Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service, today I would like to share with you six marketing fundamentals to include in your copy to give you the best probability of success.

I have mentioned some of these before, but think of this as a checklist you can use as you create or review your own marketing materials.

Number: 1 is the opening. This can come in various different forms. But is designed to get your prospects attention whilst addressing their inner dialogue and prompting them to read or listen on.

Number 2: is the detail which gives the reader a mental image of what it is you are proposing from start to finish.

Number 3: is the reason why. I have covered this a lot previously and I am a big fan of the reason why in marketing. You are talking not about what you are selling, but what it will do for your prospect. 

Number 4: is a guarantee. If you can’t guarantee your product or service, then you guarantee something else, like a customer service guarantee. I am a big believer in guarantees, you can also label them to address objections that your prospect may have.

An example of that might be, we now refer to our guarantee as a performance guarantee. Whilst we don’t promise to be able to get specific results for our clients as that’s not possible. If a client is not happy with the performance of their marketing, they can exercise their guarantee.

If you are doing e-commerce, you might have a ship same day guarantee. I enjoy talking about guarantees because it reminds me of differentiation in business. Which is something I have talked about recently and think is vital to business success.

Number 5 is the bonus and using positive scarcity. A limited amount of bonuses, or a bonus with a deadline is used to incentivise them to act now. All of us are guilty of delaying many things that we should do immediately. All you are saying is, if you do act now, you get this in exchange. 

Number 6 is the close, which gives the prospect clear instructions about how to proceed. I have stated previously that a confused prospect doesn’t buy, so they should know what to do next and how to do it.

I hope that’s been helpful to you, I find these checklists to be very useful when I am going through my own marketing and normally refer back to them each time I am promoting something or teaching someone.

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