The Principle Of Volume In Marketing

The Principle Of Volume In Marketing Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to share with you the principle of volume in marketing. It’s been said many times before that marketing is multiplied salesmanship. So a vast amount of sales principles apply to the marketing world.

This is relevant because recently I have been sharing with you some of the most effective techniques in marketing. Or at least what is considered to be “the right way” to do direct response marketing.

But there is something in sales which I have noticed from a lot of the better known marketers online at the moment. That is in a lot of instances, they don’t use some of these techniques. But they rely on volume or quantity, with some of them posting to social media 7-8 times a day.

The sales analogy for this is something that Jim Rohn used to talk about. Which is I can talk to 10 people and maybe get 2 interested, someone else will talk to 10 people and get 3 interested but I will still beat them. The reason why is I just talk to more people than them.

When you take that over to marketing, if company A is doing the most amazing marketing. Maybe promoting heavily once a month and company B is doing the standard marketing you might see from most companies. But changing it’s offer or changing the product it’s promoting and it’s at a minimum of once a week. I would expect company B to be the leader of those two. Simply because they are extremely busy. 

Those two principles together and of course you have a winning combination. But if you don’t want to take the time to become  an expert in marketing. You can counter that by being extremely busy promoting your business to as many different people in as many different ways as possible. Using all the different medias.

So the question becomes, of all the ways you can promote your company, how many of them are you doing? I also don’t mean the popular ones which we as a company tend to support. But the newspaper or magazine ads, tele seminars, direct mail, or email marketing, SMS marketing. I would imagine that most businesses are not that busy.

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