The Product Demonstration Principle

The Product Demonstration Principle Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk with you about the product demonstration principle. The product demo is often used in infomercials where they have a product for sale and in order to prove that it does what it’s supposed to do, they show you how it works.

If you think about the difference between the claim that something works or can help you. Versus actually seeing it work or seeing it help someone, the difference is significant (also known as seeing is believing).

In fashion, a runway with models on it. Is a product demonstration and the product demo is regularly used in cleaning products. Which is why when you see an ad for a cleaning product, it always shows the product cleaning an item in the way that it’s supposed to.

So if you are selling products and haven’t made use of the product demonstration. It’s the difference between making a claim that the product does what it’s supposed to and proof that it can. I would suggest that if you don’t have product demos on your website for what you are selling. You are not providing proof for your visitor, you are telling them it’s good, but not showing them.

I have often wondered why it’s not used more in property. As it would be quite easy to do a walk through of a property with your phone these days. That would be a product demo, but with the exception of very expensive properties it’s not really used.

But if you are in a service business like myself. How could you use the product demonstration principle if you don’t have a physical product to show someone?

The product equivalent in a service business is information. Your product demo is the information you give that potential client in order to help them. So if you can help that potential client with your information, that is an example of your product working.

Again the difference being that if you say you can help them. VS proving that you can help them, it becomes a much more persuasive proposition.

I would submit that in a lot of service based businesses. Most prospects know very little about your business and helping them to make an informed decision will most likely want to make them repay that favour and become your client.

So a question you can ask about your website or business. Are you making a claim about something or are you proving that claim? If it’s the former, perhaps the product demo principle may help.

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