Break Free From Limiting Beliefs With Deborah LeBlanc

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the podcast today, we have Deborah LeBlank. Deborah, welcome.

Thank you Thomas, I appreciate you having me on the show.

It is my pleasure. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do?

Oh my gosh, I am mom right now. I am certified hypnotherapist master NLP practitioner, therapeutic imagery practitioner and an Emmy or practitioner. We also do corporate events where one of the things I realised in coming out of corporate environment, not only in working for “command”, but having my own business, a different business for 25 years. It is you know, you try to make special events at least once a year bringing a motivational speaker and it gets everybody on a high for a couple of days, if you’re lucky it’ll last a week and then they go back to doing things the old way and I and I thought about that and I said you know because some of these people charge a fortune so what am I accomplishing? Am I meeting my goal or I’m just entertaining them for an hour?

So part of the thing that I did was realise when I married hypnotherapy to what I naturally do, which is public speaking, I’ve been doing that for 12 years, but on a different motivation, different mindset that I could create change that was lasting for it became the standard because what keeps us going back to what we were doing before is a limited belief that is set inside of us probably since we were kids. And as we grew up it will that limited belief became unknown. And that’s what creates concepts like oh I can’t do that. You know a position becomes available for a sales manager and you have someone that does a really good job. But they have a feeling I can’t I don’t think I’ve got the qualifications to do it.

I’m too scared to go and talk to the boss about it and they lose out on so many opportunities. So what you have is a kind of a mixed of energy in your company and what you want. And I don’t I don’t I don’t know how relevant football is in the UK. But in the US, you know, it’s like besides God there’s football. Okay it runs in that direction. So we have football. Is your soccer. Oh soccer. Well my daughter’s played soccer so I’m familiar with it because I was a soccer mom. We have a team of people and I looked at them like a football team. If I were to coach them and motivate them and help and bring in other people to motivate them. What I’m looking for is if I have a line-backer.

If I have a quarterback, if I have whatever is involved on the team they have to be the best they can be. They have to draw from in themselves the power that existed and belonged to them from the time they were born. Well, I can’t do that with a mixed match King. I can’t grow a company from 0 to $4 million dollars in this span of time. Very short span of time. I have to have everybody playing at Super Bowl level because that’s where, that’s where I want to go. So I go into corporations and that’s what I do. I first meet with the Ceo to see if he’s not the one with the limiting beliefs because it always starts from the top and works its way down. There have been a couple of times when I’ve had to go to an owner and say is the subject on the problem. And I said yes, I have.

Are you sure you want to hear what it is and very gracefully but very honestly, I’ll tell them joe the problem here is you and we need to tighten up and focus your leadership skills. You want a winning team, you want to grow 10% a year, you want profitability, you want profitable growth. Everybody wants to expand, but you can expand 100 fold and go into bankruptcy the next year. You know, it has to be profitable growth. So we establish, we established a process that takes each section of their teams accounting. I don’t care what part they play because they’re part of a whole and we centre them to that that goal post or that what do you call it in soccer, That big net, you know where your king and your point.

I want everybody focused there. That’s where the ball goes and then you create a winning team because everybody’s mindset change is not only for business, for their home life, for their own wellbeing, they become happier people because once you, it’s not like, oh don’t go to work today. It’s not like that they become and feel like they’re part owners, they take responsibility, they go home and be better fathers, better husbands unless they married Carrillo Ville, you know, I mean I can’t deal with that, but they become better people and then we have a part of our service that because there are so many good hypnotherapist out there, especially from the university that I graduated from.

The one thing they can’t do is market themselves. They are fantastic at the modalities they’ve chosen and some chosen specific areas to target like PTSD, anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, so, and we are international. So I set up a hypnotherapist referral service. So when our clients call in with particular issue that I know I have someone, they may be in Australia. They may be in the UK who specialises in one particular modality and I’m personally vet every hypnotherapist that comes through. I want to make sure I’m going to verify their certification that they didn’t get it on one of these weekend jobs where you can get a doc Torrey Als you know for 29 95 and that’s all you spend the entire weekend here because you promised the hotel that you were going to meet your booking quota.

Federal agents. I verify their education. I talked to them and got a feel for why they went into hypnotherapy because I want them to the whole team whether it’s their becomes their client or they’re referred by mind past therapies. They have to have the same mindset and that is to exceed their client’s expectations. How long have you been practicing? What’s your success rate? If you’re not measuring that? I’m not interested. I want the best if I’m going to refer you to somebody because you’re really having an issue with major depression. I will first refer you to probably a psychiatrist or psychologist to make sure it’s not clinical. I’ll ask you if you’ve had any suicidal ideations. If that’s the case that is an immediate referral. In fact if that’s the case you’re not leaving Mazza room or or my office until I’ve contacted your emergency contact person and they’re going to come and make sure that you get home or to hospital safely on the topic of specific issues which you sure alluding to.

I really wanted to jump in but I wanted to let you finish as well. On that line of thinking, as you mentioned, the owners or the leaders of a particular business having potentially having limiting beliefs and I was interested in knowing what’s the most common, limiting belief that a leader or an owner has. I would say the most common though. They will, They will, it takes me about three sessions with him or three hours with them to get out truly, get out the fear of success because they’re emulating somebody else. They’re emulating Bill Gates. They’re attempting to be somebody else. They’re not if you want, whatever business I went into, I did look at the best. I wanted to see what they did to make them accomplish, allowed them to accomplish what they accomplished.

But I only gleamed what fit me. I didn’t copy them. I didn’t want to be their twin, you know? I, my drive and strive was too, is, has always been to help other people. That’s why I think it was put here, that’s why I think all people were put here is to serve one another to help one another. You do that with your program in teaching business owners. Small companies start-ups. How do you get better at what you do? Because they put their heart and soul and money, some of them their life savings in getting a company off the ground. So that is probably the biggest one. The biggest limiting belief is fear of success. They wanted. How would you go about tackling that? I would find out first where it started and I do that through hypnosis.

It typically comes from childhood and that without going into a huge explanation. We are only our conscious mind. Would you use to make decisions to um, your where your intuition comes from other than it feels like from your gut. It comes from your conscious mind, But that’s only 12% of your brain, 88% is your subconscious and that all that’s in there are what we call knowns. It was formed and all of them were formed between birth and eight years old. So your subconscious mind is no older than nine. And when you hit a wall in business and can’t seem to get ever get across it like a lot of people do when they start out of business. It’s because of a limiting belief that they heard thought took a one event in their life or could have been multiple, but took one event in their life and gave it a meaning.

You’re not. They could have um, I don’t know, a father could have given his son of guitar and then he wanted the Sun to play in front of his friends. The sun is playing and he can’t play the guitar. The father gave him one and expected him that he had raised a prodigy maybe didn’t okay. The boy can’t play. And the father goes, well, I mean, listen to you, you’re horrible. You can’t do anything with that. What the boy heard you or useless. That’s how he interpreted it. So we’ve got layered and locked into his subconscious at that young age, you’re worthless. You cannot do something new. You don’t know how well, of course he doesn’t. He’s eat the subconscious mind. Doesn’t know that, right? On top of that subconscious mind, is it called the critical mind? It’s like imagine it like a netting between the consciousness of conscious hypnosis.

Goes, opens a doorway through that critical mind and goes in two with you fully aware of what’s going on. Hypnosis is not, you know, it gets a bad rap, which is a whole note program. But we go in find that limiting belief, collapse it and turn it into something powerful. We get you to understand that you were born unique and your uniqueness. This world need this. There are a lot of sheep out there, you know that everybody is following in one massive mm group and you don’t know who’s leading that pack? And are they leading them off a cliff? You who has tapped into a mind body connection says, whoa guys, does anybody know who’s leading up there?

Are you just following a heading that way? Because everybody else is So we get him to really drill down to where they’re limiting belief is so that it breaks. And what happens is his conscious mind. Everything changes his vision broadens and what he learns then the process that needs to put into place, which we help them do to make that bigger goal come true, which is what he wanted in the first place, but was too didn’t know how couldn’t figure how he couldn’t figure how because of that limiting belief that says you can’t anyway. So why? You know, why should you get the answers to that? You truly believe? You can’t Have you got any thoughts on? I think in terms of like a scale, I think the limiting beliefs are more of a problem than the opposite. But have you got any thoughts on people who perhaps they’ve gone so far as to think that I mean, the harsh, harsh description of this would be like deluded.

So I’m so convinced that I’m great, but in fact, I’m not. So it would be use your analogy, the boy who’s playing the guitar thinks he’s great at playing the guitar, but actually he’s not any good. Have you got any thoughts that spring to mind there? Do? But strangely enough, the first person that comes to mind is Bruce Springsteen. Do you know who he is? Who doesn’t know the boss? Right? Well, there were a lot of people when Bruce first started off that thought he was horrible, Bruce had a vision. He knew he had an odd voice. It did not ring true with everybody else’s, but he kept on keeping on and look at him today. Some kid from New Jersey that hung out with other rag tags on the street, you know now there, oh my gosh there. You can’t measure what he does. People that will step out there and strut their stuff and think they’re all that have a limiting belief and that is that’s their protection there.

They can’t produce anything. They just act as if they can, right? You would say it was more bluster than it is. Self yeah, it’s not self-belief. It’s a protection mechanism. It’s like a blowfish. A blowfish, you know, if it’s poisonous, but when it’s predator comes up, what does it do? Blows itself up? You know, to look like it’s big and bad, but it’s not, it’s, you know, it’s just this big, that’s what a person with an overzealous for. Let me give you an example. You went out and bought a brand new, let’s say you went out and bought a brand new Audi. I’ll be this guy will come up and say, I mean, what a coincidence was that? I just bought a new BMW, he’s gonna one up you every time and he didn’t, he did not.

But are you going to go to his house and look in his garage to make sure he’s telling the truth. Of course not. He is going to balance what he knows you won’t do. But he’s going to one up here. Every chance he gets what he doesn’t realise or she doesn’t realise is that people, most people see straight through it when someone is really great at what they do and they carry themselves differently. They don’t talk boisterously, they’re not like that unless they were, I’m going to make an exception unless they were born into all that money. Then they were trained that way, you know, because dad started it on a wing and a prayer when everybody said he couldn’t and he did it well the sun grew up thinking, I didn’t know he didn’t have to go to work, he didn’t even have to, he passed high school by the skin of his teeth, but his father got this huge Portney for him because he could get the money and he didn’t think his kid was going to graduate from high school anyway.

Yeah, the kid thinks he is a genius and he carries on in life like that and without that fortune waiting for him, when his father passes away, he winds up yeah. You know, in some flat somewhere broke leading on from what you said originally about it was the limiting belief of the leader. And then once you overcome that limiting belief, you can then get everyone, let’s say pointed in the right direction. I think I can’t remember the exact phrase you used, but have you got any what comes to mind in terms of the best way to go about doing that because I think, I mean from my perspective, I have found, I found it quite difficult to get everyone sort of aligned in the, in the same direction, working towards the same goal. Anything that springs to mind for you there. Yeah, absolutely. I’ve worked with different businesses. I mean different funeral home’s big conglomerate, funeral homes, Some Fortune 1000 corporations there, they all have a different mentality.

Usually the smaller they are The more loyal employees are. I mean if you’re only looking at 10, 15 employees most everybody, you have very little turnover and everybody is heading in the right direction. But I did do one for a huge conglomerate that owned probably um, throughout the US probably on 2000 funeral homes and they wanted to be more profitable. They were trying to cut out the little man, you know, the funeral home who had been handed down for three generations and had took taking care of everybody in the neighbourhood for all those generations. They were trying to get them out of business. It’s kind of like Walmart. I don’t know if you have Walmart there, but you know, Walmart is a huge department store that literally shut down the mom and pop stores here. Well, big dog comes in and he wants change, he wants to just take over the world.

But the problem was he had such a mixture, a mishmash of people. He had he needed different apartments, but he had one person doing The job of four departments in one he would assign a category, not a category and a territory. All right then he would add an additional category to his territory that he was responsible for. He didn’t make him a manager of the territory. He just made him do all the work of all four positions. That was that was not healthy. It wasn’t healthy. You had to burn out. The guy was on 24 hour call and it just did not work. So we had to reassemble the whole thing so that he wound up with fewer employees. Unfortunately sometimes it winds up that way because they don’t know what to do and they start hiring more people to fill slots instead of restructuring it and reduce their payroll and do it more efficiently.

They just don’t know how they’re they are removed from it probably by three layers. So they’re just saying they’re throwing money at it. You know if this is a problem, let’s hire somebody to take care of that or you know if you’re small you take care of it. But I’m gonna add that to your job and give you an additional dollar an hour raise. Oh my gosh I’m gonna schedule a trip to the Bahamas on that. You know, it’s just it’s crooked. I mean not in a they’re crooks. It is lopsided. That’s a better term. So we just, you know unless you’re someone who’s forward thinking but who understands the psychology of people, you have to feed body mind soul. If you’re going to keep equality employee you have to understand they have a family, they have a life, they are part of your corporate family but they have a world outside of you.

You can’t take that away from them because then they won’t have a full life. And that’s what that’s what keeps people with you, keeps them loyal, keeps him focused on what you want to accomplish. Interesting. I have spoken to a few people on employee engagement and that is one of the things I think one of the first things that they mentioned is about how you’re you have a whole person. You know you don’t it’s not logical to ask people to leave all of their other stuff at the door and only you know only become a worker bee, if you like. But one of the things that we were going to cover today was the topic of motivation. And I think before you asked me about maybe two different categories, if you will of motivation, what did you do? You mind clarifying the two differences there? Because I can’t quite remember what the two options were about what type of motivation. No, at the motivation and the company has to start from the top, it has to but if that motivation is you have this is one concept some leaders forget is that when employee is in a position where they get paid, let’s say per can, that goes down a conveyor belt.

He knows how much money they get paid per can. So when he’s clicking off cans and boxing them, what he’s doing is towelling in his head, This guy is sucking up millions and I’m making 600. I could convert it into balance if I had my Google. That’s about it. I’m making $600 a week. This is like way off scale. But what they don’t understand and what the owner doesn’t share with most of the employees is where that money goes, that it costs, you know, there’s electrical, there’s labour, their taxes and you know, on and on and on. People think that you have a business, you pay them and you get everything else in your pocket. That’s one problem. The other is themselves the owner of themselves. I came from a very, yeah, a very dysfunctional background.

My parents were divorced when I was eight and I wound up bringing my brother and sister because my mother was a whack job. That’s the best way I can put it. She’s gone, but her heart. But I realised at a very young age, this wasn’t a mother, I didn’t have ideations that I needed beaver cleaver’s mother, you know, who ran around and dresses in pearls to cook dinner and everything was set on the table when everyone came home from school and work. She was an explosion always waiting to happen. Well I was I was an extreme introvert. But the one thing I love more than anything is to read and I read and read about people who came from nothing and made their like Abraham Lincoln like you know people like that that just came from nothing and became president of the US. What did they go through?

What was their mindset? What changed in them And realised I’m not because we wound up living in the projects which is I don’t know if you have them there in the UK But it’s where low in its lower than low-income you might pay $30 in rent. You know you’re under a federal program but and there’s a stigma that’s attached to it. So all through school I was in high school I was bullied, I was called the peak a kid. You know it was almost like I was carrying some kind of contagious disease so I was alone a lot. And all I knew even at that age was I’m not my mother I was brought here for a reason and born into this situation for a reason. So and even I don’t know why my grandmother always used to tell near such an old soul.

I knew that there was there was a reason I was born to the oldest chaos so I just watched and paid attention and that watching that you know like I said, my mother was always an explosion waiting to happen. Well I you always have to keep your eye out in case that explosion happened because I would grab my brother and sister and bring him into hiding and I would face the explosion to protect them. But what that caused is me to have an acute sense of what of my surroundings meaning my competitors, the industry I was in, what was going up, what was going down and why? I had an eagle eye that I would have never developed had I not undergone that. So I left, I I went to college, got a marketing degree and that’s not really, that was not my heart’s desire.

I wanted to be a psychiatrist to fix people like my mother, you know, but I got into marketing because I was married very young, had three daughters. And round of realizing I’d married a bump. And if we were – I had married my mother, we were going to no, no, no, no male mother, you know what I’m saying? He had the same qualities. Not when we were dating and not the first six months of marriage, but anyway, we had three daughters. I had to feed them. I wanted them to go to public school in private school because of public schools where we lived really were horrible. and I wanted them to because the new education was crucial. It’s what put you ahead of the game. I taught them to read when they were two and three years old. So that because reading causes your brain to open up like a theater.

You know a screen in a theatre, you have a panoramic view instead of like this instead of like parses blind. Yeah. And if they wanted to try dancing, I wanted to let them wing it, go ahead be you know, bursting kick off the female version, but go ahead be bursting off. And I wanted to give them those opportunities. So I got into marketing because oil field was big in this field and right after graduation the market crashed the first, I mean there were people out of work everywhere. You couldn’t, you couldn’t find a job for anything. What year is this? You’re gonna make me date myself? No, this was the last, this was the end of the 80s. Okay, I was a very young pup. Okay, I just gotten out of school out of college and so here I am thinking I’m going to take over the oil field business.

I was a female, there were no females in the auto field. For obvious reasons, people, you know, they didn’t want men on Inland oil rigs mixing with women because anything could happen. These guys have been out there for 14 days. They ran 14 on 14 off. So I went, I found an advertisement in the newspaper that there was a company looking for a receptionist, a receptionist. I couldn’t, I mean that’s something you do at home. You know, you answer your phone, hey it’s for you, you know. So I’m I said what I’m gonna do. I had, I took the job, there were 10 people sitting in the lobby for the same job. 10 women. I was the last one to go into the interview. I gave him my resume, it looked it over and you could tell they had been exhausted. They’ve been talking these women all day and one of them just kind of side and he sat back and he goes, Just answer one question, why should I hire you?

There are all these people out there, why should I hire you? And just this popped out of my mouth because I will be the best business decision you make this year and you just kind of looked at me and he said he looked over his right shoulder and the guy sitting next to him less you’re hired. And I got the job within six years I became the executive VP of the company And it was in charge of 500 people. I was making wrong mid six figure salary. and and left it. I left it to start my own company, a company that did not exist. I had a friend in London who contacted me about being a master distributor in the United States for a new technology for fuel. I knew one thing that was going to be an issue.

I would have done it. But I knew that there was a distributor who took care of 90% of the people that sold fuel retailers that sold fuel and that company had already created the ultrasonic gauge of it. Used to whoever will reign store the manager would have to open the gas tank outside, rain, whatever snow, opened it up and put this huge stick inside, sit there for a minute, make sure it got soaked and pull it back up and read where it was wet and that’s how they measured how much fuel they had. The ultra-thin engaged changed the world. They were able to measure it electronically. It fed into a computer and spit it out on a tape, ticker tape and I thought you know I created a logistic side to the transportation end of the company I worked for and I did it on a whim like that.

I was in Kellogg’s office, I’m talking the corporate office to become one of their carriers and it hit me when I was sitting down with the CEO of Kellogg’s and I said I have a proposition for you all the time. I’m seeing myself Deborah, what are you doing? Okay. He’s because we were not set up for this at all. I said you make the best corn flakes in the United States. Would you agree with the insane said of course I agree with you. I said I agree with you. You do. I have a box sitting in my pantry right now. What about if you focused on making those great cornflakes and even better and other brands that stem off of it, which they’ve done and I will take care of your distribution, which is nothing but a pain in the high end for you.

It has nothing to do with cornflakes except getting them from Point A to B. He went, who what would that cost me now? Right in my mind I’m saying I don’t have a clue because this just popped out of my mouth. Okay, I said, let me put a proposal together and we’ll chat again. I went back and told my boss I had done and he went like, oh my God, he was excited. This was a whole new venture but I built it for him. Okay, Kellogg’s went to the deal long story short that logistics company just grew and girl, girl, well when the technology came out for fuel, I said if it can be done for dry goods it can be done for fuel because when now the technology is available. So I created a company that monitored fuel, drug Canada and the US and we were able because I understood the marketing of fuel and the marketing of transportation emerged the two together and became like a police officer because I knew the transportation companies were melting the retailers and so were the suppliers of fuel.

If they were running low in revenue in a month, they were gonna top off every tank. Well that leaves you with inventory to carry and a lower profit margin, you know when you’re doing your P and L, right? So I became a police officer in that business and it was the best thing since sliced bread because that’s the exact same time we were up and running hyper marks came into play. That’s when huge department stores started, grocery stores started putting fuel pumps in front of their grocery stores thinking wives are going to go get groceries, they’ll fill up their cars at the same time which was exactly what happened And so more they out sold every convenience store combined In the us one company one. Well then all of the other hyper marks started coming on. You just have a vision and you know that you know in the pre God if you believe that if you work hard enough, this was this was just what I thought.

I’m smart enough to figure it out. I don’t have all the angles. But if I’m you sit me down with a pen and paper, I am going to figure out how to get there at the most economical way. But in a way that is going to make the end user the client just fall on his feet, you were the best decision that I made this year. That’s how we need, I think we need to approach every client, every part of our jobs. So when I talk to my people, you know, my team, it is about um, you know, I’ve already gone through the limiting beliefs. I’ve, you know, that’s part of my vetting process for this new business. But prior to that, it was a lot of talk. It was talk. It was, it was from the heart. It was from here in my gut and it motivated people for a couple of days a week and then they would go back to doing things the way they were before that didn’t work, that didn’t fly with me.

Some people I’d see, I didn’t get the limiting beliefs story, I’ve never heard it hidden. His therapy kind of fell in my lap after I sold my company and that’s when the real pieces fit together, I said. And by the way, with those that would not conform to exceeding a client’s expectation had to go. I wasn’t even carry them. They were not going to make the super bowl. They were going to be a they were a week chain in the link. You know, their weak link in the chain. I got the backwards. So um, I would let them go and bring someone in that was hungry that I could talk to and see if they were on the same wavelength. Now I know there’s no such thing. Nobody’s on the same way. Do you only think you date a woman saying you’re not married? I don’t know. But you date a woman. You could have put your best foot forward, are you?

Or you’re not? You don’t want to just think you’re a slob. you know, arrogant. So whatever, you just put your best foot forward for the first 345 six dates until you become a regular deal then and then it happens. The cracks start showing who you really are. What, what your limiting beliefs have created, which could be a short attention span. quick temper depression that hit you like that because something triggered it and she’s looking at you like who’s this guy? This is not who I met. Yeah. That that we just we are missing that part. So as motivated as you are, you can go out as an owner with all the chest beating you want, but you have got to train your team the right way.

Not just in robber our words to get to that to get to your goal and you have to see that go clearly. Like you could you’ve already been there. It has to be in your heart and your mind, like you have already been there and guys we’re going back, we’re going on. That’s it and we can use the dating example and apply it to business as well, Right? So absolutely. I guess the sales team. and then the initial contact with the customer might be, you know, the first few dates and then you said after maybe six dates. I know when like a service isn’t quite as good or customer complaints or something. That’s where, as you said, the cracks start to happen. Oh, but I did want to know what happened with your, how did you exit the big business? Sold it. Okay. How was that selling it?

It was hard not selling the company. It was hard leaving my teens to move on to. I knew something was pulling me hard toward a different direction. I knew it was my time to go. I made sure that under contract they kept the people that I’d hired. I said, you know these are the best of the best I made sure that the leader that was coming in there wasn’t an arrogant, so you know, and that they would take care of them. I didn’t want to leave them in alert and I called occasionally. I still do check on, you know, it’s like a mama bird. I just gotta make sure they’re taken care of that. That part was difficult leaving selling the business was nothing. It was a thing. Okay. It was a thinker, a service I provided, but you know what I realised is when I was six months I was walking in a circle, this is how I found myself in my head and literally, you know out here, it was just what am I supposed to do?

I am a door, okay, what is my purpose in life creating this and then selling it and then what? Sitting in a rocking chair until I grow old and decrepit and die. No, they’re gonna, when I retire they’re gonna, it’s gonna be a granite stone on the ground that says my name and she’s now retired. That’s what my plans were all along. So I started thinking and out of nowhere this thing pops in my lap about our TT therapy called RTT. And in fact, I think one of the institute’s, there is in England Marisa Peer, I checked into that and it had an odd vibe to me, she had an odd vibe to me. It didn’t match who I was, you know what it felt like and I’m not saying anything bad about her, I just, it was not, it wasn’t the right fit, but it made me open to something like this is coming, I gotta pay attention because something like this is where I’m supposed to be heading within a week there, it was the first accredited hypnotherapy institute in the US and I’m Winterbottom went back to school and I was a sponge because I felt like I had gone through all of these trials and triumphs and whatever they may have been.

We’re all stepping stones learning pass to get me where I am today. I speaking in front of people is my passion because I want to feed hope in places where especially in today’s world where things appear hopeless no matter where you turn, you know, we look at our government here and we’re going, what the heck are you doing? We look at pay checks, so much, so many taxes are taken out of, you know, when I can talk openly about this, I’m gonna get shot when I get when I leave this. But you know, I wanted so much to give, Even if it was a stadium of 2000 and I’ve been there and one person left there with hope in their heart. I’ve done my job, I’ve done my job Now.

I found a way to affect more than one and I feel more alive than I did when I was 20, you know, because this is what I was born to do. Give people opportunities, give them hope. And you know, these people who studied hypnotherapy, most of them went through a lot of prowling tribulation. Most therapists do, most psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists do. They went through traumatic events in their childhood and they want to now they’ve gone into professions to fix that problem and that’s what makes them so empathetic and good at what they do you nicely to one of the questions that I wanted to ask you, which was what your goals are because you’re talking about what you’re doing now. So I’d like to know what you what you want to achieve.

I want to make this international. I want to be able to provide opportunities to hypnotherapist. One goal is just for the hypnotherapy side. Now that also includes some people in our group or reiki masters, for those who are into reiki. I’m not but that’s my gig. M. ER And NLP now NLP and M or more toward you can use it for tests taking anxiety. Sports teams in high schools you know middle schools even but or professional football players. Baseball players, soccer players. That’s more what the technique is for. Or for people with serious PTSD that it’s that that are going to psychiatrists but still struggle with working through in everyday life.

They’ll come to us and we work with them. you know we we’ve worked with people who smoked for 30 years and quit in one day one session. So I want that referral thing. I want to be able to get these hypnotherapist the ones with the same mindset, the same part that same Super bowl mindset on that referral system. So when I get a client call they get transferred To some of the best of the best they’re not. They’re not shopping and finding somebody who’s charging $25 cheaper. So he can get your business because he did the weekend course you see and he can hang a certificate that was run off of somebody’s computer that says he is a certified hypnotist. What you want is a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

That’s what you want. They’re trained in some serious issues. Have you got any inspirations in in that particular Cherie say niche because when I saw that you were you did. NLP and also hypnotherapy. It just made me think of Richard Bandler and of course is he an inspiration for you? Well not so much an inspiration as you know we were taught that he was kind of the father of some of these modalities. You know he took pieces of things just like I was saying if you want to you have it in your gut that something else needs to happen. So you studied this person, you studied this person, you like both of their concepts, but you have the sense in your gut that there’s something more, there’s something better faster, more effective and that’s what he did. He pulled parts from different people and created a modality that people use today.

You know so I take an OP, for example, and I don’t follow it like okay page one, page two because every person is different. I approach every team sales, team marketing, Azure department, whatever it may be administration. Let’s call the administration and they all get different techniques because of different, they have a different mindset. Okay. Not only personal limiting beliefs, but as a department, it’s a different mindset. Administration department thinks I’ve got nothing to do with sales. All I know is that Peter is a jerk and I don’t want him coming into my space. That’s all they know. Okay. They just take care of the records. I change that. I change it so that everybody is interacting and focused on one goal. If they see if administration sees something going off course that news travels not to the boss who then starts, do you know banging on everybody.

She goes to sales and says, look I need to show you this and the sales manager will then go and take a look at what is causing a problem in sales is something is wrong with somebody’s expense report. They’re doing it wrong and they’re or we have found somebody is buying groceries and filling up a company car on the company credit card. So the systems we set up unfortunately catch things like that.

Well, I think you’ve given an awful lot of value today. So thank you very much for – also I’ve noticed you’ve been answering some of the questions through stories which I find to be quite beneficial and work better than just like the blanket direct answer. So thank you for that. Would you like to close off with any closing thoughts you have, and then where’s the best place for people to find you?

They can find me at, and find me on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, you know, the regular socials. And I’ve got that all geared toward my website. If they’re interested in any of the services that we have, and I don’t care if they’re in the – like I said, we are an international company and we do everything over Zoom so I can hypnotise you over Zoom. I guarantee it. So we take clients from all over the world. All they have to do is click for a free 15 minute consultation and I want to know you’re presenting issue and we take it from there. We take good care of you from there.

Sounds very interesting.

How can they can reach me, and what was the other question?

Closing thoughts.

Closing thoughts. Don’t ever give up. If you are an entrepreneur and you’re starting out and you’re frustrated, don’t take it out on your wife and kids. They are a separate entity. They’re part of the team. You need to call me because I can help you grow without distress you’re carrying. The thing before – even if you don’t because look, I gotta just tell it to you straight. Some men just will not say they won’t say anything because they feel it’s a weakness. I think it’s a weakness if you don’t. You’re spinning your wheels, you’re making your family suffer, waiting and waiting and waiting for your dream to come true. But your limiting beliefs are keeping you from getting there. So don’t give up. If you don’t call me, call somebody, get some direction, get those goal posts in sight like you’ve already run the ball through. That’s it.

Deborah Leblanc, thank you very much.

Thank you for having me on the show. I appreciate it.