October 20, 2021

Linkedin Ads Sign Up Page

Linkedin Ads Management Sign Up Page

Thank you for signing up to our Linkedin ads management. In order to get started, please complete the steps below.

  1. Add Thomas Green as a connection on Linkedin (the is the profile our team uses).
  2. Sign up by DD at the link here
  3. Complete the form below
  4. Once the connection request has been accepted, go to your advertising account, click on your logo (or account name) and select “manage access”. Click “edit” and then “add user to account”. You should then be able to add this profile to your ad account.

If you have existing conversion data, we can help you determine your budget based on what your goals are. If you don't have conversion data, this field would be what is affordable to you on an ongoing basis.
In order to measure the success of the campaign, code is required on site. If this is not already done, we need to send this code to someone who can apply it to the site. Input an email address above of the person who makes changes to your website.
Terms & Conditions Link: https://ethicalmarketingservice.co.uk/terms-conditions/