Digital Marketing News – 30/09/2020

Tom – On Linkedin, it is important when choosing certain hashtags and how you go about looking at the volume on each hashtag

Useful link

Billy – Set up two new campaigns for charity account this week – one for sponsoring and donating – didn’t know whether this includes ad copy. Learnt it is best not to spam people with messages, e.g. “donate now”. If you do use something like that, only use it once. Google can get funny about that.

Charlotte – learning more about squarespace code injection- there is a section on the back end of squarespace which allows you to integrate with Google Analytic’s enhanced ecommerce tracking, this is an easier option than inputting the code manually as you would not need to edit it to dynamically track value.

Chloe – Created slideshow ads in FB. They have multiple templates to use and you add 1-5 images and a logo with ad text & different coloured backgrounds etc. and this is then turned into a short video that is used for in-stream and stories.