Digital Marketing Testing Fundamentals

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to share with you a good practice when you are testing Fundamentals in your digital marketing.

Have you ever wondered when testing, how do I know if this is an increase in performance. Or just part of normal fluctuation?

Your data will fluctuate on a daily basis. If you are testing one ad against another, if you have a winner. How would you know if that is because the ad is better. Or because it is just part of normal fluctuation?

The answer is, you test the existing ad (referred to as the control) against itself. Instead of it being an A/B test, another way to think of it would be an A/A test. See what the difference in the data is in the results. And that difference is what can now be referred to as the margin of error.

An example might be, you run a test on some identical ad copy and the click through rate difference (which might be your goal) when getting your results, has a variation of 1%. One ad has a CTR of 5% and one 6% but they are identical. This now means that when you do your A/B test, where you are testing different ad copy. The difference in your new experiment needs to be higher than 1% in order for it to be above the margin of error.

With this example, if you do an A/B test and it is within that 1% margin of error, you haven’t proved anything with your experiment.

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