Measurement Improves Performance

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about the principle “measurement improves performance”.

Measuring the response of your digital marketing, allows you to know what to do more of & what to do less of. There are some metrics which make it immediately clear if what you are doing is working.

The reason measurement improves performance is, it makes you informed about the results of what you are doing. The reverse also being true, if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t informed about the results of your online activity.

Imagine for a second you are posting to 5 different social media platforms and are getting next to no response from 4 of them. But on 1 your audience is expanding quickly and you are getting lots of engagement. Immediately you know that perhaps one platform may have more short term potential than the others.

Now take the same example with the same result. But you are unaware of the engagement and also unaware of the growth in audience because nothing is measured. You would have to treat them all equally as there is no measurement in place.

This can be said in PPC for ad copy and landing page performance. It applies to which keywords you want to rank for in SEO. If search volume is not measured, who knows which keywords will perform best. It applies to open rates with email marketing. Also how you decide how much time and effort to put into all these approaches, when you measure the ROI on each of them.

It is often the case in many different sports that in the last few minutes of the game, if the result is close, you see an increase in performance to clinch a win in the dying seconds of the game. The performance increases because the time is being measured. If they were unaware how long was left in that game, there would be no increase in performance. It is ingrained within us to act upon certain information and to improve to influence the outcome.

Even if there is no initial intent to change your approach, measure as much as you possibly can in your online marketing efforts, because you never know when that one piece of information will drastically improve the performance for you.

Measurement has come a long way in the last few years, but if you need help setting up measurement for any of your digital marketing platforms.

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