Push Vs Pull Marketing

Push Vs Pull Marketing Video Transcription:

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about push vs pull marketing. How your approach should change based on which one you are doing.

Whilst there may be a negative connotation around the word push, how you might push your advertising out to people. The reality is, most of the marketing activity is push, it does work if you do it the right way. Push marketing is where the prospect isn’t looking for what you are selling, but you advertise to them anyway. Push marketing might be TV advertising in between a program they are trying to watch. Display advertising on articles they are reading or magazine ads in the magazine they are reading. I am sure you can think of many more. But the bottom line is they aren’t actively looking to be sold to, but there’s the ad anyway.

Pull marketing is where the prospect is looking for a product or service. All you do is get your ad in front of them at the time they are looking. The typical example is Google search, someone is actively looking for something and you say “we do that”. Another example of pull marketing might be if someone posts a job that they need doing. They are actively inviting you to get in touch with what you can do for them.

The reason this is an important distinction is due to the way you go about getting results in both instances. For pull marketing, if the buyer is motivated enough “we do that”, might be all you need to say. Although I wouldn’t recommend putting that level of effort into your marketing, as average marketing gets average results.

I think this is why search is so popular, you don’t have to have excellent marketing in order to get results from that media, although with increased competition, that may be changing somewhat. When you compare that to the push marketing examples I gave you, in order to take someone from not thinking about your business at all, to giving you money, that requires some work.

What kind of work? So glad you asked.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are advertising on Facebook and whilst you are testing the targeting, your prospects have still never heard of you and aren’t thinking about buying right now. First you might serve them a piece of content to prequalify people who are interested, if they click the ad, most of them are interested in what it is you have written about. They read the content on your site. Of the people who clicked, you serve remarketing ads offering something away for free of high value to capture their details. Third, you market to that person in order to get the sale. This looks very different to the search example. It’s worth noting that E-Commerce works quite well on Facebook and that may not be necessary depending on what business you are in.

From my example, I think you can see the difference between the push and pull. So what type of marketing are you doing? Push or Pull? And if it’s both, are you changing your approach based on which one it is?

All it requires is to put yourself in your prospects position and know that if you are doing push marketing, what would you need to know before you became a customer? If you are doing pull marketing, what makes you different from some other company doing the same?

I hope that has helped you, if you need any help with your marketing, visit us at ethicalmarketingservice.com and I’ll speak to you soon.