Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition:

Due to COVID-19, the UK economy has seen the biggest contraction since records began, with GDP falling 20.4% in recent months.

Some sectors or industries put on hold with no recourse. Others needing to adapt to produce revenue. If you are a struggling business owner. Or lucky enough to be in a business which is either still functional or maybe even benefiting from these circumstances. It’s never been more important to differentiate than it is now.

Government Bounce back loans have now started to filter through. But, with 7.6 million jobs at risk, the market will purge companies that are used to getting easy money. Or who don’t set themselves apart from the competition.

It is rare to see a business that has a solid USP that I send you this message today. To encourage you to take this time to create the most compelling USP that you possibly can.

A Unique Selling Proposition is a benefit a company uses to distinguish it from others. It also enables it to stand out from its competitors, becoming more appealing and meaningful to its clients.

So, given the situation we are all in & what I have said today. Ask yourself these questions:

What’s appealing about my proposition to my clients that only I can claim?

What would influence a decision for my potential prospect?

What else will differentiate me from my competitors?

And finally…

What’s my USP?

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