I CAN DO IT – Motivation With Eric Brundidge

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the podcast today, we have Eric Brundidge. Eric, welcome.

Thank you. Thank you for having me, Thomas. I appreciate you having me on the show today.

I’m sure it will be my pleasure. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Well, my name’s Eric. Of course, I have a podcast called The Life X Times of Eric. Sounds exactly how it sounds, except the and is the X and on the podcast. I show everybody actionable tips on how you can use your job and skills to go after your dreams or to go after your career job that you want. And I use a lot of my former experience working in corporate America and working with different startups to kind of give everybody different tips like 74 different resolutions, motivation and just kind of give you the good words to put into your mind and your system so that you can be motivated and discipline to go after your dreams. Well, thank you for that introduction. the thing I wanted to cover with you today is specifically on motivation because you’ve done a lot of episodes on your podcast. Really liked like the content, I don’t know, I’m hoping this is going to be a compliment for you, how natural you are on your podcast, it sort of reminds me of Bill Burr, are you a fan?

Hey honey, I’m home? Yeah, I’ve heard of Bill, bro. It’s like just you know, it’s like he’s not recording, he’s just being himself and I love it. Yeah, just a number of episodes no, I just kind of like how I am, I feel like for me and I am my personality a lot of times I have an outline, I have an idea but I always make sure to bring it back to the point of what I want to be and wanted to resonate because a lot of times I went to so many different events, different things during corporate America or startups and people will come in and they would spend so much time to preach something to me instead of understanding where I’m coming from, our understanding the demographic in the room or understanding that everybody is not doing certain things that other people are doing and sometimes you just need to be walked along through the process. So I try to make sure I get everything in a breakdown type of perspective, but also in the high level perspective so that everybody can understand what’s going on. Okay. Yeah, I totally see because you’ve got categories on your website of the things that you cover, but if someone was feeling like you know sometimes you don’t feel like it, sometimes you’re demotivated, you know, I really need to just feel motivated today, what would you say to them.

I would just usually always say that the usual I tell them my slogan for my show was keep living your life because if you don’t, your life is not going to live you. So I asked them like, how do you want to keep living your life? Are you happy with the way your life is going? And they say, yeah, I’d be like, well, what can you do to make it better? Well, I could do X, Y, Z. Well then there you go. That’s how you need to be motivated. Think about the things that you want in your life. But if someone says, hey, I’m happy with my life now, all right, you’re happy with your life now, what do you see your life going in the next couple of years? They say, I’ll see myself expert retirement doing this or playing this out. All right, well you see that, let’s work towards that and I give them a good word towards that for the simple fact that people have to see the end result, because sometimes we get so focused on what’s going on now that we don’t think about the long term, we think about the short term and the short time your turn can really just break you down spiritually mentally because you don’t think you’ll ever make it to the end. But when someone reminds you that you’re close to their or that you’re on the right path, then it gets your mind and your body jogged up and energised and be like, I can do this, I can do this.

Sometimes you need somebody to, you know, kind of remind us on a daily basis. So it sort of reminds me of the affirmation what I can do this. Do you ever cover that? Affirmations? Yeah, I covered different affirmations in the sense where I always tell myself, today is my day. Today is my day. Today is my week. Today is my month. Even if today is not my day, eventually, it will be my day. But you got to speak it into your mind. And I know a lot of times people like man information is crazy. You don’t really work, but you’d be surprised how if you put something positive into your mind over and over again, how positivity can come and how, you know, just the mood and everything around you can be changed because if you think about it, the same people who say that don’t work, go around, speak negative for a whole week and see how that feels. I mean, there’s actually been doctors research that say your mind can dictate how your body treats health or progressions of age or, you know, anything like that because I feel like the mind control of the body, that’s why they always say you can control the mind, you can control the heart a lot of times. If you get your mind right, then the rest of your body will follow.

Look at as well. Have you got any examples of how you’ve used positively positivity yourself too and how that’s impacted your life? Yeah, definitely. Like definitely. Always, like I said before, when I say every day, today is my name, Today is my week. That’s that is something that I’ve learned from prior experience going through the whole it’s a period of life when I was down every day, fell down or I felt like I was stagnant and then one day I just changed my mindset and changed my perspective on how I’m looking at it. And I was like, today is my day, Today is my week, this is gonna be my mother, X Y z is coming to me, I’m going to get this paper, I’m going to get this job, I’m going to get this. And then it’s crazy how it sounds in the beginning, when you’re saying he like, alright, that sounds kind of crazy like but then when you start saying it daily, you start remembering it and you know how it goes. We start saying so much, you’re right in your car, you’re like, today’s my today is my weak. They’re like, well, you know that someone is not going to get hired, They’re not hiring that many people, I’m going to get hired. I’m gonna get this.

Sure enough, it starts happening. And I think a lot of times you just need to see a couple of building blocks start building. Once they start building, then they just activate your faith even more, a lot of times, you know, Faith is the things, the things we can’t see. And a lot of times you just need your faith to be activated. And coming from positivity and being motivated helps out a lot because I feel like once you start doing the steps to get there helps not even more. So, so you go with today is my day or today is my weak, That’s a good one to like that any others that you use, I used today is my day, today is my weak, Today is my month and then I also use depending on what the subject is. Like the prime example, if I’m getting ready to, let’s say I got a presentation or if I’m going to go speak, I always tell myself like I know the material, the seller, this is me. I say little monsters like that to myself because you have to constantly remind myself like I’m here for a reason because if you think about times a lot of people have imposter syndrome, They think they don’t belong, they could be doing something for 15 years, still get to the stage or still get in front of other people at work and feel like they don’t belong, like I shouldn’t be doing this, they should be paying me this, I don’t deserve this, I don’t feel like I belong and the reason before you belong because your mind is telling you that you shouldn’t be there.

Once you read, you got your mind and you tell yourself like I belong, this is me, this is what I’ve been born to do. This is my gift when I speak, people come, when I speak, I help others and when I help others, that makes me feel good. So you have to constantly remind yourself, it’s no different from you having to remind yourself when you was a kid with your phone number was there’s no difference if you remind yourself with your kid’s birthday, is it? So almost the same thing because if you don’t constantly put it in your mind and your psyche and say it and say it and say it rather it be not every day, but here and there, you always feel like you’ll forget or you don’t feel like this is what you need to be doing. Well, the affirmation sort of remind me of Tony Robbins, you aware of Tony’s work and how do you feel about who knows what I’m talking about here saying? I like Tony Robbins’ work. I mean, like I said before he see, and that even shows even more because Tony Robbins does a lot of affirmations, like even when you go to his, like, it’s like specials remember watching special Netflix and he was going in there telling people about their have been abused and stuff like that.

He’s like you have not been abused and tell yourself he was doing all that with a lot of people. and remember now Tony Robbins gets paid. Like they pay like 15 $20,000. You can hang out with Tony Robbins for the weekend. Well the one in the personal power is every day in every way I’m getting better and better. Which made me think of like yours is like, I can do it, I can do it when, when Tony says that it makes me think about his teacher, Jim Rome, Jim Rome used to say that as well to every day and then I’m getting better and better. Like if you ever get a chance, you, you’re on whatever you use as your listening platforms, Spotify Apple podcast. I’ve been, Jim Rome. Jim Rome talks a lot about that because Jim Rome was Tony Robinson’s teacher write them on and things like that. So they have a lot of good information as well too. If you will change, everything will change for you to have more, you simply have to become more. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills in order to do better. You need to be better. Yeah. Yeah, like Jim Rohn is great. Any anything that you picked up from him that you would want to share for Jim Rohn, I think I picked up from Jim Rohn just by listening to him.

I don’t think, I think it is sense when we say picked up. I’m more listen to it and then figured out what applies to me and what doesn’t, because Jim Rome talks a lot about like having a plan, writing out your whole calendar, things like that, which is great because it’s good to be able to write out what you wanna be, where you want to be work on things. Section, section 11, speaking, he had, he was like, hey sometimes I feel like I can’t do something because I look at the long term, not the short term, like, and he said, I look at the short term, but the long term and since when he wanted to learn how to play the piano, he’s like, no, I can’t play two hands, I only play on one hand and one hand turned into the two terms. So he definitely showed you the mindset of like, like I said before looking at the short for right now, depending on the situation, then looking at the long for other situations, Long for when you about your calendar for the whole month with your family. Short when you’re doing person of those sometimes with yourself. But then long if you’re dealing with if you feel like you want to quit. So Jim Rohn has a lot of great information, but I also feel like those guys do, they do it well and then what I do is something totally different in the sense where I take from my experiences from the books I’ve read and just kind of, you know, circumvented and make it into my own type of thing kind of like when I always say at the end of my podcast, I always like to say the three Bs. You want to continue to say bigger, better and better.

And when I say that is because you want to stay bigger because you, everything you want to do, you want to make it bigger than what you’re doing, you want to stay better because every day, like you say, you want to be a better person, better individual, better wife, better husband, better boyfriend brother, whatever you want to be better brother. And then, you know, like I said for when you say bigger, better and batter, you just wanna stay batter and everything you do, you want to be the baddest person in the world, they come to ask you to speak there. Like I know when we asked Thomas to speak, he gonna give, he gonna give us 100 and 30% it’s just gonna be hands down the best every time you see them, it’s gonna be bad, no matter what, even if he’s out there playing basketball, just gonna be that because people know you about how the feeling you give them and the perception you give and if you do a lot of things half-heartedly, people going to know that that’s why whenever people asked me to speak or asked me to be on anything I always come prepared, I always, I’m ready and I’m always, we want to make sure I get my best effort because somebody could see me that doesn’t know me and I want them to understand the passion that I have to help others. And then I really want to show people that a better life is out there because I realised that my life, I’ve gone from ups and downs to nine for like everything is going up with having a better life, changing my mindset.

My attitude you mentioned being asked to speak. Do you have like a keynote speaker status or you know, you do public speaking for me, no, not yet. I haven’t got to that type of level, but I’ve had people speak before when I was in college and different programs before. Like general, simply things like that when I was doing in the start-up world and that, work and things like that. But as far as right now, jumping out there being the Gary V’s haven’t got there yet, that would be a goal because I would like to God to help people talk to people answer questions and things like that. That’s why one of my segments, I have free knowledge Friday people send in questions and I answered I’m giving the best ability. I mean giving the best answer to my ability so I could help them because at the end of the day it’s all about helping others, you know, give back because so many people have given to me that I want to give to others. So I make that my point, if anybody asks me anybody DM me, I just have a drum conversation with them and help them out in the best way I can, or directly to the right place where they need to be. So they can get that question answer.

So that’s something when society normalises as something that you want to do. Like an ambition for you. Yeah, definitely an ambition for me because I’ve been so many different like speaking conferences and things like that. When you find a great speaker, that one that wants to engage, interact and help it really can make a difference on how you view situations. It really can make a difference on how you view your life and where you are. Because they took the time out to help you instead of just show up, speak and then leave and they don’t even really care or they come to speak and they don’t even know the room. I mean, think about how many times you heard someone speak and they were speaking about stuff that had nothing to do with the room. You’re just like, all right, How much did you get paid for this? It’s like, this is ridiculous. But then you get a good speaker and you’re like, wow, Like I’m really thinking about this. Hours later, days later, just really thinking about how they were able to resonate with and that’s what I like to be. I like to resonate with the people I speak with or you know interact with on a regular basis. A lot of those public speakers, they tend to speak about their story.

So like what they’ve been through, do you have anything like that that you would want to emphasis or share? Yeah, definitely. I think my story has been an interesting one. I went through the, I guess you could say The ideal life is Judah one. I went to school, got an underground, I want to go to NBA did everything I needed to do and then even after doing all that, then the recession happened and everything kind of tanked and then for a lot for a while I was just really working a lot of dead-end jobs. Some jobs I just couldn’t believe I was working like you’re like man, I got it NBA and business and marketing and entrepreneurship, I’m doing this like who would have figured like how life could just easily treat you like all this like man. And then even after that, you know I had a had a government job and then I left that government job to go work at a work for a sports team because I was like I want to work for a sports team, I want to try it out, then I went to work there and that was cool, but then I realised that wasn’t for me after trying it out, which is good because sometimes you got to go after a goal and then no, you can accomplishment accomplish it.

And then from there it just kind of went kind of up and down, like, you know, some jobs, I lasted that for a couple of months sometimes didn’t even last a year at and it was just a simple fact that and then I got laid off on my day off, like Friday if you ever seen that movie and it’s just been an interesting story, but even before I even got to grad school, like that whole process was just one of those deep moments in the sense we’re trying to find out where I am and that’s how I really got into the mindset of, I can do it if I put my mind to and I changed how I think because of the whole year was just being kicked because some schools were like, hey, you didn’t have this and you didn’t have that, you can’t get into this and then you feeling like you’re not going to be able to go, but once I change my mindset and start telling myself today is going to happen, then things start coming for the uptick for me and then even after that, you know, going moving far away from home, they’re losing my job, kind of wondering like what I’m gonna do, some people lose their job, they run back home, I was like, no, I’m gonna toughen it out, stay there, you know, at some point is kind of wondering like, hey, I was going to be, but I just kept believing in myself and then kept working, had a lot of crappy other jobs after that.

So it’s been a very interesting process, I would say in my story, because some people have a story of hardships, I think my story will be in the sense of, you know, you think you feel like you’ve done the right thing, going to school, get the education and even after all that life was still smack you in the mouth, you just got to make sure you plan on the fly because no one will tell you what it’s like to go from having a good paying job, to not having a good paying job to now all of a sudden kind of wondering what’s going on and then not having a job for 67 months and now you’re just living off savings and now you find yourself and I say I wasn’t driving Uber, but working like doing Uber type of stuff, doing delivery type of stuff, so it’s kind of like all over the place, so everybody that all comes back together with a simple point of, you know me doing what I am now, but everything that I’ve gone through has been a very, very, very important because now it has allowed me to paint the story in a sense where even when you are, you know, at the mountaintop, you can’t be knocked down to the valley and the valley allowed me to kind of shape my character in the sense of where I wanted to go with direction, I need to go and kind of get myself back on plan because no matter what your story is, you’re going to have a down point.

But during that down point, can you make sure to keep yourself together, create a plan, make sure you execute it even if it takes you longer. But at the end of the day, if you have that plan, that strategy, you can get to where you want to go because at the end of the day, you know the downtime don’t always last, you’re gonna make it through, you just gotta have a plan to keep pushing through it. So well, thanks for that answer. I wanted to jump in, but I didn’t want to interrupt you. Yeah, it’s maybe just started thinking about, you know, you’re talking, you start thinking about your life, man, it’s a heck of a heck of a ride heck of a ride, heck of a ride. Well you said that you got laid off on your day off, I just really wanted to ask you if you were still in boxes. No, that’s the crazy part. I told my friend and they’re like, are you still in boxes, crack? I was like, nah man, I was not stealing boxes. That’s the worst part. Like, it was like, I remember when I got laid on to, they, they called me, they’re like, hey, I think at the time I supervise, didn’t even have to, he didn’t even know how to lay me off. He was like so nervous like, hey, you know, I really don’t have to do this like now you’re playing me off.

I mean you were the last one to get higher than you know. Oh man, I’m being laid off. But the crazy part was I had been looking to leave that job anyway, so it was a blessing in disguise because they end up giving me a severance and now I don’t have to quit without leaving no money or anything like that. So it worked out. But yeah, I was on my day off literally on my day off. It was a Monday. Yeah, it was a Friday. No Friday they were calling me and I have the answer, I was like, I’m not answering the job Monday, they called again. I was off and that’s when I picked up there like yeah, we’re gonna need you to bring back to work hard on the phone. I had to work hard and everything. So I rode around for another block or two wasted all the gas out of the work hard and then I brought it back now let me stop them stuff. Like it sounds like a lot of quote unquote hustle. So, and that can make the any achievements that much more sweet for lack of a better term. But what are the plans now going forward? What you, what you looking to achieve right now going forward? Just, I’m focused on building out the podcast. I think a lot of times, like with my podcast for my podcast, I’ve been working on it for a while.

I’ve been doing better at being consistent with it because like, I think we both know with anything you have to be consistent and like if you want to be successful, I did the first season then I took some time off when I bounced out to California, we work at Silicon Valley and then I had that time bouncing around and then I left there and then I went through a rough patch afterwards, you know, mentally in my life and I wasn’t there after kind of going around, moving everywhere. So I took some time off and did that, came back, recorded again. It took some time off. So now it’s just all about being consistent with it, understanding the message and now holding down the message, I think before I was giving good words, the inspiration, good motivation and things like that for people and get tips. But before now everything’s kind of being honed in and I think that’s a very important for people to realise is that whenever you’re starting something, I’ll always be willing to pivot, you know, even if it’s late or even if it’s early or late and I feel like I’m pivoting out a good point because I’ve kind of honed in on my message and realised that to listen to a lot of old podcast when it was all about in the sense where helping you go after your dream, whether you’re working, but didn’t know it then, but now that I’ve done more episodes, listen to more of my stuff, gone back kind of refocus my mind, I realise okay, and I’m honing down on my message, so it took me about 3.5 seasons to kind of figure out what my messages, so going in the season for will be strictly more dedicated to what I’m speaking about.

Using different tips, you know, using different methods, using linked in, you know, using your resume, you know, different things like that. So that’s been pretty much my goal focused on that and just make sure I give people a good quality product that they always enjoy a good content because that’s what it’s all about when I’m helping others. I feel like my best because I know that the Lord is using me to do something that he’s always wanted me to do and that’s get back and help others because while I’m here, I definitely want to change some lives because I mean, I feel like that’s my commitment for, you know, living on this planet is to help others. So, you know, I don’t want you to be a taker, I want to be a giver. So if it were to look exactly like he wanted it to the podcast, how would it look? it would look like someone will come on, listen to me take the actual steps that I give them implemented, be able to put themselves one closer to their dream, one step closer to their best job. And then every episode they would feel like they’ve been uplifted, they would feel like they’ve been better than what they had before.

Or if they had a bad day or they feel like something wasn’t working or wasn’t going at the speed that they’re going, they could hear me and then realise I need to keep going and I shouldn’t give up. They would get the motivation from the tip that I’m giving them every episode to realise I can do this. I just have to stay with it and then they will get it and then write me and let me know like, hey, you help me get a better paying job, you helped me to start this business that I could have generational wealth for my family. That’s how I want to look where someone could be like, thanks eric, you changed my life. So if someone said to you Eric B, I’m thinking about giving up, what would you say? So, first I was first, they would say, I think about giving up, I probably look at them, I’d be like, well why are you giving up? And then of course they would tell me because there’s so much going on, it’s so easy and I would tell them like, hey, we’ve all been there, we’ve all been there. Trust me. I think about giving up a lot. But the thing about the matter is that’s not me really thinking about it, that’s just the devil. That’s negative thoughts. And once I changed that to realise why give up when I know I can do so much more, it would motivate them because I’d give them experience and then I I know it’ll help because I think a lot of times we give up because we think that I’m the only one out here doing it and then we see other people, we see their story, we hear an example from them and they were like, yeah, they did it, I can do this, or another problem example is you look around and you don’t see nobody else doing what you’re doing.

So you think it can be done with all actuality, it can be done. You just need to meet more people or hear different stories or hear about people who aren’t in your neighbourhood or in your circle or what you see on the regular doing it and then you can feel like and then not even feel then you’ll know that is possible for you to do it. You ended on something that I was just about to ask you which was it’s possible. Do you like Les Brown? Yes, it’s possible. It’s possible. It’s all I want to do when you look at your dreams, you say to yourself every day. It’s possible. It’s possible. Yeah man, it’s possible young man, it’s possible. I mean speaker mike Williams and all of them and last working at the radio station. Yeah, you get a chance to check out Les Brown two on Spotify list this up to it. It’s pretty good too. That’s got less than Jim Rohn and all of them got that old school type of motivation. And since we’re like it’s possible young man, it’s possible. I like I like listen to them because it’s not like it’s not like uncles are telling you from past experience of all the things that they’ve done wrong that you can do it if you just you just shape yourself together.

So yeah, definitely, definitely. Good one to Les Brown. It’s like a form of encouragement, isn’t it? And I feel like I’m at least lately anyway, which is something that I spoke to you before we started, which was somewhat motivation is starting to get a bit of a bad rap and I think it’s, what do you think that is and yeah, just the emphasis on, I think encouragement is really important during your journey. Well, I think motivation gets a bad rap for the simple fact that people think you’ve just given out motivation, you’re not giving anything else. See you listen to my podcast, I’m giving out actionable tips to go with the motivation, so it’s just not something like you can do it, believe in yourself, you can do it, but now I’m gonna need you to write a plan, I need you to have the steps and where you need to go, how are you going to go there? What you need to go, who you need to talk to now, it’s a plan with because a lot of times and I think people don’t realise this motivation is great, but if you don’t have discipline, that discipline won’t help your motivation because you just can’t be motivated every day, you also have to be disciplined to get up.

So like when I was saying myself, today is my day, today is my weak, you don’t, don’t forget to factor in that I’m getting up that I’m going to go do something that I have the discipline to go to the gym to say today is my day, I can’t just say today is my day and lying in bed and be like, but I’m gonna have the body, I want, no, I have to get up, be disciplined, go to the gym today is my day, I have to get up, go apply for jobs, I have to get up work on my project, today is my day because I’m working on what I’m doing and everything that I’m working on is going to connect with other people to come to me or when I go to the gym today is gonna make me feel better, I’m going to see the, see the change in my body or if I’m applying for jobs, I’m gonna see, you know, responses back from employees, employers and be like, hey, we gotta interview, but that’s all dealing with discipline. You have to be discipline to go out and do the work. You just can’t be motivated because motivation without discipline, it’s pretty much dead. So you gotta have both together and I think that’s why he gets a bad rap because people think that if I just tell you, you can believe it, hope it’s in the air.

Yeah, okay, hope is in the air, but what is your hope of line to visit a line JR work is the line of discipline. A lot of times people don’t realise that you gotta have discipline with it, go after what you need to need to actionable steps and that’s what I give them my podcast actionable steps that you can implement today, not next week, not five years from now today because God forbid, we might not all live 5, 10 years later. You know, unfortunately you can implement them today and go after what you want to have great answer. So what would you say to someone who will, like, you know, I really feel like I’m in a bit of a rut right now, I would just say this like you feel like you’re in bed in a rut, but it’s not gonna always be there. Think about the time that you weren’t interested, thinking about the times when everything was going great, because we’ve all had moments in our life when it was, you can feel the energy like I’m at the uptick, everything’s going well and then something bad happens. So if you’re feeling in the red, think about the times you weren’t in a rush and just keep reminding yourself, I won’t always be in Iraq because that’s part of life.

Either you’re going through a storm or you’re leaving a storm or you’re about to enter a storm, that’s just part of life, but it all depends on how big the storm is and how you do the storm. Like a prime example, you could be saying you’re going through right now because you’re tired, got blown out on your car, right, but you’re not, but you haven’t said to yourself, okay, even though my tire got blown out of my car, it didn’t get blown out while I was in the parking lot and nobody was around, it could have been worse. You’re tired, could have blown down on the highway when everybody was driving around you and your car could have sped to the side and flipped over. You think about stuff like that, then you’re like, yeah, that’s kind of dangerous. But it has happened to people. It has really happened to people. So when you think about things like that and you put it into comparison to what happened to you, it kind of changes your perspective. And I think sometimes we have to think like that we have to think from a high level of degree and I think from a I’m just looking at it, focus up and this is the worst thing ever because when you think about a high level, it kind of makes you feel like, you know, it’s bad, but it could have been way much worse or if I’m in a rut right now because I lost my job, okay, you lost your job.

So what happens now? Well, I got to find something else, but did you like your job? Yes, I liked it. Okay. The thing about like this, even though you lost that job, there could be a reason maybe there’s something better elsewhere. I thought for you or maybe there’s a reason that you’re working on something else that you can go after that because there’s many stories of people losing their job and then realising that man, I’m sad and all of a sudden they find something else that they love, that they’ve been working on and next, you know, they become a millionaire, I mean Howard Schultz, he had lost your job then all of a sudden 255 times later he found a Starbucks or anybody else out there. You know it life sometimes happens to us because there’s better opportunities for us, but the thing for us to realise is we have to see those opportunities and realise that things have happened for a reason to open our eyes and when you’re in a rut you’re not looking at that, you’re only thinking about this is the end, that’s the end, but when you open your eyes up and you start thinking well it’s the end for that story, but I can make my own story, I can make so much more on myself, sounds like getting some perspective and maybe checking up on the self-talk that people have been doing to themselves, definitely self-talk because I mean if you think about it, think about all the people that if you see or anything if you watch and they always speak about how they feel like their life is not good and this and that they say they feel like their life is not good, but that’s their own self talk that they’re saying that their life is not good and then you’re gonna look at people who are I don’t know billionaires like the l I must are you know the Calipari’s of the world, even the key areas of the world, you listen to Kanye and a lot of times chi you always say to me, I tell myself all the time I can do it if you don’t believe you can do it.

That’s cool, that’s you. But I know I can’t believe it. I always felt like I could do anything if you’re taught, you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything. I was told I could do everything. He tells everybody, I tell him what he said, he said in so many interviews, he tells himself that he can do it. His mom has told him that he could do it and because of that, he tells himself he believes in it. That’s self-talk right there. That’s not self-talk. I don’t know what it is and the ones that feel like they couldn’t do it, they always start off with, I always feel like my life, ain’t it? Well why do you feel like that? Because I felt like you told yourself your life could be like that. Like you said before that self-talk is poisoned. So that’s why when people say that affirmations aren’t real stuff like that affirmations is actually self-taught. So if you’re telling yourself every day, you’re doing bad and nothing ever goes my way. Well sure enough, nothing’s ever gonna go your way, but if you tell yourself, I mean think about it, I’ve always been the type of person where let’s say I go to an event, let’s say I go somewhere, I always feel like even if I go somewhere, I don’t know anybody, I feel like if I put myself into space, positive things are gonna happen to me.

I’ve always been like that. I could go somewhere miles away. I remember when I went out to an event, I don’t know Vermont, I was like, all right, I’m here, but I know something good is gonna happen, I’m in the space, something positive will happen. And sure enough something did happen pre Covid I was able to get into a concert for free, hey, I backstage with some people I didn’t even know just medal, but I put myself into space and I believe positive things are gonna happen to me and I was all the way in Vermont didn’t know anybody in Vermont, I don’t know anybody from Vermont, Only person I know from Vermont would be like Bernie Sanders, something I’ve seen from Vermont or I’ve heard he’s from, but I don’t know anybody from Vermont, but the simple fact that I was able to, you know, have that positively happen because I told myself I’m in the space and something good is gonna happen to me, I’m going to meet people and that self-talk a lot of things to happen. So I think, you know, to hammer down your point whenever I see people feel like their life isn’t this? Or in the rut you gotta get out of that. That self-hate, self-hate, but that self-negativity talk and, and I say self-hating a sense where sometimes you’re hating yourself because you feel like you’re not good enough and sometimes we don’t want to feel like that, we want to feel like we’re always good.

We can always be better. And when we put different plans at and together, we put different plans in place we can have what we want, even if we’re going through a bad situation. You mentioned discipline a couple of answers ago. Have you come across David Goggins yet? There we go. Yes. The guy that, that was the marine at one point, he was super fat, then he lost a lot of weight and then he went through marine hell night like twice and that, that guy is super disciplined because he’s been super discipline. He’s been able to be super successful. Like he did like 1000 holdups one time or something like that close to it or around that way. Yeah, I got your super display. That’s, that’s, that’s another point. I mean, he went from being super big to being super skinny and then he broke a lot of his limbs during um, marines hell night, remember he was speaking about that and he still came back just discipline of the mind? He locked his mind? His full potential? Yeah. His affirmation? I think it’s stay hard. Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

Stay hard. So um, not quite, I can do it, but yeah, gotten through hell week as you say. Yeah. So that’s, that’s why it’s always funny when I hear people say like affirmations, the motivation don’t work. Okay, well a lot of the famous people that you buy products from say it on the regular and they tell you that they say it and you don’t seem to hear you’re ignoring it. No. When did they say that? When they say I’m the best. When they say everybody wants to be like me, your favourite thing about it. If your favourite artist says it a lot. Like I don’t know who your favourite musician is, but a lot of times they boast and brag about how their best, where they do soccer, where they do whatever they may be, whatever their industry is. Everybody boast and brag about themselves. And when you boast and brag about yourself, that’s pretty much self-positive. Talk to tell yourself that you can do anything and nobody can stop you. I am the greatest. It’s just, it’s just that it’s in a different form. It’s not in that motivation to talk. So you don’t pay no attention to it. You just think it’s just regular talk. Have you got any thoughts on, because 100% agree with everything that you said, so thank you for all the value.

Have you got any thoughts on maybe faking yourself out? So I think the analogy sometimes is I don’t know which direction in is in, but it’s like, I think Tony Robbins refers to it as like running west looking for a sunset or something like that because some the sun doesn’t come up in the west or something like that and I might fudge the details there, but it’s basically, you know, you’re turning yourself, you can do it, but in reality what you’re basically walking in the wrong direction for what you’re trying to achieve any thoughts there? Yeah, I think sometimes the whole faking your mind out. I think a lot of times we definitely do that. when you go and do something that you’ve never done before and you’re faking your mind out. prime example, let’s just, let’s just give it, I like to use examples because I feel like examples resonate better with people who are there watching and listening. Let’s say if someone asked you to come speak and you’ve never spoke a day in your life before and you’re new at this and they’re like, hey, have you spoke before?

And you’re like, yeah, I would kind of take the owner Virgin if someone asked you to do that, I want to ask you to do something. Say yes and then learn it while you go. You know, that’s kind of what he said and it’s the same approach, someone actually come speaking, you’ve never done it. But they’re like, we want you to come speaking, you’re like we’re going to pay you $1,000. You can be like yes, I have spoken before. Yes. Because you’re like, I’ve never done this. But I got to tell myself, I know how to do it. You like, like Tony said you running west the same thing you never spoke for. You don’t know what to be speaking about. But I guarantee you someone has a monetary value at the end of $1000. I guarantee you’re gonna and they say you gotta speak on Friday an this Monday, you’ll put something together, you’ll figure out your washing speeches, you’ll psych yourself out so I can do this. You know, they’re going to find out, no, no, no, I can do this. I can do this even though a part of your mind may believe you can’t, we’re going to continue to hype yourself out and hope that you can do it. So even if it goes well or right or wrong, you’re gonna tell yourself you can do it because it was pretty much psyche yourself out and hey, even though Tony says that, you know run west and everything else.

There’s a lot of times we may have said that it actually comes together though. So if you got to remember that now. So, you know, if you’re psyching yourself out? It could still come together. It all depends on what type of person you are. Some people do things on the fly and it comes together. Some people do things on the fly and it’s horrible, right? You know, it all depends on you and what kind of individual you are. Some people like to plan. I’m more of a I can plan and do it on the fly. If I plan, it’s going to be even more better if I do it on the fly, it’s still gonna be great. But it’s just more like me coming on the fly thinking about different things. So it’s going to still be good. But if I plan more of it, I can probably bring in different areas and different genre genres or whatever. So we also heard of the principle of you learn more by losing than you do by winning. So it might make you better if you’re running west looking for a sunset because it might get you to think about Mikey, you learn something new. Whereas if you didn’t take that action at all, then you wouldn’t know any better. Right? Yeah. Because like you said before, if you take the speaking engagement and you fail hopelessly now you learned why you fail, you may have failed because maybe your PowerPoint didn’t work or maybe you don’t understand how to be engaging.

You know, you’re gonna kind of take it from there and be like, all right, what can I have done to be better? Especially if you recorded yourself, you kind of look at me like all right. I was nervous because I’ve never done this before. But now I feel better and know that if I did at one time I can do this again. I just gotta find tooling sharpen it up, make it a lot better. And I could definitely do this because somebody’s already paid before or if no one has paid you for it, you learn from that experience. Kind of like the simple fact of there was okay holy brian for example, if I could work that hard every day, what would my career B And I made a promise to myself from that day that I was going to work that hard every single day. So that when I do retire, I have no regrets. Gotta shine for Kobe Bryant. I remember the year when they beat Paul Gasol in the Olympics. And then Paul Gasol lost some in Olympics. And the next year Kobe put his whole gold medal, they lost, they lost the NBA finals and then that same year that they lost the NBA finals Kobe beat them in the Olympics and then the next year they came back Kobe hungers gold medal up in his locker and he’s like, hey you don’t want to be a loser them where you want to be a winner, we need to win it all this year and that was the motivation you needed from all those losses.

He had to motivate him to be a champion. And like you said before, sometimes, like you said, the losses will give you the mindset to be like, I need to be tougher. I need to do this better, I need to work on that so that I could get to the mountain top and be a winner. Have you ever heard anything by Michael Jordan mindset related limits? Like fears often just an illusion. Yeah. Uh, when, when Michael Jordan, it’s funny because like a lot of things that Michael says his mindset related, even if you watched the last dance, you ever watched? The last dance? Okay. Yeah. You ever get a chance to get on, get on Netflix to watch the last dance and everything that Michael Jordan says it’s mindset related, I’ll give an example in the last dance. He, he speaks about like, hey, people may think I’m not a friendly character. I’m a meanie or I’m this dude, I’m that person. But the problem is you don’t know what it’s like to win. You’ve never won before in your life. I have. And if you want to be around me, I’m expecting you to be the winner.

I’m pushing you to be a winner, even if I gotta her said she throw balls that you do whatever. And if you don’t like it, get away from me that’s unacceptable. I’m not going to deal with it. And if you think about it, that’s his mindset that if you’re around him he’s gonna push you to be that level he’s at and he’s not taking nothing less. And if that’s not for you, he’s gonna do everything in our power to make you feel so uncomfortable that you’re either gonna get on his level or you gonna quit and go somewhere else. And that’s a mindset to have like you’re not gonna allow anybody to be around you being mediocre or be okay with just getting by you better give it all because I’m out here giving it all. And he also says like you’ve never won and he’s right. If some people don’t understand, some people may be like, I will join you. Some mean why would you treat people like that, Why would you curse at your players? Why would you throw the ball at them? And he’s like, you’ve never won. You don’t know what it takes to get to this nonstop. And some people in life, they’ve never finished their dreams. They’ve never finished their goals because they’ve never finished the goals of the dreams.

They don’t understand that. You know, it takes a lot, it takes a lot to motivate people. Sometimes some people might be like, well, you know, other people don’t do that. You know, other players don’t do that, Kobe was the same way people don’t like Kobe, but at the end of day Kobe has the most famous quote ever that I always still love it to this day. Friends coming though, but banners last forever and he’s right. You know, friends will come and go. But those championships and those accolades and everything that you’ve done, that you’ve shown people that last forever. They’ll always be remembered as long as you go. So you actually about the mindset of Michael Jordan, the last dance completely is all Michael Jordan’s mindset like guarantee I promise you got to check it out. You’re watching and be lighter. Okay Mike. Okay, Okay. I love the Kobe quote. Oh man, definitely man. Yeah, definitely. I just always remember that he’s just, he’s always been, he’s always been that type of person. Like even when he played, no one really, he wasn’t really hanging out. It wasn’t really going to going out like that.

People will go hang out. He goes to go to the gym and I was always one Kobe card. I always remember like whenever I’m doing something and people are like, well we’re going to hang out. I think myself, I was like, man, friends come and go championships last forever and I resonate that to my own life because while I’m working on my podcast, while I’m working on one to help everybody else. You know, some of my friendship may come and go, but the ability for me to be at the best that I need to be, to help somebody else, to help others, it’s going to require me to put time in, it’s gonna require me to put effort, it’s gonna require me to put patients and because of that I may miss other things, I may miss hang out, but at the end of the day my banner is being able to help a group of people, my championship is having you listen to my podcast and realise like man eric has really changed my mind my perspective and for me to be able to have that banner in the championship to help you, I have to sometimes sacrifice the friendships after sometimes sacrifice to hang out to have what I want and to see what I know I can do Great point.

Is there anything that you feel that’s worth mentioning that I haven’t asked you about today? Well I would have to say check out my podcast, I have three segments on the show that would be worth mentioning, we have a motivated Mondays where we discuss different topics, help you out do your entrepreneurial journey or your career journey that can help you know, different tips that you can implement today, that making me a better person well what to do with Wednesday segment And we discussed different books and different people that you should know about the 50th law and how it can help your mind and perspective for your environment. And then we also have a free knowledge Friday where I answer questions that people have written in because contrary to believe, I never realised that so many people were right in their DNA questions. And it just glad it’s crazy to be able to hear all these questions that people were actually because they may have heard me on a friend’s podcast or they may have ran across my stuff randomly or they’re in the UK or somewhere else in London or Spain where the average is all that.

So I would have to say, I definitely want to make sure people know about the podcast, Life X Times of Eric. And yeah, I think a lot of the questions you ask me very informative, very informative.

Good. Where’s the best place for people to find you, Eric?

I want to say the best place to be on my I G of course. And it’s The Life X Times of Eric, which would be The Life – and instead of and just put an X – and then its Times of Eric. I added an X to be cool. Make myself cool. I just want to put an X in. So yeah, so I wanted to be different. So, but you type it in, you’ll be able to find me I G spot if I have a podcast, Amazon. I’m like the only The Life X Times, like literally I talk to them like I’m all the life. No, it’s cool. It feels good to be kind of stand out in the crowd, but the only thing is just getting people to check it out. Once they check it out. I know people would like it, so definitely check me out. You have any questions, definitely DM me. Like I always say, keep living your life. If you don’t, your life is not going to live you.

And what that means is if you don’t go out there and live your life to the best or the way you want, life will only give you what you want. So, if you don’t want the best, that life is not going to give you, but if you want more out of life, life will give it to you. I guarantee you it will align for you. God will put the right people in your life to have it. And like I always said before, continue to say the three Bs – bigger and better and better. I can do it. Mm definitely do it. Like I always, like I always say, hey, today is your day, you can definitely do it.

You can do it, young man.

It’s possible, young man, it’s possible.

Eric B, thank you very much.

No problem. Thank you so much, Thomas.