March 18, 2021

Our Social Cause

Our Social Cause

If you become a new client of ours with one of the packages listed on the site, we will sponsor a child in a country where the need is the greatest and donate to support them with education, food and clean water.

An example of the countries currently on that list are:

Cambodia, Ghana, Guatemala, Nigeria, The Gambia, Vietnam.

If you choose to, you will know their name, location and will receive updates about how their education is going and will most likely get a thank you from them (and a drawing!) for your contribution to their education.

In the instance where you choose to pause or cancel your services with us, we will continue to support that child and may pass that sponsorship on to another new client. 

If you choose to refer a client onto us, you will know that a child in need is receiving education, food and water that they wouldn’t otherwise get because of you.

Please support us, so that we can help as many children in poverty as possible and do let us know if you have any questions regarding our sponsorship of children.

Some drawings from “our kids”: