#207 – The Ultimate Business Quest With Dr. Travis Fox

Thomas Green here with ethical marketing service on the episode, today we have Dr. Travis Fox, Dr. Fox, Welcome. Thank you guys. It is my pleasure. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do. Yes, it’s not one of the topic I talked about a lot, but since you asked I will, that’s a simple version of this. I was born in United States but raised in Japan and Germany for the 1st 9.5 years of my life with a brief stop in florida on the way by due to my mother being a model and an actress and my father being a fighter pilot. And I always tell people if you ever saw the original movie Top Gun, it didn’t quite turn out that it was more like that was what ended happening. So by the time we came back to United States, my parents decided to divorce. That was when my childhood took a very interesting turn.

I also started my entrepreneurial journey back then in my day. Video game playing consisted of a video console that many of you might remember called Atari and I wanted one and my father said well you can go out and mow lawns at $10 a lawn and save up your money and do that. Or my mother said well why don’t you start modeling? There’s a there’s an opening to become a runway model for J. C. Penney and I said what does it pay? She goes $200 I said I’m in, she taught me how to model and lived how to walk, how to pose. I went up for the audition and I ended up winning the audition and that’s when my acting in television and modeling career started. And of course as you can probably figure out my entrepreneurial career started. As soon as I got that $200 I went right to the local k mart and got my Atari and that’s when I started to realize the difference between working hard and working smart and I’ve done both. I still continue to play golf all the way up to the age of 19. I I turned pro at 19 for brief stint, did six months on the mini tour and became an absolute headcase. I suffer from a little thing called perfectionism and a mild O.

C. D. Now you put that with golf and you’ve got a recipe for insanity probably I became a psychologist And I did. I got my PhD in psychology and it wasn’t originally to help anybody else, it was for my own selfish intentions. It was hey I need to get this thing out of my rear end and get this thing working again. My life is falling apart and I really didn’t know who I was without that identity and through that process I met my mentor and my master who I sat under for 15 years and I achieved a second doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy. So I have subconscious and conscious modalities? How do we actually change our behaviors? How do we change our thought processes? How do we deal with our emotional trauma, the things that we hide down in the dungeon of our castle of ourselves. And through that process I came to realize, you know, I was playing golf for my father. I wasn’t, I like golf, I’m still good at it to this day and I did 10 years on the PGA tour as one of the top psychological coaches out there and set my mark. But I didn’t love golf, you got to love it. And as we’ve all heard, you find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Well, my passion was helping people become great entrepreneurs, breakthrough, their self limiting thought processes and this emotional trauma. And again, I’m not emotional trauma can be something as simply as, hey, you know, I didn’t get a hug from mom and dad or I didn’t win, you know, the high school cheerleading contest, whatever it is, it’s subjective, but we’re not taught how to deal with that in a very powerful and even more transformative way. And then how do you take all of that and apply it to your business? And so for the last 31 years I’m an Emmy award winning producer. Now, as you can see some of those behind me, we won over 35 different awards for the productions and stylings that we do and how we teach, but also to, I’ve spread in the world three times, I’ve stood in front of a million people and as of now I have over 15,000 hours on stage working with people in an experiential transformative way. And finally at the ripe age of 51 3 time father and first time grandfather actually five times now with my relationship. Now there’s five times uh, father, I should put that in there. Um we have developed the ability called the ultimate business quest for people to literally go from founder funding to fortune all in the power of their hand, commonly called their their phone or their mobile device.

And we’re scaling that, making that around the world because now more than ever, people need to know how to build a business from literally the first brick, which is the idea all the way to their funding and ultimately they’re exiting strategy and be able to do without high ticket items scalability and use a fantastical fun way to do it. And the fun is the key word Over 31 years, I’ve learned that if a person is not truly having fun and that includes their business model, they’re not gonna do it, they’re not gonna change, they’re gonna keep hitting that glass ceiling and they’re gonna keep going around in a circle and staring at ceiling fans at three in the morning and I’ve done all of those two and it’s really been my life’s work to create that entire experience with myself and my partners and we’re on the precipice now that releasing, that’s kind of a snapshot of 51 years given the length of the show, wow um I do want to say wow to your introduction so you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Um and thank you for the introduction. The first thing I wanted to ask you about was you you became a psychologist in order to do we say learn about yourself, Do you mind sharing what you learned?

Oh my gosh, how long is the show? I’m still learning about myself thomas to be honest with you and candid and I think anybody who says that they know themselves is really limiting themselves because the truth is who I was when I was 21 25 31 41 now at 51 Is has elements of similarity but it’s a completely transformative creature who I was at 21, you know the young you know Dr. Travis Fox who thought he knew something and had the image of what a doctor supposed to look like and act like and talk like I was really just a puppet, really regurgitating what I had been taught and trained psychology is supposed to look like self development, supposed to look like self transformation is supposed to look like. So really the answer your question is not that I do it to learn myself. I actually got into unlearned myself because again if we really go back to the basic psychology, I’m like basics the basics, we are a formation obviously of our two parents, which is the first two pillars, but we’re also a formation of our cultural upbringing wherever you grew up on the planet and your religious influence.

Those four pillars are gonna make up almost 90% Of your personality basis and form and function. By the time you’re 15, 16 years old, it’s starting to set in solidity and when it sets in solidity, it’s literally like breaking cement. You have to break through that. The challenges. We are taught the sequencing backwards example you’ve undoubtedly heard and so is your audience, you’ve all heard of the sequence, mind, body, spirit in that order. Here’s the problem. Mind can’t solve itself. Your mind knows its own pitfalls, your mind knows how to mess with you, your mind knows which voice to throw at you of doubt or disbelief or insecurity or abandonment of an idea, talking yourself out of the next great thing and we’ve all done this whether it’s you know, buying a crypto because you felt the instinct to get in and go, ah that was the one, look what it’s done, it’s gone up two gazillion dollars, I should have invested and we become comfortable with being in failure or in misery and more importantly not trusting ourselves, we say that we really do, but we really don’t because the truth is when we say I don’t trust myself, just listening to that sentence in and of itself in the phraseology, how it’s structured, there’s two people in that conversation.

I don’t trust myself, I and myself. Well who the hell are you talking about? There’s only one of you in the physicality but in the psychology of it we all have you know, voices in our head and no it does not make you schizophrenic, it does not make you in that way, it means make your neurotic welcome to the world. And part of that is we have different personality parts. So for example there is dr Travis Fox the teacher, there’s Travis Fox the husband, there’s Travis Fox the sun, there’s Travis Fox, you know the father, there’s Travis Fox the friend and each one of those personality parts that we display have slight shifts in transformation and how we present, it’s a different set of rules, a different set of hierarchy of values. We don’t think that we do, but we actually do and it’s based on that integration of how do we actually function That makes us a holistic person or a whole presentation. Here’s the problem, everything I just said, Boring Sucks, No one wants to do it, it’s like and I agree.

So for the last 31 years in the last 20 in specific, I have worked with literally thousands of people and how do we make entrepreneurial development and self transformation. Stop making them these separate roads, they’re not separate you and your business are one, no one’s gonna care about your business, its success or failure more than you period. And to say that my job or my entrepreneurial, my online, my offline, whatever, your coach, teacher, trainer, facilitator, MLM, our affiliate marketer, whatever you’re into corporate sector or non corporate sector, it still involves you. Now, this will sound a little, you know, kind of bass Ackwards from what everyone has been taught. But again, just because we taught, it doesn’t mean it’s real and that is you are the center of your world. Now the world doesn’t revolve around you, but you are the center of your world. So to say that you and your business are separate is like literally saying me and my skin have two different locations of living, it makes no sense. But because we are so good at self hypnosis, we are so good at this manifestation in a different frame.

We don’t realize we’re actually creating our own insanity, We’re creating it. And because our subconscious is just a big computer, it’s called a servo mechanism or solution oriented mechanism. It does, it goes okay, well if you like misery thomas, we’re gonna give you a bunch of it. If you’re comfortable with failure, we’re gonna give you that if you’re comfortable with only making this much money a month or a year, we’re gonna give you that. So I didn’t get into it again, like I said in the, in the selfishness of the originality of it. I got into it to fix my golf game because I thought, quote unquote, that’s what I was there for. What I was really there for. Almost almost at the depth of myself, at the deepest part of me and my subconscious was going time out Travis, I understand you think you’re gonna be a golfer, but you’re doing that for your dad, and if you’re doing it for your dad, you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. Because you gotta love golf, It is a it is like anything, it’s 100% commitment, you gotta be all in. And while I was good at it and I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it, I loved people. In fact, I was one of those golfers, I wasn’t the silent golfer, I was talking to everybody, because to me it never made sense to go, well why do I want to just walk down the fairway and not talk to anybody, because without the audience who cares, who cares what you’re doing.

So, it became about an audience for me and that’s when I really realized what I love was people, they’re the most interesting thing on the planet. And because we all have these little personality parts running around, it’s exponential. You’re never gonna hear the same story twice. Even if I say thomas, tell me about your childhood, tell me about your personal relationship. Tell me about your business. I’m gonna get three different versions of thomas. Well that’s a lot to take in for us as we go to change. So what we did and what we continue to do is we transformed it into a fantasy game play. And the reason we did that is because it Stokes your imagination naturally. Many of us sit around as entrepreneurs going, I need to come up with the next great idea thomas, I need to figure this out and I think my way through it and that has value. But if we look at history, every single major success story in business runs on instinct. There’s a moment where the Ceo or the chairperson, the entrepreneur, the idea person comes up and says, you know, it just hit me like a lightning bolt bang, this is what we gotta do. And sometimes it makes no cognitive critical sense, you’re going, that’s insane.

And we’ve all heard the famous story of how Fedex was literally on the precipice of bankruptcy and the Ceo literally couldn’t make payroll says screw it goes to Vegas, puts it on literally on the come line, rolls the dice and the rest is history announced, a multibillion dollar corporation. That’s insane. We’re not taught that in business school heck, we’re not even taught that in school period, but it’s the instinct that that has won wars. It is the instinct that has made successful business. It is the instinct that has taken people to do things that blow human performance away and that’s what I really got into. And I realized all along and my mentor master was way more brilliant than I’ll ever be. And he’s you know, he’s taking the great journey now, but I it took me 15, 16 years into my journey with him and I was in my mid thirties and I have been on on stage traveling in the world in every location you could possibly imagine. And it occurred to me and I I said, I don’t really understand what I’m doing out here. And that’s when he kind of like light bulb me as though it was the Yoda moment though, you know where you’d a just said something really wise you like I knew that I think I’m gonna act like I know that I don’t really know that that was that moment where he said to me, Travis, he goes, you know, I didn’t teach you all this so that you could go out and hypnotize people and you know, that was the way he goes, I taught it to you so you can see that they’re already hypnotizing themselves, They do it naturally every day, your job and your task is to find a way to find the path so that they can literally learn to use that what they do naturally every day and they don’t realize they’re doing it to direct it and then to transform themselves so they can live the life that they want, whatever that means.

It doesn’t always mean material success. In fact, quite often it has nothing to do with that. But teach him how to do it and teach them how to do it in a fun way. Clinical have become too boring. They become the two academic there to red tape, There’s too much of this micro rising the knowledge why not make it fun Because human beings for the last six centuries we learned from mentor to apprentice that’s called learning. We have a system now, especially here in the United States called education. Here’s the problem. We come out of high school as an example and we’re supposed to be educated and prepared for the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are educationally intelligent, but we’re life stupid. We have no idea to buy a car, how to get a lease for an apartment. What do I really want to do? In fact, if we really look at this family, you spent the seven verse 17, 18 years of your life mastering something and then you were asked the day upon graduation to abandon everything that you just mastered and become this thing called an adult.

And yet there’s no blueprint for it. And there’s no idea what the hell that actually means. In fact, I’m 51 years old and I still don’t even know if I qualify as an adult. I don’t know what that really means. But the adults I’ve met are pretty miserable human beings. I like people who happen to be in a bigger body but still have that stoke of imagination. They’re still hungry, they’re still out there creating and it’s not from a consumption and hoarding point of view. It’s experiential. Hey man, we’re only going around this thing once no matter what your belief structure is, whether you believe in reincarnation or not or you believe in the theory of one or not, it doesn’t matter. The reality check is thomas is only gonna be thomas and Travis is going to Travis one time and that’s it. So we get to make this journey exactly what we want. But we’re not taught that we’re taught that in this wonderful school educational system called the School of hard knocks. And here’s the problem with that school, It accepts everybody. The problem is it doesn’t have an end date. You don’t get to graduate. You just are in it all the freaking time. Well that’s like running around in the dark, looking for a light switch and keep bumping into these walls and expecting them to become doors.

It doesn’t work. It makes no freaking sense. So what we’ve done at the ultimate business quest and it’s taken us, you know, obviously all of our entire careers, we have 100 years collective experience between the four of us and our respective fields and it took us two years to put this together to go, well, what do people really want? What is it, where is their master ship? Well, all of us are misfit masters in some form, another, we’re all superhero misfits and you know that because in middle school approximately we all went through that transformation where we were dorks and we were geeks and we were in this club and that club and we’re looking for a thing called social subconscious modeling. We’re trying to fit in somewhere just because we don’t want to stand out. Here’s the irony when we get outside of education university, that’s the first thing we’re trying to do. We’re trying to stand out. So the boss notice us, we’re trying to stand out. So my, my lander and my funnel stands up more than anybody else. My product is better, but we have no idea how to stand out because we’ve shaved off the edges and stuff down in the dungeon of ourselves who we really are. And to go down there seems extraordinarily scary because there’s trauma down there.

There’s hurts, there’s wounds, there’s rejection, there’s g I don’t feel good enough. I’m never gonna live up to my potential. I’m not one of those smart people, I’m not one of the lucky ones, you know, like you guys all Bs, but because we’re such powerful hypnotists and we don’t know how to use it? It’s like being a kid with a sword we got this powerful weapon, but we’re looking at it going, I have no freaking idea how to manage this thing again, Educationally intelligent life, Stupid. And the ultimate business quest is about reversing that model. But doing it in a fantastical way because we have over 50 years of data now that proves we put you in the fantastical, we put you in the subconscious, we put you into an immersion therapy like Lord of the Rings or harry potter, where is this fantastical world where you’re immersed in the adventure of it, you absorb and you learn four times faster than you do through cognition. You don’t learn that way. It’s like hitting a baby with a freight train and now that makes change you transforming your business with business practicalities and self transformation and combine the two and understanding that you and your business are one and then how to build your culture and how to increase your sales because then you start to realize, wait a minute when I understand how people work, because I’m understanding how I work, but I’ve done it in a fantastical realm.

Are they a warrior? Are they a wizard? Are they a bard or the adjuster? And you learn how to ask one or two questions, you go, got it at least I know how they’re showing up right now and I can make that connection and I can make it in a fun way because again, no one wants to be around, Everyone says misery, loves company, I don’t know about you all over there, but that’s total bullsh it. Excuse my french misery does not love company. In fact, if you’re the one that’s miserable, you’re looking to have people be in comfort zone with you and if you notice they’ll hang out with your 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes and then they’re like I gotta go because to them it’s very easy for our brain to slip into that modality and it’s very difficult to get out of it. But when you’re having fun, there’s two things we all know, time flies when you’re having fun and to no one and I repeat. No one needs to teach you how to have fun. You already spent 17 years of your life mastering it. What you need to remember is how to become fun again and make business fun from the entire experience. That’s what this is all about. I mean when you’re a kid, no one had to go, Hey Thomas, I need you to go down to your subconscious and I need you to activate your imagination and I want you to act like a superhero and you’ve got 30 minutes to do it.

Okay? No one had to tell you that you innately knew it because we came in without cognitive defense mechanisms. We learned to be a defense mechanism. So if you can imagine your mind as a castle and inside that castle is your king and queen which is your subconscious for de facto right and outfront of that drawbridge with the mod. And however you designed your castle, there’s this little guard with the spear goes, who goes there? That little guard represents your conscious mind. It’s kind of job is to determine what’s getting inside the castle to talk to the king and queen. But what the guard doesn’t realize is there’s three other walls that it doesn’t protect and you can go over those walls or you can tunnel underneath. So there’s five times as likely as information to get into your subconscious and create habits that you’re not aware of. Hence the term subconscious. The challenge with that is we’re so busy focusing on things and thinking that we’re protecting. That we don’t really realize. There’s a thing called the asthmatic hypnosis or osmosis hypnosis, which means if we’re around other people around other things enough and we’re focused immerse leon something else.

It actually gets in and little comments like, oh, you know what? You know, that’s that’s a dumb idea, You’re never going to reach those goals. Your dreams are too big. You need to come back to reality these little comments that we don’t pay attention to because we’re so busy focusing on whatever we’re focusing on and we think we’re ignoring them. But our subconscious doesn’t ignore a damn thing, It absorbs everything to the exponential level. You know, they say the conscious mind holds roughly one thought per second. Well the subconscious is holding 1000 thoughts times square, it’s insane how fast and amazing this beautiful tool is the problem is we were never taught how to run it and by the time we go back to learn it, you’re literally having a dual track, you’re having to unlearn cracking that cement what you’ve spent all of these years learning simultaneously trying to learn how to transform and then there you are stuck in the middle. The problem with that is, well, I’ll have a certain amount of time. We can use time as a day moniker of 24 hours as example, seven days a week, 3, 65 years what we’ve socially agreed to, but there’s a variable in that time, that time quotient and that is your lifespan?

You have no idea when the next day is gonna be the last one. And as much as we don’t like to talk about that in business and we don’t like to talk about in the, in, in our self development, our self transformational journey, you need to, and as the great Alan Watts said, hey, life doesn’t define death, man, death itself will define your life. So everyone, you know, should take that moment and contemplate what is your legacy, What is your legacy? And if you only have 30 days left to live on this planet right now today, would you be doing any of the things you’re doing in your life right now. And if any part of your answer is no and guess what? It comes up just like that where the know is you can’t even stop because your subconscious will answer if it’s no and you continue to do it, that’s on you. And the only person who’s gonna be stuck with that regret is you the person, the persons that are gonna be screwed is the people of the legacy, of the knowledge. You’ve acquired the skill set, You have the business that you’ve built the lessons that you teach your Children. They’re all gone Because we haven’t put them in a space where the legacy can grow and that’s what we did as a species up until about the 18th century and then we decided to become intelligent.

And from this school system that basically if you look at our school system, it is pre militaristic formation, You gotta sit in rows, Everybody walks in a straight line, don’t talk until you’re talked to raise your hand and ask permission. If you have an opinion, it’s always told right or wrong you passed or failed. It’s always based on this performance. It’s never about you developing you, but you did that naturally as a kid. And so now if I say to you, hey thomas, I want you to abandon some of your cognition, I want you to go have fun. We’re gonna go build a business on the craziest adventure, you can possibly imagine it’s gonna have ups and downs and left and right, You’re gonna be one minute you’re gonna be broke against the rocks, go, and this is the dumbest thing I ever did. And the next week you’re gonna be a ba zillionaire, getting ready to go to either a public exit or being acquired. And all of it’s gonna be an adventure. Would you do it now in Italy people will go, Yeah, and then 10 seconds later all those voices come back and go, but I’ve got bills to pay. I’ve got kids, you know, I’ve got this job and it gives me some security and you know, the world is an uncertain place.

By the way, the world is always an uncertain place, Cut the crap, It’s never gonna be certain. So let’s just solve that one right here right now. But that that call to adventure that ignited spark that’s down here, deep in the dungeons of your castle, still smoldering their family. It never goes out. The only way it goes out is when you leave the planet, then it goes out. That’s a different frame. It’s there. The problem is like any other organism, any other experience it needs to be stoked and what feeds it passion and I’m not talking to passion. This is false passion times like gee, you know, I’m really passionate about people and you know, I really love what I do and oh, shut up, I’m talking about unbridled unleashed. Don’t give a crap about anything experience and you’re willing to go for it because you have to remember this and all of you listening, please, I implore upon you. My father is a perfect living example and I’ve been in this space for 31 years, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, you name it and television, and I’ve been saying this message for years and my own father prove this point about the 30 days left to live.

And this happened right in the bottom of 2019 as we were getting ready to release the sequel to The Secret Beyond the Secret The awakening, which I was the pleasure of co producing and co starring with my fellow teachers and literally they walked in and said, Hey Mr Fox, um the good News is you beat kidney cancer, the bad news is you have pancreatic cancer, stage four, you literally have 30 days left to live and in those 30 days almost to the number. My father was gone and it happened literally the day before we debuted the Beyond The Secret at Universal Studios and I looked at that lesson and wow, what a powerful lesson for all those years. My father held onto the anger of the divorce for all those years. He hang on, hang on to the, the aggression that I didn’t go to the PGA tour as a player versus a coach. I said, dad, it’s not about you, it’s not about you man, my job is not to fulfill your dreams. My job was to fulfill my own, I didn’t want to be a PGA Tour player, I would be a miserable human being. In fact, I’d be an asshole because I suffer from perfectionism and O. C. D. Which doesn’t go really well with the game of golf and by the way I’ve got a PhD in it, so I kind of know a little bit about this dad and it didn’t matter and he could not change it.

In fact so much so that my father didn’t even say goodbye, I had to find out from my ex wife who called me literally the morning as we’re debuting. Now, I don’t say that to take you down an emotional road family. I say it to implore upon you, life is a gift man, get on it, get the adventure, get in your business and have fun doing it. And that’s what the ultimate business quest does is it takes you on this adventure so that you can literally build your business but have fun doing it, build the company culture that’s actually helps you go from literally an idea to a business and a business to a brand because brands are where you exit brands are where you make those big dreams brand brands are where you see, oh and social media, they bought thomas’s business for $4.2 billion and he did it in 36 months, holy hell, how did he do it? Oh he must have been the lucky one, He wasn’t the right time in the right place and all that’s hogwash, There is always the room to create something new or make something better than the proverbial mouse trap. The question really becomes, are you willing to rediscover who you are and rescue your heart from mediocrity?

Because mediocrity is the silent, slow killer of every single one of us on this planet. Well thank you for the in depth answer. Um if there was ever a business or a website that I had seen um of a of a guest of mine where I basically would have done like a product demo as an episode, it would be this one because before I even knew what it was. When I went on the website I was like wow, I feel like I’m about to enter some sort of epic film, video game type thing, this is, this is amazing. And so just so you’re aware um I did download the app, so I’ve got um see that. Oh you got the new one. Well done mate, well done, I took the quiz and so can you do you mind sharing what what the quiz is and maybe what your result was when, when you did it? Sure cheers. Okay so what thomas is talking about is when you first come into the app there is an ex experience and actually you’re actually ahead of us thomas because we’re actually making the upgrades here just to get ready to go global with this entire concept.

But thank you for doing that is to say, hey look, let’s qualify what your business is. So if you’re a level one, it means you have an idea, you’re an entrepreneur, maybe an online solo preneurs, even an entrepreneur looking for a side hustle, but I really don’t know how to form your business. The quest is going to give you exact business point you’re gonna be looking for and every single thing in the quest, audio, video, experiential cuisine, challenging even the tokens you earn in the gameplay have meaning and it’s your job to discover them. That’s what makes it adventurous because you really don’t know and we’re not gonna tell you where they are, you’ll discover them naturally if you’re on the adventure or you’re just blazing through it, like we do everything else in life, You’ll see all these secrets. They’re built in to how do you play the game? Now many of us have heard of like Myers Briggs, we’ve heard of carl Young, we’ve heard of Sigmund Freud and that’s great, but if we go back there, I don’t give a crap and you don’t, it’s boring. So part of what my partners and I did as he said, what if we took the 20 years of experience that we had and running the number one residential treatment center here in the United States for at risk teenagers because those are the ones that are on the brink because they were the last step because they they get full incarceration or death.

That was it. So this game we got real serious and what we realized was that serious model that’s sitting in the therapist’s office, that cognition and constantly reevaluating the same thing over and over and over again. There is no different than sitting there staring at the ceiling fan of night and worrying. It’s no different than the anxiety we feel about how we’re gonna make the next step or pay the next bill or get the next round of funding or whatever it is you’re going through. It was no different. In fact, biochemically it’s identical. So how do we bring these kids back? Well, we realized almost by accident that when we dropped them into the fantasy realm, not unlike you, just mentioned, they were different people, they weren’t defending themselves, they weren’t explaining themselves, they weren’t having to rationalize, they were just being themselves. And these beautiful masters showed up where we went, wait a minute. That’s the back door to the castle. They’re already hypnotized. They’ve been hypnotized to believe that they’re bad. They’re nonfunctional. They’re never gonna make it there. The misfit kids sound familiar. Sounds like all of us. We just happened to be adults, B. S. It’s the same model and we realized when they were trying to say, do you see me, do you see who I am?

And by that discovery we started realizing and created an entire archetypical system that allows us to work through and see all of our personalities and how and when to use them and allow ourselves to be transformative. Example when you take the first quiz, you’re gonna meet the first four of all the archetypes and all of this is our original I. P. And that’s the warrior, the Wizard, the Bard and the jester. Let’s break those down real quickly for you and I don’t want to do a spoiler alert because I want everyone to go take the test, it’s free so knock yourself out but who you start the adventure as and who you complete the quest as are two very very different things. And they should be. That’s the point of a quest. That’s the point of the bloody hero’s journey that every single freaking movie you’ve ever watched from Lord of the Rings to harry potter you name it to Braveheart. It is still the hero’s journey where we discover and more importantly rediscover the hidden resources that we’ve stuffed down inside and not allowing ourselves to live and create the potential lives that we really are because we’re so busy trying to fit in way back when and we’re still doing it to a something to almost to a subconscious un realization of ourselves and we go wait a minute fit into what when you’re back there you go okay what’s the warrior now?

If you’ve watched television for 30 seconds or a film, you have all believed and told that warrior means I’m here to fight, I’m here to kick, but I’m here to rape and pillage the world and I’ll just write my way through it. That’s not what a warrior means. Family. That is what Hollywood has told you. That the warrior means a warrior is the heart, the warriors, the passion. The warriors would get you up every morning to take your kids to school the warriors that get up and said, okay, I’m gonna make that extra call the warriors. That says, I’ll do one more set. Someone passed done because the warrior understands it’s the nobility of the journey. It is the legacy behind it. You are the ambassador of the castle, you’re the defender of the realm, you are the representation of all the chivalry using that as the month. You are literally the White Knight of Camelot. If I can use that example and we all know who that is. So when you understand warrior, it’s about heart. And if your warriors not engaged, you’re not gonna do it, I don’t care who you are, you’re not gonna do it. Family, it’s part of human dynamics. Then you move into the wizard. Will people go, well, you know, I’m really not that smart.

A wizard is nothing to do with again, cognitive intelligence, but wizards are the geniuses, they truly are the analytical ones, they can look at things sequentially and see where the sequences off, see where there’s a missing peg. Here’s the problem. If you don’t understand that you’re talking that way to yourself or you’re talking with maybe someone in your company who is a wizard frame, you might frame them as well. They’re always negative, always finding nothing wrong with everything. They’re always bitching and complaining about why it isn’t this way. Absolutely fundamentally incorrect. Listen to the wizard because the wizard is about the sequential genius. It is about finding how do we make it better faster, stronger, quicker. It is the advancement, the flawed like we have and all of us in the wizard side is we find the flaw. That’s the problem though. If you’re primarily a wizard, you’re the one that’s going but it needs to do this, that’s not gonna work okay, I’m gonna find that. Alright, I can find that and now that’s gonna that’s not gonna work on it. And before you know it, you have got this matrix that you’re still trying to work out from the original problem. But you’ve added five more because the lizard brain knows how to find the flaw.

We’ve got to learn to harness that and then turn it over to one of our other personality parts are one of the people in our company or crew and that might be the bard. The bard is the feelers. They know how to take the energy of the room, their their sales people. They’re the messengers of your company. They are the ones that can feel the audience and go, oh these people are really excited. So let’s uptempo or excitement or they can feel that, hey, you know what? There’s some confusion in the room. We might want to clear this up. They’re the great salespeople there, the great ones on stage, because everything for them is about how the other person or how the audience feels and they can feel them. Here’s the downside about being a barred because you’re such great feelers of other people and you feel that your emotional stability is like a tidal wave. One minute someone says thomas, you’re the greatest thing since jesus, the best podcast I’ve ever seen in my life. Yeah, and you’re like, yes, nailed it. And 10 seconds later they go, you know, this isn’t working, that’s gonna reschedule, The mic is crap. You know, my dog puked up on the carpet, whatever and you’re like, oh crap! So we’re constantly on this emotional roller coaster ride and the bard self.

So we get to learn how to use the bard and last, but not least is the gesture. The gesture is not a clown. It is not the one that entertains the king and queen by doing stupid little things. Again, Hollywood’s representation of the actual design of the archetypical gesture. The gesture is connected. The gesture is the one that can go sit in the forest or sit on the log or sit on a rock and go, what’s the bigger picture? Why are we doing what we’re doing? Are we on directional point? Are we on true North? Are we following the compass and the mission statement that we’re really on? Because sometimes we get lost in business and we don’t know where our map is anymore. We don’t really realize we’re still trying to climb that mountain or get to that next valley for rest. But we’ve wandered off because we’re dealing with problems and cultural issues inside our company and sales KPI s. And do we have a competitive market advantage and the landscaping of technology as we go to web 0.0.3 point o is changing so fast. We feel like we can’t keep up. The gesture can be very centered there. The great consultants there, your advisory board members, they’re the ones that can step back and go, hey thomas, you know what?

Here’s what our mission statement was. Here’s the adventure. We’re really on. Let’s not get and let’s let’s not get lost in the weeds looking for the forest. Let’s keep targeted on the forest. And we’re gonna keep moving through the weeds and much of the more direction. So when you look at that first test, you get to see how you show up and how the ironic ironic is. Again, If you go back to the beginning of this interview, we all have a belief that we are one singular thing. Well, I’m Travis Fox no, you are a series of Travis foxes and depending on how you’re showing up in that particular frame is how you’re going to show up as a warrior wizard, barter jester. Now go on the quest and start to discover how other people show up and how to identify it. And now make that fun on how to use your personality parts, your warrior, your wizard, your bar, and your gesture in specific situations. And I’m not talking about fake it till you make it. None of that crap. I’m talking about you being you in that frame because that is you, it’s not you trying to fit in, say the right things and be politically correct bullshit.

Get rid of that crap because then you’re not even being true to yourself, so why the hell should anybody be true to you? And here’s why, Because people believe even now that as you and I are talking and all of us are listening to the show together, is that what comes out of my mouth is exactly what you hear and what the audience hears. There’s a million interpretations going on right now and they’re all correct and they’re all incorrect because we all subjectively and objectively interpret what we’re hearing. So there is no such thing as just Travis Fox is speaking and you’re hearing it conscious too conscious, there’s conscious or subconscious and their shadow conscious and they’re all talking at the exact same time, but because they are below our conscious awareness, we feel them and you’ll know this by you’ve met someone, you go, wow, oh, okay, that energy is weird. Um I gotta go and you don’t even know why, and you just met the person like, oh snap, I gotta get out of here, or conversely you meet them and go, we’re gonna be friends for life, There’s something about you, I just feel like, I know you and we’ve all said those both of those statements, we both said, we’ve all said it, but we don’t really realize why why we’re saying it, and that is because part of our jester, part of our subconscious, part of our shadow conscious is innately talking to each other and we can feel the disconnect.

It’s not the right archetype to talk to each other, It might not be the right timing, it might just be flat out, you’re on two totally different adventures and you’re saving each other time. But because our conscious likes to jump in and go, well that person is an a hole or she’s being a blank or you know, blah blah blah, I just didn’t like the way that all of that is literally the conscious judgment that is doing the same thing to us and then we project on other people and it takes the fun out of life. If we just step back and go, oh, okay, this is how thomas has shown up. He’s shown up as a wizard. Cool. I like wizards. Wizards are gonna be going to that linear space. Well, let me give you all the wizardry stuff. Boom, boom boom, boom, boom. And then I want you to find the flaw on it. I want you to go, well, what about this? I’m like, that’s a great idea. And then we’re gonna go do that again, because now I’m allowing you to be the wizard self that you are. I get to learn from the mastery of your wizardry and I get to apply it to wherever I need to apply it. That’s team building. That’s how you build a castle. Every single brick in your castle. That metaphor we talked about a moment ago is your life, is your business, is your company culture, it’s your salesforce, it’s your Children.

As when we’re taught the sequence of GoBI business successful, get the girl, then you get to work on your body commonly called a midlife crisis or a health crisis because we’ve sacrificed so much of ourselves to get into that success mode to have the ideal relationship because that’s we’re constantly bombarded with on film, television. And now on social media, nothing could be further from the truth as men when we were when we were in a more tribal ized space. When we’re in a different civilization on here on earth, a man had to go through a rite of passage. You know, whether it was a bar mitzvah or whether it was a tribal wedding or whether it was a fire ceremony, whatever it was, they had to go through a rite of passage to become a man. And then from there, the men taught the men how to master their body, how to have body, report how to build, whether it’s working out in the gym, whether it’s becoming a long distance runner, whether it was meditation, whatever their mastery ship was, they had to master themselves first in order to be ready to even look at a relationship which was then approved by the tribal elders to say, okay, thomas and Travis, you’ve passed the right, you’ve earned the right to be here.

And I’m not talking about earning, it isn’t bad earning. It isn’t for yourself because you’re, you are the single longest relationship you’re ever going to have in this lifetime. And yet we approached that relationship as dismissive. In fact, more often than not, we found in the hierarchy of values that people value in their life themselves isn’t even in their top 10. Top 10 always starts with God, country, family, money, house, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Somewhere in there, whatever is left over. That’s when they address it. Here’s the fundamental problem if you are the center of your world you addressing you as last is hierarchically Bass Ackwards and then we wonder why we can’t break through our own barriers. We wonder why our castle realm can expand and we can’t make other kingdoms and alliances and joint ventures and make a business a brand because we’re in our own bloody damn way. But we’ve been taught that again. Educationally intelligent life. Stupid. We’re here to reverse that model and do it on a mass scale so that you can go on the quest with other questions around the world who are transforming their businesses and growing. And now you understand, hey, when I’m talking to thomas, at least in this moment right now he’s in wizard, his wizard showing up his wizards, analyzing everything that I’m saying, looking into the sequence of it going, does this make bloody sensors, this guy just off his rocker?

Maybe both. But either way I know that I’m talking through a wizard and that allows me to go, oh well my bar needs to feel his wizardry because I’m in bard mode right now, I’m in expression of my own passion. So if I feel his wizardry, I’m gonna go, oh, I’m not gonna shut him before going, Well, Travis, that doesn’t make sense. Or tell me about that or why is that a missing link? Quite the opposite. I need a wizard to do it because my wizard can only see from my point of view of the castle, but I’ve got another wizard, his name is thomas who’s going, hey mate, if we don’t show up this wall, we’re vulnerable to attack or you know what the wall is gonna crumble in a massive storm. We’ve got to reassure this and that’s not a negative. That’s brilliance. That’s the brilliance of a wizard to go, hey buddy, let’s get on this. And instead of going defensive, you know, object well thomas, what the hell do you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah and get all the going and become an asshole yourself. You go time out, that is his master ship. He’s giving, he’s lending it to, he’s giving it to me. What a gift. What an honor. That’s what brothers in arms has always been about is the master of his cells.

And I’m not talking about brothers as a male and female are extremely just man. I’m talking about all of us because again, our company, our Ceo is actually a woman. A woman is the ceo of our entire company. She runs the entire thing and there’s nine divisions in this company. She’s a massive massive force for all of us. And so when I say that not to impress upon all the women going, wow, he’s so advanced because he’s got a woman ceo, no, because she was the right person for the job. That’s why I didn’t care what her gender was. I cared about, her ability to weave through traffic, understand her for her basic four archetypes and their 64 in our entire system. So we cover it all as you go through the all the quests as you go through it and there’s not just one quest, it keeps escalating so you can continue to grow and grow and grow and expand your kingdom and ultimately take to an exit because that’s why you’ve got your business. Because people like, well I got into business Travis because I’m like you all got into business just like I did for one reason, freedom. It’s the only reason everything else is a compound in effect upon that cornerstone blocking your castle. I want to get into business for myself so I can be free to travel. I can hang out with my kids and hang out with my friends go see this beautiful theme park we call Earth before they cash my ticket.

And it’s over. That’s why we all got into business. The problem is we get so myopically focused, so hypnotized on the next next step that we sometimes can’t pull back and see the big picture and that’s when your gesture needs to come in and a series that we do, you’ll learn it as you go through the, through the app yourself thomas and the rest of your listening called the B. P. R. And when you figure out what the B. P. R. Is, you will never ever be out of balance in your life. And now when you hear balance many of us go, well I’ve got to sit on the side of a mountain and shake my head in an orange thing and sing kumbaya. Well that’s fun if you want to do that and that’s great. That’s not what this means. Most of us is using men as the example. We get out of balance. Our body pays the price, which is why we tend to be unhealthy as we get into our midlife crisis area of 40s and 50s, our bodies out of shape. We’re not taking care of ourselves because we’re so myopically focused on success and taking care of the family and making sure they’re secure and those are all great and noble things. But if you’re not in the picture, who cares what’s the point? Ask your significant other. Would you rather be a millionaire to have tons of money?

But I’m only going to be on the planet for 45 55 years because I’m gonna have a heart attack or high cholesterol, high blood pressure. I’m gonna be anxiety and stress and just all over the place. Or would you rather have a couple bucks and wake up every single morning happy and on an adventure together. I guarantee you if you’re the man asking a woman, the women will say the latter men will say both because men, we still hung up on that, our success is defined by our materialism and I’ve had both families. So I’m not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your skirt. I’ve been multi multi multi millionaire and I’ve been broke off my ass. But that’s the adventure of it because the truth is family. Every quest, Every life, every lifetime ends the exact same way broke and dead. The question is, did you really live, did you go on the adventures you dreamed about as a kid or did you sacrifice them for something else? Under the guides of being noble and noble has its place, don’t get me wrong. But when nobility as an ideology takes over your sense of adventure and experience, we’ve got to reorganize your life because that’s what we’re going to talk about. We talk about the experiences, we talked about the adventures, we talked about the traveling, we did thomas and I went to Kilimanjaro and six days we summited and it was insane.

Well how much money did you spend? I don’t know, that was $500 who gives a sh it the story is what we talked about and more often than not we forget, we’re all master storytellers. The problem is are we telling the story really want. But we’re telling a story like in my case with golf, what my dad wanted and for often it’s many of their telling somebody else’s story and that’s what the quest does and that’s what you do when you take the test of the warrior, the wizard, the bar and the jester, Thank you for the explanation. One thing I wanted to highlight was that obviously everything right, at least from my perspective what you’re doing and obviously the trophies in the background you have an emphasis on, I would say excellence. Do you want to share maybe how you go about doing that and how other people can also do it? See, okay, family, This right here is what a podcast is all about. In my opinion. I’ve done literally over 300 podcasts that observance is the wizard right there. How did the wizard know that? Because the wizards observing everything, taking in all the data and going, Okay, how did that arrive to that?

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. For me then I get to go, great. I’m talking to a wizard who asked me a question that is not in your typical normality of what a podcast is supposed to do, quote unquote, love that. The answer to your question is yes. I have a personality part that is a super wizard and many of you would call a super wizard more on the spectrum. I happen to be on the high end of the spectrum and I also have an autistic son. So I know I do know that experientially and I also know it as a parent and what is interesting about that is I was labeled as a kid as a D. H. D. And O. C. D. With a perfectionist override. Again. Not a great recipe for golf and yet it was a great recipe for golf because it taught me how to look at things and go, okay, I’m gonna analyze the data. Where do I want the ball to go, where do I want it to land? But what I had to learn the balance of was I had to learn my bard side, I had to learn how to feel the shot too and not be just so analytical so that I can repeat this like a machine because it’s still a game to golf, the game and why we all love Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson or or D. J. Or or Rory or any one of the great golfers that are out there nowadays is because they’re passionate about it.

You they released their passion if we go back in my day with maybe mr Jack Nicholas or maybe lee Trevino. Yeah, they showed some emotion but it was after they won. I mean it wasn’t during the match, what everybody loves about Tiger Woods was like when he made a putt, just didn’t give a crap what the other competitors was dealing with, He was feeling his shot, I had to learn that. But the way here’s the irony, I was already a master in it but in the wrong frame. See I’ve been on stage and television my whole life since I was nine years old. It’s normal, which is what some of these awards represent was how to become a master storyteller, How do we take people on adventures? I mean George Lucas has done it on a cataclysmic scale, you would know that as the Star Wars the entire uh that’s not even trilogy anymore. I don’t know what to call it, a gazillion, It’s got a million of them now. Or The Lord of the Rings or harry potter where they take us on these epic adventures and that’s what we all really want. Which is why there’s such megalithic successes is because they Take us avatars, another one where we’re flipping between reality and fantasy the entire time through the movie and it’s this metaphor between conscious and subconscious And we start to look at them and go why can’t we use that in our own life and for me the last 31 years and still going is how do we take the fantasy, slap it into the reality and then go back and forth.

Which is really the use of our entire holistic self conscious subconscious and shadow and make it safe to go down in the dungeon and go you know that that that really hurt and I need to clear that out and you know what, I was really disappointed when and clear that out as opposed to hiding it now again I’m not talking about woo, we all need to get together and hold hands and sing kumbaya, although that’s fine and I’ve done that too. It’s really about being comfortable with the personality parts of yourself. And so for me it is a constant exploration of how do you make that fun for people to go, Warrior, Wizard Bar jester, King, Queen Barbarian, necromancer, Vampire, Shaman Night take all of these archetypical symbology is understand how we apply them in your business. How do we apply them to the application of your own body? How do we apply it to your relationship and start to balance your life? And I don’t mean balances and boring. I mean balances, you are consciously cognitively aware of the choices you are making your not an autopilot. And that starts with the realization and you’ll hear this as you go through sound Alchemy Mountains. There’s adventure number five is what’s the difference between a decision and a choice.

Too many of us. Their symbiotic, they think we think they’re the same and I chose I chose excellence. I chose Master ship because to me, one of the great tragedies that I learned in my young years was yeah, I don’t want to say a master golf, but I’m pretty damn good at it right now, obviously I’m not filming because I’m not Tiger Woods, I didn’t win the Masters, but I did a very damn good career and golf taking me all over the world, even to the point where we were the first psychological golf infomercial on the golf channel in history, on PBS and XM Radio, where we said golf doesn’t have to be this kind of game. Let’s make it fun and let’s apply that to your business. Let’s apply that to your Children. Let’s apply that to your relationship. Let’s apply it to everything, because golf is the one thing that represents externally. You are the center of your world. Everything in golf starts and ends with you, not your caddy, not your trainer, not the golf course, not the Superintendent, not the win, that’s just like business. There’s always variables and you’re constantly having to be aware of them. The trick is, are you unconsciously incompetent? Are you consciously competent?

And that is the move. That’s the adventure world all on is to rescue ourselves from falling into this deep self hypnosis of pattern mystic, have habits or patterning, patterning individuality. And for me, it’s constantly pushing that envelope of Well, what does Travis show up in this frame? How do I show up here? How do people show up in this frame? How do we put that in adventure form for them? And how do we make self exploration self transformation fun. Again, you see the self help industry and here’s some, here’s my wizard showing up for you now, The self help industry is a 936 billion with a B $936 billion industry every year. That makes no sense thomas. Why in the hell are we spending almost a trillion dollars a year on self help. What that really tells you is we are helping ourselves to the same crap over and over again to the point of a trillion dollars because the truth is you don’t need help, you need a blueprint on how to transform yourself and then you have the absolute right as your own king and queen of your castle, whether it’s a big castle, small castle doesn’t matter.

You are the king and queen of it, commonly called your life to choose how you want to take this adventure because we’re only gonna go around once in this body. And that makes the adventure fun of it. And it also puts that that impetus of passionate fire on fire all the time because you understand that time is a resource in your kingdom. But this whole illusion that you’ve got time is a big gas illusion you need to wake up from right now. And if you haven’t learned that from what we’ve all gone through in the last two years on a global scale, whether you believe it’s real or not, it doesn’t matter. The fact is it is here, it is literally how fast the world can change. And if we’re not using all of ourselves, all of our company, all of our relationship and everyone’s master ship man, we’re missing the boat and then maybe we’re rowing upstream and we don’t need to and that brings us to that that wonderful analogy that we’ve all heard as a kid, which is, you know, row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream. So you can roll with the current, you can row against it, you can go sideways, you can run into the rocks or you can enjoy the thing and dream the dream and get out of your own damn way and let your subconscious and let the parts of you that are truly more connected.

However you define connections up to you. I’m not intelligent enough to tell anybody how that what that means for them. But I do know that we’re all connected to something. You define it for yourself. You are the king and queen of your castle. But if you’re not listening to that, that means you’re listening to this little pea brain up here and remember how that pea brain was educated, educated li intelligent life. Stupid. This is life intelligence. It’s already intelligent, that’s you, that’s the real you. And through that becomes this beautiful inspiration. This on fire passion. I’m an anti motivational guy. I’m an anti inspiration guy. Why? Because you already are motivated. You already are inspiring the fact that you’re bloody on the planet. Start with that, let’s start with that truth and we overlook it and dismissed and I’m like, yeah, but if tomorrow is your last day, I bet you’d be looking really damn close to it. So what stops you from looking close to it? And that’s because the part of our personality that doesn’t want to look at the finality of it is one of our other archetypes, your job is to discover that archetype and understand what it is and use that as a tool as a king and queen.

Would you see a king and queen always have their warriors on call whether to be ambassadors or defenders of the realm. They’re wizards. Hey thomas, I need us to analyze this data. I needed to look at our ad spend. I need to look at, look at our, what is our expenses versus our income? What are the KPI S. R. Reading? I need the wizards to tell us that data. Hey Barnes, this is what’s going on. The wizard just gave us all this data. This is what we need to do. This is the message. We need the audience to feel about what we’re doing, what we’re building, what are services, what our experiences, Hey jesters, the king and queen need to go out in the forest. We need to sit still for a while. We need to make sure that the kingdom is on point. We’re taking care of everybody in the realm were while along with our mission statement and we’re leaving the legacy to pass the throne to the next generation, whatever that may be for you. Whether it’s passing it to the board, passing ceo to your Children selling the company, but staying on point because so often in our adventures, we say I’m going to go out and become a billion dollar company thomas says it’s great. and 10 seconds later you’ve got a $10,000 job but you call yourself an entrepreneur when realistically you’re a serial job holder, isn’t it?

Time you rescue your heart from mediocrity. That’s what this excellence is all about. Because I had to rescue me from Dr Fox, because Dr Fox was on the path of being the perfect doctor on television and having my hair done perfectly and having all the answers and having all my ship together when deep down inside, I don’t know, I’m making crap up to. I’m on my own adventure just because I have the word doctor before and after my name doesn’t mean Jack squat. In fact, if you call me dr Fox, it’s either a, you don’t know me or B. I got good dinner reservations, but otherwise I’m t that’s my name or Fox. I go by both. And here’s why when I, my master was so brilliant because Travis, do you even know where the etymology of the word doctor comes from again? Educationally intelligent life, stupid. I go, well, no doc, I don’t he goes, why don’t you look it up and come back to me? Okay, beeline, it right off my wizards digging through. What does the window. What does the word doctor really mean? Holy crap. It means expert. It means no, it actually is derived from the original latin word, which means teacher. Teacher. And as that moment, That moment, I remember the day that I was 35 years old. I thought I had it all figured out I was the height of pinnacle pinnacle success.

I had the cars, the houses, the fancy clothes, I was the bomb. I was so far out of alignment with myself, my BP are was completely out of alignment. And I realized just from that one little message, just the eucharistic movement that he used to do with me and he’d go, okay, what does it mean? I said, wow, am I worthy even for the title to be called Teacher? What the hell do I actually teach? I’m just regurgitating what they’ve taught me. So I could have all these letters, but I’m behind my name, so I sound really cool at cocktail parties. But what do I really teach? And that’s when it all changed. Boom, Everything changed on a dime. When I went, oh my God, not a teacher from I know, but a teacher from a guide, which is why when you look at all the people that are in the quest, all the great teachers and they’re phenomenal teachers from tom Terwilliger whose mr America competed Mr Olympia has been in that space for 40 years and robert Riopelle and Aaron Huey and seafood john Goff and Michelle Eberhart. These are all teachers have been teaching for 25 years in their respective or more fields, the teacher doesn’t mean we know it and you don’t, we’re guides, That’s why we’re called Quest Masters. Our job is to guide you on the adventure so that you can discover every little secret that we placed there along the way.

Because no different than an easter egg hunt. When you’re on that quest, you’re hungry. It’s natural. We don’t have to motivate, you, have to inspire you. We don’t have to give your daily quote of inspiration thomas so that you can get up and go to war out there and doggone it. People shut up! No, you’re on fire naturally When it’s stoked properly and it’s hit. You don’t need to be inspired. You don’t need motivation. We pull 18 hour days here every single day. And we’re traveling, we’re talking, we’re speaking doing beautiful podcasts like this and people go, how do you do it? Our response is always the same. How could we not? It’s part of our adventure, man. We love it. I don’t give a crap if I’m up at four in the morning doing a podcast, Why not? Because I get to be both in the passion. Talking about the message. Meeting great people like yourself and your audience and going, who wants to go on the quest? Who wants to go rescue your heart? Who’s sick and tired of knowing there’s something more going on in here and you can feel it because the bargaining is going, hello, can we have a little bit of fun place because this sucks. We’re tired of being the same old boring crap and the gesture and he was like, yo man, let’s go on vacation, Let’s just punch our ticket.

Let’s get out of here. Let’s go down to Costa rica, let’s go to Belize and let’s go to Fiji. Let’s let’s see the world, man. And our wizard is so locked into, gotta gotta gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta gotta that excellence can turn into a prison if you’re not careful and instead of building a castle, you end up building your own dungeon. So how you place your bricks in your castle as you go through the adventure of the quest is gonna be your choice, but you’re gonna know how exactly what you’re choosing. Your consciously competently aware of your choice versus doing an automated decision, which is what a decision really is. It’s an automated process that by the time you become aware of it, it was already decided for you down here at your subconscious, you would know that as a habit, wow, lots of lots of good information. I think I’m going to enjoy watching this one back. So for those that need to know where to go, where do people download the game from? Yeah, great. First thing you, if you want the easiest thing, you can go to the website which is the ultimate business quest dot com. Ultimate business quest dot com. And you can also go to our sister site which is the ultimate body quest, the two divisions, because your body is a part of that as well and that’s our nutraceutical side, which you’ll see the warrior and the wizard and the shaman, the king and the queen.

But go to the ultimate business quest dot com or go to Apple and google and look up business empire. You can’t miss it. You’ll see the logo you see on my hat right there, start your quest today. And again, here’s the best part. You guys are the perfect timing because we’ve made the app free for everybody. We want everyone to go on the quest. So there’s no excuse. Don’t tell me you don’t have the money because it’s bloody free now. It’s a choice of are you spending the money of your time playing games that don’t do anything for you or you’re gonna play the game and get serious about playing the game of your business you choose. But either way, the questions there for you, that’s how you find it. Well, t thank you for all the value today. I’ve really enjoyed it and congratulations on everything you’ve created. I think it’s brilliant. Thanks for letting me on the show and thanks for letting me uh let me have the message out there mate and thanks as always for doing the show because people, this is where the true shows in my opinion are now is where the podcasters are the people who are willing to ask the questions that you know, traditional media may not ask or they’re only asking for to be contrarian. So thank you for continuing to do the work that you do because I know what it takes to produce a podcast and it’s not as easy as it looks and if it was that easy, everybody’d be doing it and everybody’s not doing it.

So thank you for letting us have a platform where we can actually talk and actually express the way we want to express. I appreciate that. It is my pleasure.