#234 – Become the Hero of Your Journey With Kevin Kepple

Thomas green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the episode today, we have Kevin Kepple. Kevin, welcome. Hey, what’s going on Thomas? Not much, what’s going on with you man? It’s all good, here in Dallas Texas. Just getting excited for the weekend. We like to do it really hot in the summer. So we’re getting up to 100 already and man, just excited to share and have a cool chat with you. I’ve been watching some of your podcasts and the last one I watched was actually with Alyssa a few episodes back and she was talking about people’s resistance to change, and Alyssa is my wife’s name as well, and I thought that was pretty funny synchronicity there and, but it was a really powerful episode and it’s just you bring a lot of fun people on your show. I think it’s really cool that you’re introducing your audience to a really cool variety of people, but really powerful people are coming from the heart and you know what, like that’s the most powerful way to show up in the world in my humble experience. Well you’re included in that, so for the benefit of the audience, would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do?

Yeah, absolutely. So Kevin Kepple, I live in Dallas Texas, I’m a business coach and leadership educator and what that really means is I help different types of executives and entrepreneurs really understand, you know what it looks like when they’re creating from their version of amazing, we all have this hero’s footprint inside of us where we’re totally dialed into our genius, and so often people like I don’t even know if I have genius and you know, we all have genius, it’s just there’s so much more to do with genius when it comes to habits as opposed to genetics and you know, you’re in the habit of accessing your genius and that’s what we do, help people get aligned with that so that they can create really their version of amazing on a regular consistent on demand basis. Well thank you for that. There was something that I wanted to ask you about sort of immediately and that was because it’s a sort of a favorite quote of mine, and it is becoming the hero of your own, well I say movie, but in the profile I’ve got journey, so what does that mean to you, that quote?

Yeah absolutely. You know, I feel like there’s four roles that we all play at some point and sometimes maybe even the same sentence but you know the hero and the villain, of course we all know, because we’ve seen movies and read books and then there’s the guide and then there’s the victim and you know the victim, A place that was from pretty much I think 20 years old to 30 years old until I found a really good coach myself and that’s where things happen to you and not really for you and you’re just you know compulsively reacting to other people’s creations and not really moving towards any destination. You’re just kind of reacting to life and that’s a really hard place to be because you find yourself living other people’s lives pretty frequently and you know the villain is the one who makes the victim feel bad and you can be your own villain, like I would do that to myself, you know, with doubt, worry and just negative limiting beliefs and all that stuff, but it’s really powerful, you know, fortunately I was able to get around and guide myself who guided me into the hero role and help me transform towards the things I want and so really, you know going towards our hero’s journey is figuring out like you know the inner purpose we all share, right? To grow into the very best version of us so we can give it all away and then we have all these multiple outer purposes, right?

Like the financial purpose, the you know purpose for the relationship with your significant other, the purpose for your physical health and so how does that inner purpose of me being the best me line up with these outer purposes, how can I marry those together? And you know, it’s really about helping people understand like hey, you know like you have permission to be you and that also means you have permission not to be doing the things you don’t want to do, you know, you need to be doing the things that you know serve you on the way towards whatever your purpose is because you were given a very specific gifts and you were given those gifts for a reason to serve in a specific way, but if you’re running around trying to do what you should be doing or live somebody else’s life or you know, just doing something you’re really good at, but not really passionate at, you know, that’s very dangerous. I did that for a long time. I had a job I was great at, I made great money and I wasn’t happy and I had a great coach, he’s like, what do you love about your job? I said I love this, this and this and this and that, and he’s like, dude, I don’t even think you like your job. I was like, dude, you know what, and then we start talking about it, like I think you might be right. I really loved working with people and helping people see what being more looked like and that’s the whole goal, right?

Is to help people be more of, you know, the beautiful things that God made them without making them feel like less. And so that’s really kind of what we’re doing on the hero’s journey and like our opinion. Yeah, I am 100% agree from, from my perspective, it’s kind of like, but when you are watching a movie or reading a story or something like that, the hero typically has an agenda which they are sort of working towards and if there are external events which are, should we say knocking them one way or another, it’s kind of some resilience that you get from that character right, Whereas kind of what you alluded to as victimhood, you know, you have the choice to either decide that you’re going to be a certain thing or let’s say achieve a certain thing or you can not do that and whine about it, would you say that’s about right? Yeah, absolutely. You know, I used to do a little bit of acting and writing and uh I started a lot of the movie, script writing and stuff like that and every movie is basically the same or every well known movie, it follows the hero’s journey and you know, I did the same thing, it’s like the first thing that heroes do is refuse the call, you know, my coaches like, hey, here’s what better it looks like I’m like, no, I’m happy clinging to this life I didn’t want, right.

I mean, I like a lot of parts of it, but not the professional side, I was really unhappy because I was so misaligned with what my genius, you know, is directed towards and I think, you know, that just understanding like it’s natural to, you know, resist change. You know, like I was just talking about earlier because, you know, change is unknown and scary and that’s when the ego jumps in and sometimes we have like decades of these patterns of unworthiness or limiting beliefs that say, you know, don’t do this because you’ll create all this extra work if you get successful or maybe you’re fundamentally flawed and you’ll be found out because you’re an impostor or maybe you’ll outshine your brother, your neighbor, your sister, your wife, or maybe you’ll leave behind your roots and like we don’t do these kinds of things in our family and you know what, like none of that’s true, like everything in the world is made up, and so if you’re gonna go around making up your story, why wouldn’t you make one up of you being a hero and going after the things you want, and maybe even more importantly, helping other people do the same thing on their journey because until you’re a hero, you know, moving towards your, you know, goal, victory, whatever it is, like, you’re gonna have little to no success guiding other people on their hero’s journey.

And so I think it’s really crucial that, you know, we have, you know, this fundamental responsibility to really be the best most expressed version of us because whenever we decide to do otherwise, you know, we’re wasting part of our life and it’s not really our decision to make, to waste our lives, we didn’t create this lives? I don’t think we get to waste it. Well, he said that you spoke to your coach who said that you didn’t like your job, what happened after that? And what were the what was the scenario? Well, like I said, I didn’t want to hear it at first because I had this fundamental need back then to be right, that if I was wrong somehow I was bad or flawed and so it took unfortunately not too long, a couple of coaching sessions, but really got me pointed, you know, what do you want? Why do you want it? You don’t think those two questions are so important and a lot of people don’t answer those, you know, if you’re going to the gym, what do you want? Why do you want it? You know, your professional life, what do you want? Why do you want it? And so many people get tripped up as they try to add in the house, which is what I want, this is what I wanted, but how am I ever going to do that?

Like, you know, don’t worry about the how, when the wife is big enough, the how will emerge, and so what really my coach did is just help me get crystal clear on what I did want and why and you know what I wanted was to be happy, right? We all want to be happy and I want to find, you know, ways to express joy because joy simply love expressed and so I need to find something I’m really passionate about doing and that’s great, that’s what I really need to figure out a way to mix generosity into that passion because that’s really the why the purpose and you know, he’s like, man, I think you’d be a phenomenal coach because I was the Director of sales at the time and I was coaching and training and mentoring a lot of the people that I worked with and that was my favorite part. And you know, like I had this limiting belief there, I was like, what I’m gonna struggle if I’m gonna be a coach and all this, you only have to struggle if you choose to struggle. And you know, I fortunately I just got really clear that’s what I want. I let go of needing things to be a certain way and detached from any outcome. And I found a phenomenal opportunity on LinkedIn to work with a really large company and I was a national sales trainer and coach for their sales force for three years.

And so all day, every day I was coaching and training leaders and mentoring people and really helping them just get really phenomenal at what they’re doing. And that brought me here today, three years ago I started my own company because I wanted to serve at higher levels and uh, and it’s great. I couldn’t be happier and you know, every day it’s expanding and love and joy and abundance. So really, really cool. Well, congratulations for doing that. Always like a good, a good story going from, should we say, doing something that you don’t like to doing something that you do and being able to discuss that you did mention about establishing what it is that you want for those who are struggling to do that because it’s, I would say it’s quite common to say, you know, I don’t, I don’t really know what I want, what would you say or how would you help guide that person? Yeah, I think that’s a great question. And anytime you struggle with anything in life, I think the best place to start is with, you know, curiosity because you’ve got to start asking questions like what, what do I want? You know, and one of the really powerful ways that, you know, I’ve done it for myself and hundreds of my clients, helping them get clarity is like, hey, okay, we need to bring in some contrast, okay, like what don’t you want?

And for me that was really easy to pick those things out. Like I don’t want this, I don’t want to be like that and you know, just think it’s so crucial that we really bring awareness to where is the joy, where is the love? Like what types of things am I doing that light me up? And at the same time I’m able to use the skills and attributes I have at a very high level, you know, like one of the tools that I love using Eclipse and strengths assessment because it identifies your natural talents and talents, not rare, I’ve seen thousands of Clifton’s reports, But what’s rare is people who develop these talents into strength and it’s really powerful when you can get a clear understanding of what does it look like when I show up with my highest level of performance and what does it look like when I completely give it away and so what we do is, you know, what are the types of things, are you really excited about, what types of things are you passionate about doing? Okay. Cool. Like how can we bring more of your strengths into that and how can we use that, you know, Mix the generosity and again, how can we use that to serve other people? And it’s just really, really crucial that you do that with a sense of wonder as opposed to that sense of, you know, looking for why it won’t work.

You know, like there’s crazy things that work all the time. Like if you would have caught me in high school and then said, hey, you know what Kevin, like when you’re a little bit older, you’ll be able to get on your phone and press a little button and some dude or a woman will bring you like food. The person you’ve ever met, they’ll drop food at your house, they’ll drop anything you want actually at your house and if you want to give you a ride wherever you want to go and you know, I’ve been blown away. So what what phone are you using because we didn’t have apps back then, right? But you know what like it worked, I mean Uber is doing okay, I think, you know, they’re gonna make it and so you know, just approaching with that, you know what if, because we’ve been so trained to play it safe to do, you know, do it this way and you know, don’t, don’t, don’t like go against the grain like why not? Like there’s only one, you, there’s only one version of you and the more that you expand that, like the more that people are gonna be attracted to you and repelled from you. And that’s where a lot of people get scared. They get scared on taking a stand like, well I don’t want, you know, to exclude anyone like, but if you play to the middle and pander to that average, then you’re gonna attract average results in average performance and we weren’t built average, you know, we were built to be exceptional and it’s really, really phenomenal when you can get dialed in on something that really means something to you that really helps other people and you, you’re excited to get up every day to go do it because I’m sure there’s so many people listening that have had that Sunday night feeling where you just don’t wanna go to bed because then you gotta get up the next day and go do that thing you don’t want to do with those people that maybe don’t want to be with and you know, it’s like, is this it, I feel like there’s gotta be more and that that’s despair and that’s a really hard place to be because that breeds apathy, but you know what we get that place of passion and love and purpose that breeds hope and hope is so powerful because hope and faith often go hand in hand and you know what, like I can’t see where I’m going because how in the world do I know, but you know what, as long as I can own this, I believe good things are coming.

Really good things usually come because we get what we’re looking for more often than not right point you said that you wanted to say implement generosity into what you were doing? I think that’s I I think becoming more and more common as a no trait within entrepreneurs, How did you do it? And how would you encourage others to? That’s such a fantastic question. You know, I think like a lot of people get jaded just because of generational stuff, like it was like, you know, get yours for so long and like, you know, you get in charge and you just tell me what to do and don’t talk about your secrets and man, like I love people and I love helping other people and you know, I’m so grateful for the people that have helped me and any time I’ve ever been sideways in my life, the one thing that’s always got me straight is looking for the gratitude, like what am I really grateful for? And you know, like it’s always easy, I’m grateful, you know what that I’m alive walking around, I’m grateful that I have a missile shooting at my house. You know I’m grateful to have food, I’m grateful that every time I turn on my faucet water comes out and it’s so brilliant when you can you know bring yourself back to that place because in that place of gratitude, you know it really instantly gives you things more things to be grateful for but then you start directing that outwards okay how can I express this gratitude through actions and for me, you know that was really easy because who doesn’t want to be better, faster, smarter or whatever the case may be.

And so as a coach, you know I got to practice a lot and really you don’t need to have exceptional skills if you can just listen like that alone is one of the most powerful things you can do for another person. You don’t have to be a coach to help other people work through stuff. You just need to be able to be present, keep your mouth shut and actually listen because what a gift to share because like the most fundamental desire I think that we have as humans is to connect with other humans, you know to be seen by another human to see another human and that’s so powerful when you can create a safe space like that for people. I work with all kinds of different leaders and you know it happens from managers to C. E. O. S. To business owners, entrepreneurs. Like the conversations where I say the least often the most powerful like man this was great you know so much but yeah you got it you know like but they just need a safe space to be able to be vulnerable and get the words out in front of them because really really good coaches, what they’re doing is helping people see where they’re wasting their energy blocking their energy or just not using it because that’s like one of our best resources is the energy that we bring and I want to make sure that I’m maximizing every single bit and that’s really one of the main focuses of the way we serve people is how can we empower you and inspire you in a way that you use your energy in the most productive powerful way possible.

Do you have any examples coaching examples that you’re particularly proud of? That you would you would share. Yeah sure. I mean so many great people that I’ve been able to work with. Um one of the C. E. O. S. That I’ve gosh this we’ve been working together for about three years now and we work together couple times a month almost weekly and I work with some of her team as well and when we started working together she was successful. Really successful I mean she was making $500,000 a year, $600,000 a year, so making really good money and she was serving a lot of people with what she did and she was really unhappy because her life was chaotic, you know, just really really busy and just really stressed, overworked, over stressed and frustrated and her family was suffering, her health was suffering like and she was just not not happy and you know, again we all want to be happy and so we what do you want? Right? You know, it’s a little more sophisticated than that, but really she wanted to start her own business because she’s really unhappy with a gentleman who was running her shop.

And so beginning of Covid, she stepped out, started her own firm And that first year she doubled the revenue to seven figures for the first time and the next year she did 1.5 and now she’s got a company of about I think 25 people and they’re crushing it. She’s got way more free time. She went from that chaos to freedom. Which we all want freedom, but freedom in the mindset freedom. And her physical life freedom with her time and more freedom with their money. No, she just bought a lake house that she’s so excited about because she’s gonna make this like a space for her family and for her grandkids when her kids have kids and she was like, I never would have time before to even look at houses and I didn’t even have the extra resources and she’s like, my life is just so much easier now. And so she created, you know, all this space in her life and really she’s doing a tremendous amount more but in a lot less time and so really, you know, it’s, she went from being busy to being productive, you know, from being stressed to being happy and man, it’s really, really cool to get to see somebody who’s like found their joy and you know, like last week we had to reschedule a call because she’s going on a cruise.

It’s like, hey, do you wanna do this? You know, this afternoon in a couple of weeks, she’s like, I want to do it in the morning. She, I just love these calls because it sets me right for the day and I totally get that. I love working with my coach and I’m in a mastermind with some really great people and now I host masterminds as well and I see it every time there’s always a like a group change and individual changes and like it’s so cool man, like that’s how you create a championship in any endeavor, whether it’s, you know, a sports team or a business when people grow as individuals and they grow together as a team, like that’s when you get massive quantum leaps for the whole and really, really uh just exciting and inspirational to watch, you get to be a part of the funny thing about that example is that it’s actually, it wasn’t the money necessarily that I don’t know, maybe just my perspective, but what made it significant was the lifestyle change, Right? So going from stressed and busy to actually having time is almost more valuable than the metrics, right? Yeah, because you can have all the money in the world, but you don’t have any time to do anything with it or if you’re stressed and unhappy, what’s the point?

I’d rather be, you know, broke and happy, I guess that really rich and miserable, but I think you both significant challenges since you started out on your own. Yeah, just the one that’s looking at you on the camera right now me the biggest obstacle to overcome. You know, it’s, it’s so wild when you really start reaching for rungs and start skipping steps and moving quickly. How you know those old like habitual patterns that our thoughts or limiting beliefs that maybe you thought were gone? They come back and I start thinking about stuff from when I was a kid like man, why am I thinking about third grade and this? Like how am I still hold on to that? Like how am I giving that so much energy and really just not judging yourself. I think one of the greatest skills you can learn is letting go and just learning to let go of the things that don’t serve you and you know, I’ve never been served by doubt and worry has rarely served me. I mean if your house is on fire, yeah, worry about that, you need to get out. Other than that. Most of the worries we have are manufactured and simply have no relevance and so, you know, probably the biggest struggle is every time I’m taking a big new leap in my business, just really, you know, building a new mindset that goes with that and and really also really having a lot of grace for myself and for the people that are in my life, you know, because everybody’s just doing the best they can with the information they have at the end of the day.

And so just really being intentional about having grace for, you know, all the people that I’m lucky enough to interact with because there’s a reason that people come across our path and you know, like as long as we’re very intentional about being kind more than we’re right, really good things usually happen. Like I’ve never walked away from somebody and said, man, I’m glad they were right, they were right the whole time I talked to them about everything, but I have walked away from so many people like man, like thomas was really kind today and my wife will ask like how was the interview man? And thomas is great man, really kind guy. It was really fun. I really love being around other people with big hearts like that because, you know, like everything is really about love at the end of the day, it’s either love or fear. We’re choosing, I think choosing love over fear is such a great skill that we can all develop is love and kindness kind of how you go with in terms of how to overcome limiting beliefs or is there something in addition that you would, you would encourage other people to do if they’re struggling with that concept. Yeah, that’s a really, really important concept that I think, you know, it’s an ongoing evolution of a skill, but it definitely start with love and kindness because anytime you have a limiting belief, let’s say that you have a limiting belief about money, which, you know, money is one of the biggest things that people have weird relationships with over and over again, it’s it’s time, money, relationships, our health, those are kind of the big four, but money’s usually around the top and you know, it could be again, generational, like, you know, my grandparents went to the great depression and they didn’t have enough literally back when they were kids and so they had that belief, they transferred that to my mom and my mom was amazing, great, just like my grandparents but transferred some of that to me because that was what she was programmed with and you know, I was too and really letting go of that as it was an ongoing process.

It took me a little while, but really it starts with being really, you know, in that space of love and kindness because as you’re letting go of stuff, It feels really hard sometimes, and if you judge yourself like for having the belief or if you judge the belief, you’re just creating more resistance inside of yourself. And so like there’s a great book called letting go by David Hawkins, which is phenomenal, it’s like a textbook on letting go basically. But in Chapter two, he talks about the mechanisms of letting go and it’s just letting the feeling, whatever it is, the feeling behind that limiting belief and you know, the feeling behind the limiting belief of money was black, like, you know, I wasn’t enough, there wasn’t enough, you know, whatever. And just just watching that feeling just bringing awareness to it, like where am I feeling it physically? What does it feel like when I feel it and not responding to it, if I have to do anything, I’m gonna love myself for being brave enough to feel the feeling because you know, that’s courage, right? Like courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s action in spite of it. And you know, sometimes when you have a belief, you can let go of it in one time like that, sometimes it takes many because it’s like potentially decades of stories of this unworthiness or whatever and so just really being patient and being aware and just, you know, focusing on the truth, because no matter how bad you feel, you can always find even like, you know this modicum of peace inside you and if I can find that little bitty piece, that’s where I want to place my awareness and my attention because the longer I sit there, the more that expands and that’s such a powerful practice because you’re practicing being present, being still like thomas, you’re a master at that.

Like you don’t move much. Like I’m talking, you’re a phenomenal listener, I do not want to play cards with you ever, but I bet you’re really good at it. Like you would take all my money because like I get like good hand, I’m like, whoa, like no, no, no, it’s terrible, right? Like give it all away, I’m a little animated, but you know, it’s really powerful because when you show up, like you’re showing up thomas in this really still place, that’s how everything settles around you become this really cool anchor for me to create from and that gives me a you know, synergy and like you can do that with yourself with the limiting beliefs, it’s like just anchor in that place of love and peace and just, you know, just be have you had a struggle at all with um pricing because, and maybe it’s just my perception, but some people, I think if you’re coming from the place of, should we say kindness um to for example, your clients and you mentioned the limiting beliefs around money sometimes that comes through to pricing your services for example, have you, do you see the conflict there and how do you, what’s your philosophy based on that?

Yeah. You know that that’s such a fantastic idea to talk about because money is often just kind of a, I don’t know the banner of the limiting beliefs, you know the way people feel about money is really reflective of whatever’s going on inside of them with me. It was like I didn’t feel like I was enough and that’s why I didn’t think there was enough money and so when it comes to really gosh understanding that and moving through that, I think it’s crucial that you really just work to understand like your values first and foremost, like what are your core values And a lot of people don’t spend the time to do that. You know, like the core values that I have, you know, it’s freedom, it’s grace, its love, its abundance and anytime I get sideways it’s yes or no, like am I honoring those values? Yes or no, it’s not like, well maybe this is just yes or no and then like, okay, like how do I bring myself back to honoring that and it’s really important that I start from that place of my values because I know that what I, when I’m creating from that place connected to my values, it’s worth, like its weight in gold and so much more like I had trouble in the beginning, the first time I worked with the coach, I was like, hey, how much is it?

And I’m like, it’s probably like 500 bucks a month. You know, it’s gonna be a lot, right? And he’s like, yeah, $1000 1000 dollars a month. That’s like what I pay for rent, right? And it was phenomenal. Like he totally changed my life every time I’ve been coached, I’ve grown so fast and grown so much. Even I’ve had a couple of coaches that just didn’t line up with perfectly who I was or who they were and still got results. And that’s why I absolutely love being coach. I work with a coach now and I’m also part of a mastermind and that’s why I do what I do because I know the high level of value it brings, we get so much more on the back end from whatever we put it on the front end. But when it comes to pricing to answer your question, yeah, I definitely had to do some work on that because I told you had the limiting beliefs around money and a lot of times people don’t understand what coaching brings. Like I’m gonna pay you to do what it’s like, you know, I’m not, you’re not paying me to tell you what to do. Like I mean think about any professional team, right? Like if there weren’t coaches on the sideline during a football game, it would be weird like why do they not have coaches because they’re elite athletes and as entrepreneurs and high performers and business owners, we absolutely need somebody to help us, you know, just reflect back sometimes what, what we’re thinking, but maybe what we’re not seeing because it gets really lonely in leadership quite often because you can’t always ask, you know, the people around you for their opinion because they’re not in the same place as you are, they’re not running the same way as you are.

And so, you know, like I think it’s crucial to figure out like, hey, like what is this gonna create for me in my life, What transformation will this coaching, you know, group mentoring, whatever, what will transformation will it bring me, I’m here, what will it take me to, like, what value does that create in my life and what are the repercussions benefits? Because how I do anything that’s how I do everything, you know, if I get better in my professional life, my relationships are gonna get better, I’ll probably get better with my time, my money is going to increase, I’ll probably be happier and so just everything across the board gets better and and how much would you pay for that, like how much would you pay to have joy on demand to be owning your superpowers to be absolutely crushing it at the highest level you can and not only that because you’re so dialed into your genius like you actually get energy from doing it. So you go so far beyond your previous limits that you almost don’t recognize the old jew like man, I would pay a lot for that and so it’s not really about the money, the money is just a number, but if as a provider of any service, You know you have this weird relationship with money and you show up and you’re like hey yeah it’s you know $20,000 or whatever and you have this limiting belief behind, it.

that energy is going to be felt and there’s gonna be a disconnect which we knew and whoever you’re talking to. And so I think it’s really crucial to understand like why do you charge what you charge you know for the group I’m launching at the end or the beginning of july, like I was very specific, I broke everything out like this is the value, this is the value, this is the value and value based on what people have paid me value based on what is created for other people and I make sure that the value that you know quote unquote worth is way far above what the actual price is gonna be. So the goal is always to you know charge you know a reasonable price but way over deliver on the execution, great answer thank you and I have, I started off a while ago with some, should we say hang ups about prices and that sort of thing. But as you get more and more exposed to it the longer in business for example, you recognize that and now those beliefs start to go away I think with just everyday activity, have you found that?

Yeah, absolutely. And well, to one of the things that really helped me was spending money on coaching myself because if I’m not willing to do what I’m asking other people to do, then that doesn’t really line up with people either because they’re like, hey, who’s your coach? Or do you work with the coach? And it’s like, like I mentioned, you’ll have a mastermind group and I’m starting another one and about a month. And the reason is because I got so much benefit from the group I’m in and you have been in masterminds for the past few years and every time I’m in one, like it’s so phenomenal because once you get some company, you know, like we get people to run with that aren’t necessarily competitors, which is really cool because you know, that’s what we need sometimes somebody else to hold that space of belief for us till we can step into it. Like, hey, you’re here, but I see you here now, here’s what’s possible and you know, we don’t always have that with our family, our friends, I’m sure you’ve had this experience thomas when you’re building your business, you go to your partner or your friends, you’re like, I’m working on this thing and you’re so excited about it and they look at you like, what are you talking about like that?

And this just doesn’t feel good and it’s not because they’re bad or malicious, they just don’t understand because they don’t do what you do all day. And so I think um yeah, that definitely the money thing, it evolves over time and goes away because I understand the amount of effort and just intention that I bring to the work that I’m doing and I’ve seen hundreds of people literally transform their lives so far past what they even thought was possible, that, gosh, I did it for myself and I’ve done it for all of them and I absolutely just believe wholeheartedly in what we do. So the money thing is really not an issue. So in terms of who approaches you, what does that typical person look like? And often what’s the problem that they tend to say that they have? So the typical person is usually somebody who’s successful as a business owner or some other leadership position, like, you know, anywhere in the C suite or even managers, directors etcetera.

And the main thing is usually in some sort of chaos and the chaos looks like overworked, overstressed, like they’re winning a business, but losing it life almost and they really want to improve, you know, kind of those four areas, but especially the time and the relationships are the two big ones and you know, more money is never a problem. So, you know, it’s a great tool to have and so, you know, health and money definitely get in there, but it’s usually somehow get me out of this chaos. I want to find freedom. Oh yeah, I want it mentally, I want it physically and I just, I want more, But I don’t know what getting to that more looks like and I’m not 100% what that more may even be. And you know, there’s like a lot of times there’s like this thing they’ve been putting off, I want to start my business. I want to write this book. I want to take more time off to spend more time with my family that they’ve been wanting for a long time, but it’s like the boulder perched on the edge of the cliff, Somebody needs to pull that stick out of the way so we can get it rolling. And Um usually it’s probably, you know, 30-50 some things. And really the three kind of requirements for admission to uh, one on one or one of our groups is look for inspired visionary leaders that are inspired by something bigger than themselves to go out and create and serve and inspiring to others as well and a servant heart, you know, really want to help other people and then you have to be humble because if you’re not humble then you know you’re not going to be able to grow.

And are there any issues when people first come to you typically that they’re unaware that they have but often have Yeah. Where should we start? That’s a great question. Um you know, I think one of the big things that I see people do that gives away a lot of their power is they don’t understand the magnificence they bring like especially when they’re, you know, strings are dialed in. They don’t understand it. This is like a superpower the way that you influence the behavior of others in the room, the way that you just connect with other people when you’re with them the way that you execute on everything just immediately or whatever it is that they’re geniuses because it’s so easy for them. They minimize it. And you know, I’ve done similar things to myself in the past. You know, it’s like we can’t always get an accurate view of ourselves because we’re so pressed up against the glass of our own life. And one of the things that trips people up is they’ve stopped making new decisions about who they are. Like, no, this is who I am. Like okay cool. That that was who you were. You know then, but who are you now?

Like if if you never changed, you still be taking naps on cots in preschool and peeing on them, you know like you were when you were four years old, right? No, we changed. That’s a guarantee you get in life change is going to happen and that’s really cool too because if you’re unhappy, you know what like let go and maybe something better will come along. But just really it’s so crucial that you know, you just approach yourself and the world. That sense of wonder, not like in an effort to, you know, demean yourself or be hard on yourself. Just, hey, I wonder what I get stuck here. I wonder if I always stop there. I wonder why I feel bad when I think this and it’s not again an effort to make yourself feel bad. You know, you do that with love and kindness and really just trying to understand, okay, you know like maybe I don’t need to do this anymore. Maybe I created this when I was younger and I needed this as a buffer or whatever, but I’m a different person now and so I want to make a new decision about who I want to be and you know, with the life I have desires on creating this doesn’t have a part in it. Thank you for that. I did say beforehand that I was going to ask you about what success means to you.

I kind of feel like you have touched upon it, but I’m still interested to know how you define it. Yeah, that’s such a great question, I think, you know, success is really finding something that you absolutely love doing and doing it in a way that really helps other people and it doesn’t have to be like a global scale, you know, it could be something super simple, you know, you could be somebody who works at a sandwich shop and you know, like what you love doing is making sandwiches because you love seeing people, you know, be satisfied with food, like that’s a really cool thing when you go in somewhere like that and the person on the counter is in love with what they do, because you can feel it like, hey, how are you, you know, a big smile, whatever, and you feel like, you know what, like, that’s cool, because I just saw somebody, you know, expressing parts of their genius, like maybe that’s not the pinnacle for them, but you know what, like when you can find joy in any moment, like that’s really powerful stuff and you know, Success to me is being able to, you know, make peace with wherever I’m at, and being able to have, you know, uh the freedom to think the way I want to think to live the way I want to live and serve people, the way I want to serve people, and that’s really a pretty good version of Success in my book, Thank you for that, is there anything that I should have asked you about today, It’s such a great question I’d like to ask that one too and I was not prepared for that, you know?

Yeah, so let’s, let’s talk about thomas for a second. So tell me what your version of success is. How about that? I sort of borrowed it from, we say, a non mentor of mine, a mentor in the sense that I never, never got to meet him, it’s Earl Nightingale and he says that success is the pursuit of a worthy ideal. So in that sense, providing you have an ideal and you’re in and you’re progressing towards it, you’re a successful individual and I like it because it flies in the face of what should we say? Society projects as success and providing you’re working towards something, then you’re a successful individual like that. Oh, I like that a lot. Yeah, early nine girls got some great writing and just products man, phenomenal uh just message that he brings up, always resonated with that a lot. Glad you brought that up. Well at least I was prepared for it in a lot of chances when when I get a question back, I’m like, I don’t know, I was asking it, but I don’t have a good answer for you for those who would like to hire you or connect, where do they go?

Sure you can find me, Kevin Kepple on Instagram or you can go to kevinkepple.us. Check out some of the stuff we’re doing. We love new friends, if there’s anything I can do for you, happy to help, you know, just really encourage you to find somebody that you trust and feel safe around that allows you to really explore what being more looks like to you, and I think that’s a good start for anybody. Well for those who are listening or watching, please review the links in the description, and Kevin, thank you for being a great guest today. Thanks for having me Thomas. Thanks everybody.