#237 – Changing Your Beliefs About Reality With Adrian Moreno

Over the next 15-18 minutes I am going to share with you a scientific approach to becoming who you want to be, so you can do what you need to do to have what you need to have. That way, you can have the health, wealth, relationships and impact that are already yours, and if you’ve ever felt like you were your own upper limit, like you were your own bottleneck or you were getting in your own way, then you’re gonna want to make sure that your extra, paying extra attention to this, because I’m gonna be breaking down exactly why this happens and what you can do to eliminate the problem forever. But before I do that, let me first tell you why I’m even here. You see the fact that I am using my voice with this much confidence and conviction to myself was actually very funny to me, because growing up I didn’t really like being the center of attention. Specifically, I did not like using my voice like at all. And you see, I’m not sure if you can tell yet, but I have these two speech impediments. I can’t say my words with r’s and s’s correctly.

I just mess up with that sound. I got a lot better at it, especially with my r’s, but when it comes to my s’s, I still have a pretty drastic lisp and you can’t hide it, right, although I embrace this lisp and I own it now. Growing up, I was extremely ashamed of it. In fact, I remember on this particular day, I was about five years old and regular school day, we go to lunch and back then we used to get lunch., we used to get this carton of milk with this carton of juice. I hated the milk back then, so I only ever drank the juice, and on this particular day I must have wanted some more juice because what happened was I raised my hand — so, so the way that the table was set up, there was a long cafeteria table and I’m almost sitting here on the end of the table. And then about six feet away is the teachers table, so on this day I wanted more juice. I raised my hand to get my teacher of attention and I said, can I have some more juice? But remember I had a speech impediment and at five years old, it was horrible. So instead of me saying, can I have some more juice, I’m thirsty, I said, can I have some more juice, I’m dusty.

And when I said that, there was a kid who was sitting across from me and that kid started laughing and the kid next to them started laughing, then the kid next to me started laughing, and then before I knew it, I had the entire table laughing at me because of the way that I said the word “thirsty” because I said, “dusty” instead of “thirsty”. Now I know this may seem like a small moment, but to a five year old, this was so big. This was so significant to me, at five years old I added so much meaning to this event because that is the way that we make sense of life as we interpreted by adding meanings to things. So in this moment I looked at that event and I made that mean that there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t speak properly and everybody else can. So that must also mean that there, that I am too different, there’s something wrong with me and I am too different. I chose to make those two statements, core beliefs about myself in that moment and from that moment on I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, like I wasn’t worthy.

Like I wasn’t truly, I wasn’t worthy of truly being loved and truly being accepted. I always felt like an outsider literally everywhere I went even inside of my own family and I remember this, this birth, this, this strong desire to become successful because I thought that if I became successful then maybe just maybe I’ll be accepted, I will be loved. So I had all of this drive, but little did I know I was driving with the e brake locked on, because I became successful. I made a few $100,000 by the age of 23 and I felt like I was on top of the world but all of a sudden I’m sitting in that Ferrari and I just throw that e brake on and I started finding myself slowing down. It’s kind of like I had an air balloon inside of a big, I mean like a sandbag inside of a big air balloon. I was going up, then back down, going up, then back down. I ended up burning myself out, sabotaging my success, doing things, I went against what I wanted. I was making stupid decisions that led me to literally burning every dollar I made.

I ended up burning that engine out and I found myself completely depleted, lonely and feeling even more worthless than I did before. And I tried so hard to change my situation because I thought that if I could change my situation I wouldn’t, I would stop feeling so worthless. I thought I was feeling worthless because my external conditions. But I didn’t even stop to think whether or not my external conditions, whether where they were because I felt worth it. I must say that one more time I thought that I was getting worried, it’s because of my conditions. But I never stopped to think whether my conditions were the way they were because of the way that I felt and that right there is a problem. We think our thoughts, our feelings and our expectations are byproducts of us observing and an external environment apart from us. But we never stopped to think whether or not our external environment is actually a reflection of our own expectations, thoughts and beliefs and feelings. So we try so hard to force our reality to change by sheer force and willpower.

But if you’ve been alive for any length of time, then you already know that willpower only take you so far. And that’s because there’s something deeper that influences your external conditions. That is our thoughts and our beliefs about them. And little did I know all of these problems that were showing up for me in my business, Like constant anxiety attacks, self sabotaging all of my money, losing everything was happening. Because I believe that there was something wrong with me. I didn’t allow myself to have what I truly wanted because I believe that there was something wrong with me. And this belief made me feel wrong and this feeling of wrongness made me feel like I just didn’t deserve what I wanted. So I ended up associating being successful with being worthy and because I believe that I wasn’t worthy, I pissed away my success the first time I got it because I was not, it was not consistent with the core belief that I had about myself. Reality will follow the belief you give it. And I had a belief of Brokenness.

So no matter how good things were going in any area of my life, I somehow had to break all of it. I’m here to remind you that your thoughts, your beliefs, your expectations, and your feelings paint your entire experience and they do it so seamlessly that you cannot distinguish between the seemingly external conditions and the thoughts, the expectations, the feelings and desires that gave them birth. And if you do not believe that your reality is a reflection of your own belief system. And that’s because you’re simply not aware of the full content of your own conscious mind. You have not been examining, paying attention to your psyche because if you did, you would very much realize that your outside world, it’s literally you witnessing the after effects of your own thoughts and your own beliefs and your own. And that’s why I’m here to remind you of this amazing ability to manipulate your environment by changing your internal thoughts, feelings and expectations about it.

I know that sounds crazy, but there is proof that the physical environment can be manipulated by your feelings. So so the US has these two satellites, one in the northern and one in the western hemisphere. The satellites are designed to measure the electromagnetic energy, the frequency of the earth. And in 2001 the satellites reported two massive spikes in the electromagnetic charge in the field of the Earth. And so this harvest scientist. This is where it gets really interesting. This Harvard scientists decided to look into the data so they can pinpoint when the spikes of energy actually happened. So they can see and figure out why it happened in. To their surprise. They saw that the first spike happened On September 11, 2001 15 minutes after the first plane hit the first World Trade Center and the second spike in energy happened shortly after the second plane. Okay, why am I telling you?

Because it clearly demonstrates that human emotion literally reorganizes the energetic field around us. It goes into the atmosphere. This is because of reality itself at the most fundamental level of existence is literally just energy. If you ask any physicist in the universe what the universe is, they’ll say they don’t really know. But the one thing they’re certain is that the university is just one big vibration of electromagnetic energy and thoughts when you focus on them or you ignore them ignoring thoughts to causes a lot of energy it increases the thought electromagnetic charge which then sends an electromagnetic wave of energy through your body as an emotion. And then these emotions very literally project outwardly into the physical world that you see effectively reorganizing your reality based on your ideas and your thoughts about it. And this, my friend, why jesus said why do you wash the outside of the cup?

Do you not understand The one who made the outside? Also made the inside my friend. There is no external game. There is no external game. The external world is the internal world expressing itself. It is a reflection of your internal perception and if you can change the inside in other words change your beliefs about the nature of personal reality and what is possible and not possible for you, then you would change the world that you see and that you live in and during this episode today I’m gonna be sharing with you a couple of different ways. You can practically and effectively change your beliefs about reality because when you change your beliefs, you can eliminate any resistance that’s holding you back right now. For example, I had this client, you said Adrian, I just want to be able to remain calm and high conflict situations and I want to stop freezing God, I want to be confident enough to handle any conversation and talk with anybody knowing that I can handle that conversation. Um he told me this when I asked him what he wanted to accomplish during our Nero remapping session and I do these sessions with my clients and it was a very successful entrepreneur who was realizing that his fear of conflict was costing him a lot of money, a lot of opportunities in this business.

So he avoided making connections, having conversations. He avoided putting himself out there in ways that could have made him a lot more money. Um he even created this big fear and anxiety around collecting payments that will do you no past invoices from his clients. So whenever I help a client, what I do and then re mapping process designed to do is help them reverse engineer engineer their emotional and behavior patterns down to the belief that is creating it. So one of the ways that I do this is by using timeline therapy to accomplish this. And during this part of the session, my client went back to a memory where he was five years old, sitting down in the front yard playing with these toy cars and he was with about three of his friends. Now one of the boys was the oldest kid, he was about nine years old. Remember my client was five and he had this nine year old told my client give over his favorite toy truck. My client was like, no, he’s a vocal, courageous little boy. He said, no, this is my toy truck.

And the older boy then said, this is mine. And he pushed him, pulled the truck, then my client pulled the truck back and they were playing tug of war with it for a couple of minutes. And then before you knew it, my client got shoved onto the ground, he took the truck, the other boy took the truck and ran off. And at that moment my client told himself forwards that would hold him back for the next 47 years Those four words where I can’t right? Yeah, I can’t fight that. This statement literally became a core belief and over the next 47 years, he found himself in every social situation he could potentially find in his words would freeze, his heart, would raise, his breath was short and his heart would beat out of his chest. He turned red. His words would fumble. He didn’t know what to say because he believed that he couldn’t fight back, which made him feel fearful to the point where he would have imagine himself unable to keep himself secure. This led him to feeling insecure, which led to decades and decades and decades of anxiety to make it worse.

He was not addressing this belief. He was just addressing the anxiety, which is only a symptom of the belief. He was ignoring the actual belief and just like a baby would cry when being ignored your nervous system and your psyche screams out for help when there’s parts of it that are being ignored, even thinking about potentially conflictive situations or literally called this entire nervous system to panic. But when you became aware of this belief, when he realized that a five year old created, he reminded himself that he wasn’t five years old anymore and he was able to drop the belief and I’m gonna show you again, I’m gonna show you how to do that in this episode. I don’t have enough time to talk about it right now. But in the episode, I’m gonna break down some specific ways you can do that. So make sure you have your notes ready. Let me just say right after our session, my client went on, He picked up the phone, he collected over $76,000 and past due payments. He was able to schedule some meetings that he was avoiding. He gained the social confidence.

He needed to put himself out there and met a new business partner. He made some personnel changes in his company, all without anxiety. All of this happened within like two weeks of our session. He said he felt free for the first time in his life. Physical body literally stopped having the anxious panic reactions it had before the fashion. This was because his mind was so dissociated with the belief that he couldn’t fight back. It was so dissociated with that belief that his body itself alleviated the panic that used to experience. I’m here to remind you that your beliefs call your conscious stream of thought. This stream of thought creates the stream of emotion you feel at any given time. It is not the other way around events themselves are not thrust upon you in any way, shape or form, although it may feel like they’re an outside attacker sometimes event or the after effect of inner doings and if you follow the filling that are around the events that you do not like right now you will find the source of them.

These are the kinds of changes that happens when you become aware of the root cause behind what’s causing everything that’s going on, belief and you let that belief go again, I’m gonna share with you in this episode how you can become aware of these beliefs, how you can eliminate them before I do that. And we just leave you with this. First off, this works for anybody. I don’t care if you got big problems, small problems, but I want to leave you with that. one day I was leaving the house and my business partner that Adrian, I really want you to be careful when you’re driving back home. I don’t know why I said that, but I just needed to say it. I was like, okay, cool. I went out, I was hanging out with my cousins. I came home that night a little bit after midnight and as I approached this intersection, all of a sudden that memory of what my business partner said, Be careful flash into my mind, then my entire body literally screams, stop right now, stop right now, stop.

And so I put my feet on the brakes, I slammed the brakes. I was about 30ft away from a light and That light got ran by two trucks. If I was still going, I would have easily been in their way, I don’t think I’ll be here delivering this to you. Why did I say this? Because if you look at the story, you will see the reality that that those two trucks passing that light. That Was the after effect of an internal movement that I felt. 1st I listened, I paid attention to my inner world and I got out of the way in life happened for me, Life happens. You meet yourself internally where you’re at and get out of the way

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Adrian Moreno, thank you for an amazing speech. I really enjoyed it. It was very professional. One thing I felt bad about kids being mean that that made my heart hurt a little bit, but would you like to open with what you said you wanted to talk about in the episode, which is perhaps ways to change your beliefs about reality. Beautiful. Look at you getting straight to it. I love you already know my story, so it’s beautiful. All right now, when it comes down to changing beliefs now that you guys understand, not just from a philosophical point, but like from an actual physics standpoint that what we’re looking at is the big projection of your own internal perceptions. The big question is, okay, how exactly do we change our belief system. Now, when it comes to changing your belief system, it first starts with understanding having the belief that the conscious mind is not powerless. Most people struggle getting what they want out of life and struggle changing their belief system because they have a latent belief somewhere that the inner self or the conscious mind is flawed by nature.

So if that belief is somewhere in you and you’re not even aware of it, then everything I’m talking about next one won’t really work as much. So if you felt some kind of emotional resonance with that, pay attention to that and you start to understand that your mind and the conscious mind itself, not unconscious, the conscious mind can absolutely find every single belief that you ever held and it is equipped to change them in the same exact way a painter can paint off the paint on their hands, you can wash off the paint on their hands, you can wash officer and beliefs that are not serving you. So in order to do this and most people, we’re gonna talk about doing this in an accelerated way first and foremost, is you have to actually be aware of what you want to change. And I know this sounds silly like, okay, I gotta become aware of my beliefs. People may think that they’re aware of their beliefs, but In the reality of things, you think 60-80,000 thoughts a day. And about 95% of those thoughts are the same exact thoughts you thought yesterday and the same exact thoughts, you’re probably thinking two decades ago. So with that being said, your mind is so compulsive to the point where you’re only aware of about 1200-1600.

If we’re being nice, you’re only aware of that many thoughts. So that means there is a crap load of stuff going on under your awareness. Now, it’s not it’s not that you’re unconscious of it, that you’re choosing to not pay attention to it because a lot of it doesn’t feel so good to us, so we choose not to pay attention to it. And a lot of the times we look at, we think our beliefs are characteristics of reality. For example, life is hard. That is a belief held by a lot of people and they genuinely think it’s a fact of reality. They think it’s a real fact of reality when it comes down to it, that is an assumption of reality. So we have characteristics of reality. Like if I drop this apple, it’s gonna fall down and hit the ground, right? That’s a characteristic of reality. But then we have our beliefs about reality. I’m not good enough. Life is hard. Um You gotta work hard to be successful. Um Life is short. All of these things are assumptions that need to be challenged. So you have to become aware of what you want to change now in order to become aware of them.

There is a couple of ways you can do this, the first and easiest way is to follow. It’s actually list out your belief system. What you wanna do is you want to objectify your beliefs, so ask yourself these questions. What do I believe about myself is the number one thing you should ask yourself because your beliefs about yourself are always gonna paint your entire experience. What do I believe about life? What do I believe about others? These three are very essential that you covered Now if you have certain areas of life that are not doing so well, like your health, your wealth, your relationships, you can also say what I believe about relationships, what I believe about health, what I believe about wealth and just start listing out whatever comes up to mind, start listening out, whatever comes up to mind. Now the key here, if you don’t sit there and over analyze what comes up, what I have a rule, what comes up comes out. If it comes up, put it on a piece of paper and you’ll find a lot of the beliefs probably threaten your conscious image of yourself.

You probably, you probably write down something that says, I feel like I’m not good enough and then you’re a confident person, so you stop and you’re like what that’s not true, I’m totally good enough. Don’t fall into that trap of trying to logically overcome your beliefs. Your beliefs are not logical, their emotional pay attention to that. So just list out what you believe to be true about yourself. This is so simple. But I assure you so many people bypass this so damn quickly and let me just tell you this is the most significant thing you can do and I know that people who are listening to this podcast are definitely gonna take this and use this. So I know we’re in a great room for this, but take take opinion paper and list out what you actually believe to be true about life. The easiest thing to do, the next thing if you want to. So once you list out everything you want to follow your believe your emotions now this is essential. This is I believe following your emotions is actually a much faster path to get into your beliefs. And the reason why is because your emotions, like I said in that talk are byproducts of your beliefs.

Again, a belief is an idea that you accept to be true. An idea is an electromagnetic unit of energy, You focus on that idea or you ignore the idea, you try to suppress the thought that’s in there. It intensifies its charge. Are you following me? So when it intensifies its charge, that emotional charge is strong. So for example, this is this is how it looks to follow your emotions. I woke up maybe about like 3.5 weeks ago and I felt very, very anxious. Like I just woke up and I felt antsy because I usually wake up and my, my morning routine is, I like to get into a trance and visualize which I’ll talk about how to do that today as well because that’s one of the ways to change your beliefs and I couldn’t get into my trance. I felt so and when I say trans, I just mean beta brainwaves but I felt so dang antsy and so what did I do what I felt when I was feeling, I fought on my feelings and this is how I did it. If you want to follow your feelings vocalize what you’re feeling, What I mean by that is you don’t say I feel okay.

So this is how it looks for me. I said I feel like a failure. That’s just what I said in that moment, notice, I didn’t say I feel anxious. So many people make the mistake of trying to label an emotion and we don’t even know what our emotions are half the time. We don’t know if it’s shame, guilt, fear, we just don’t know what’s going on because we’re not like we’re not already in tune with our body a lot of the times. So instead of trying to name the emotion just vote vocalize how you feel in that moment. I felt like a failure. It wasn’t ancient anxiety to me, to me, I was like, I feel like a failure. So I vocalized my my my feeling feel like a failure. Then you want to add the phrase because after you vocalize what you feel, I feel like a failure because and let that natural thing come up now you want to do this while you’re in the midst of the emotion because when you’re in the midst of the emotion, you’re gonna be vocalizing the subconscious thoughts and beliefs around that feeling. So you want to vocalize them. So in this case I said I feel like a failure because and so the reason why I felt like a failure by the way was I made a, I forgot what it was but I made a pretty dumb investment and I was like $9,000.

So I was like I feel like a failure and I said I feel like a failure Because I lost $9,000 and that means so it’s I feel blank throwing your feeling because blank. Why do you feel that? And that means blank. This is how you follow a feeling Because I lost $9,000 and what that means is I am a burden. Huh? Never in my life have I have I? And at least in my mind consciously became aware of that thought you are a birdie that clearly was a belief that I was holding onto that I was a burden. And so I told myself, what do I believe to be true about burdens. I believe burdens are bad. Clearly I have a belief in bath. I know this sounds crazy cause you’re like, well there is good and bad, good and bad er ideas, had a belief in back, oh I’m back, I believe I’m bad. That’s a very interesting belief to have. And then I was now I’m aware of the belief that that’s the second way to become aware of your belief is vocalizing your feelings.

Another great way to feel your feelings guys is noise. Pick up a pillow, scream into a pillow. Like if you’re, that’s one of the, I’m a screamer when I’m anxious, I scream into pillows when I’m angry, I scream into pillows when I’m happy, I like to dance and scream when I eat something that tastes good. I’m like, I like making a lot of noise because that’s how we feel. Things is making noises. You bypass your analytical mind so you can just feel a feeling and you will become aware of your thoughts behind the accident. Does that make sense? Makes sense? Okay, great. Now, that’s how you second way, you can become aware of your beliefs. The third way you can become aware of your beliefs is you can sit down, this is a mental exercise, you want to get into a trance, which I’m gonna show you how to do when you get into a trance and when specifically beta brain waves you go from beta down to data. This is this is a significant principle about the mind. Your mind communicates through symbols. The only thing that actually influences human behavior is images. Okay, you say words, words create images when I was sharing that story. I can imagine you as your own mental movie in your mind.

Words create images. Images influence human behavior. We are symbolic human beings. So when you close your eyes and images start coming up, understand those images are their direct representation of the thoughts you had the moment before you close your eyes when you see pictures in your mind. Those are representations of thoughts that you have in your mind. This is why you can see a tree and feel so emotional by looking at a tree because it will trigger something within you symbolically. So what you wanna do is create a symbolic scene in your mind. The best way to do this cloak, get into a trance again. I’ll show you how to do it when you’re in that space, imagine you are in a garden. Just imagine you’re in a garden, some roses may be really beautiful, some may be really ugly, some may maybe maybe raining and maybe thorns everywhere. Let your mind come up with its own image and trust me, it will just sit there and picture a yard in front of you start letting the images come to your mind is going to communicate to you the own state of your mind, the own condition of your mind when you’re in those moments.

Sounds so silly. Water their grass, what are the roses? Take out the word? Own bushes, replant something else. Your mind knows what you’re doing when you’re doing these kind of things, Your mind knows what image is going to be associated with the thought. Your mind is not stupid, it’s very, very intelligent. So that gives you three ways. You can, oh and let’s say, if you see like an ugly thorn bush, you can ask yourself what does this mean to me? And that will spit out the belief. Does that make sense? All right. Step that step one, there’s three parts to step one become aware of your beliefs and that is first list them out. Second vocalize your feelings third, get into what I like to call your mental movie landscape where you can start to see what pictured her in your mind. So now when you’re aware of it, okay, Adrian, now what do you do with that? A couple of ways you can change your belief through just creating an experience in your brain. So when you’re changing the belief, we’re going to get scientific about it, All you’re doing is rewiring neural pathways that is all you’re doing. When you’re changing the belief, you just change the way your brain is literally physically structured. So In order to rewire neural pathway of two principles, you gotta keep in mind repetition and intense emotion.

Our brains only change to experience. In other words, our brains only changed to emotion and a repetition is where we learn certain behaviors. So we want to use those two principles to all to our own good, to install brand new beliefs. So now, so there’s a couple of ways you can do this. So let’s first talk about getting into data transit. So we want to get into a data transfer by the way guys, A trance is nothing more but a state of absorption to the point where you block out other information, It happens all the time, like thomas really quick. Are you aware of the sensation in your left foot right now? Now you are exactly five minutes five seconds ago, you were not in other words, you were trans out because your mind was blocking that information out because it was not relevant to this experience and in the same exact way you can believe, you’re not good enough and then your brain will block out everything else that is irrelevant to the belief that I’m not good enough. So it will just show you all the reasons why you’re not good enough, right? So um no, Okay, so that’s all I’m trying to say. So it’s nothing like out of the ordinary guys, It’s very ordinary.

So you’re gonna get into data, you’re gonna go from beta down to data. The reason this is important when it comes to changing beliefs because you’re when you’re in beta brain waves the door in between your conscious and unconscious mind literally swings wide open so you can go in and freaking reprogramming the way you want to. This is literally your life by design. So the way you get into data, brainwaves is just understanding. When do we even access data? We access data when we’re dreaming when we’re dreaming, something is happening in our eyes and it’s called a rapid eye movement. R. E. M. You can manufacture rapid eye movement and trigger data while being awake. This is all you gotta do. You just look up with your eyeballs and if you have a little infant a little baby watch them go to bed tonight. They’re gonna do the same thing. They’re gonna go into a full on trance. They’re gonna watch it happen in front of you. All you gotta do is look up with your eyes and then with your eyelids looking up, keep your eyelids I mean keep your eyeballs up and while your eyeballs are up you then close your eyelids down you will get this really funny rapid fluttering sensation happening in your eyes thomas.

You see that. Yeah okay that right there is rapid eye movement. I’m already feeling really calm because the moment you trigger rapid eye movement, you start triggering some chemicals and leave through your body to leave your brains are going through your body that turns on the nerve, the experience part of your nervous system. This is why whenever you’re dreaming it feels like a real life experience because you’re in data and it makes neuro plasticity. It makes the changing of your neurons a lot easier when your rapid eye movements going. So you trigger this rapid eye movement and then you want to just and by the way, I have a another thing about I have a guided video. I will let your audience download it to actually show that guide them through this. But they what you wanna do is when your eyes are fluttering, look down, shoot your chin And imagine a flight of 10 stairs then just Take test at 10, feel it under your feet here your feet, see your feet, Step 10, I’m going to repeat this. Step 10, I’m going deeper. Step nine, I’m going deeper. Step eight, I’m going deeper. Go all the way down and step one and at the bottom of that, tell yourself my eyes are glued shut.

Try to open them. If you can’t open them. Congratulations! You hit data. That is like a tester to see. Hey, so whenever I have a client in the session I’ll say, hey, your eyes are glued shut. Try to open them like and when they can’t open them. I’m like got them in theta. Now let’s do the work. Right? So that’s how you get into theta. Now, when you’re in theta, what do we do there? There’s a couple of things you can do in theta. one of my favorite things to do, it’s visualization. Now, this is deliberate visualization, but you want to do this properly. Most people they visualize, but I’m gonna show you how to become the visualization in an entire new way. So when you’re visualizing in order to make it actually work, remember intense emotion is name is the name of the game. The more intensity emotion, the faster the manifestation of whatever, whatever you’re putting that emotion towards. Okay, so when you’re at the bottom of the stairs, your entrance at that point grow a picture like a movie screen on the, like on your in your mental mind, in your mind’s eye, not big enough to take up your whole mind.

Just like a projector, like a movie screen. And the reason why I have my clients throw up a picture. It’s because I don’t know if you’ve ever visualized, do you visualize? I’m sure you’ve, you know, practicing visualization before. I’ve done some some NLP. So this is sort of ringing some bells with God. It’s very difficult to just for a lot of people um they struggle visualizing by the way, guys, everybody can visualize, if you say, I can’t visualize that as a belief, it’s not an actual reality, we’re visual beings. Um but what happens is if it’s difficult to create a picture just like out of nowhere. But it’s very easy to throw a picture on a screen. The screen supports the image a lot easier. So throw what you want to do. Once you have the mental picture throw up a memory of when you felt extremely confident. Whether it was confident, just good about yourself pretty courageous. Whatever. I just I just need you to feel good about yourself. Go back to a previous accomplishment. I don’t care if it’s the first time you tied your shoes.

I don’t care how long ago it was. All that matters is the emotional charge. The easiest way to trigger an emotional charge positive is focused on a positive event that happened to you. If you want to close your eyes. Think about the time that it worked for you. You’re gonna feel really great. Think about the time that didn’t you’re gonna feel really shitty it’s gonna happen very quickly. So that’s step two is once you’re in, once you’re once you have the mental screen paro the image of that memory. Once you’re feeling really good you’re gonna take that in emotion you’re going to bring it over to a brand new picture then you’re gonna wipe off the picture from the T. V. And I like actually in my mind I act like I’m wiping it off and then I throw on a desired event. But I’m throwing on that event with this level of confidence. This level of joy. I’m bringing it into that event, which makes my brain literally think that it’s happening because of the emotional intensity that’s involved with this picture. But the picture that I give myself is very deliberate. I sit down before the, before I do my visualization and I ask myself, what would I be doing if this new belief were true?

So I have my old beliefs in step one. I flipped the belief into a new belief. If I have a belief that says, I only have enough to pay rent every single month, I’m gonna flip that belief to say, I have enough to pay other people’s rent, whatever it is. But you wanna ask yourself what would I be doing if this belief were true, become aware of what you’ll be doing and then picture yourself doing that. This is more than sufficient to change your brain into thinking that that new belief is actually real because it’s gonna give you the belief system to now execute that picture and we’ll do it seamlessly will do it so easiest so easily because the way that the mind works, it just needs a clear picture, just like a torpedo. When I program a torpedo to hit another boat or something. That sounds crazy. But if you want to go hit another boat, I don’t drive the torpedo. I just program where I needed to go, send it on its way, it’s gonna get knocked off course, but it’s always gonna find its way back in the same exact way you need a clear image in your mind, you will get there effortlessly on its own.

I became a speaker, not by training to become a speaker, but by seeing myself on a stage with hundreds of people on their feet, clapping after I delivered a speech in my mind for three years in a row. Now, that’s the second thing you can do to change your belief. Alright. The 3rd thing you can do. Yeah, yeah, that’s the that’s the first thing that you can do to change your belief. The second thing you can do to change your belief. It’s conscious, auto suggestion. What and by the way, you can use affirmations. Whatever the reason I don’t like using affirmations, the word is because people have they don’t know how to use them, right? It does not help if you feel like shit, but you say I still happy. That is that is dangerous. That is the most dangerous thing. When you’re trying to affirm you cannot affirm a new reality, You feel yourself into a new reality. You do not think yourself into a new reality. You feel yourself into a new reality. And so the way that you want to do that, instead of trying to affirm yourself out of your shitty feeling, your ship and the way you want to fit. It is still verbalizing your fitting, um making a noise.

However your, whether you want to shake, whether you want to dance, whatever it is, feel your filling, make room for the filling to be felt. So for example, let’s say go back to my example of going all the way back down. So I’m bad. I went all the way downtown back, I felt the belief, I felt the emotion that was that was around that belief of I’m bad and it felt horrible. That’s what made me scream. That’s what made me cry. But when I got done screaming and crying, I had this thanks. It just felt easy. You know when you after a good cry just like good. I had this space and so with that space that is when you use affirmations, that is when you throw suggestions in. You do not throw suggestions in when you feel like ship. When you throw suggestions in. When you feel horrible, you will deepen that emotional response to be stronger next time. So please please do not do that, feel what you’re feeling. And then now that I was aware of the belief that I’m bad. I Step two is once I feel my stuff, Step two is again from just like we did with the visual practice with the visualization.

Think of a moment where you felt confident again, all I’m not going to do is to bring up this emotional charge. Okay and then start repeating that brand new suggestion when you’re feeling very emotionally high. Okay first you feel you’re feeling once you’re feeling it felt you throw up a picture that makes you feel great about yourself when that picture is there and you feel really great, wipe the picture out and start repeating one affirmation. Do not throw a bunch one, give yourself one power suggestion. My power suggestion if I’m worthy and deserving of everything that I want that for me will wipe out any negative belief. Right? So what’s your power suggestion be clear on it to intensify to make it get into your mind quicker, right? Um you want to say the word and see each word come up in your mental screen as you say it, this intensifies your focus which would deepen your trends, which will make it happen a lot faster. The second way you can do it third way by the real quick is all of this making sense so far and make sure I’m not just like blowing past your mind right now.

I got 11 question, but I want you to continue because there’s an awful lot of value and I don’t, once you’ve gone through your steps, I’m more than okay, I got one more one more step. And the third way, this is what I particularly. This is what I specifically help my clients with. Um for example, I had a client who, so this is basically the third way is inner child work. Re parenting the inner child. Now we all have this inner child, if you’ve ever slammed the door and powdered your feet, I can imagine it has some childlike behavior, right? So you’re doing that because it probably a little kid in you that still wants to pout, that still want to slam that door. And let’s be honest, thomas, yeah, we’re grown, you have a whole beard and everything. I got me a little facial hair going on, but at the end of the day were nothing but little kids in these big adult bodies scared as hell. We’re just unsupervised and that’s really what it comes down to. Um, but in a child work re parenting the child can give the child an entirely new, an entirely new perspective. For example, I had a client who was having daily panic attacks and um, he told me word for word, I live in chaos, very successful entrepreneur, but he cannot even, he said, I cannot even read because I’m so chaotic, like I feel so anxious, I can’t even sit down and read, He said, dude, I have to figure out what the heck is going on.

And so instead of medicating himself, we said, all right, well let’s figure out what the heck is going on. So I took him through the neural remapping method, I’ll take all of my clients through and what this And so what we did was we did timeline therapy to find the inner child to find where this came from. And so what happened was he found himself in a, he found himself. So one of them I’m not gonna share because it’s a little bit too much, a little bit like intense. But one of the memories was him at four years old, his dad was on the phone and his dad went to the restroom and left the phone on hold, he picked up the phone and started talking jibber, jabber into the phone, just whoever else was on the other line. In other words, he was being childlike, he started saying all these things on the phone and if that comes, runs in, screams at him, get super mad for what he does and scolds him for being on the phone and then it makes him believe in his little mind, I’m not wanted because my dad got got mad at me like I’m not wanted, which means I’m a bad kid.

A lot of people have the belief that they’re bad and they don’t even know it, I’m a bad kid. So his nervous system had to get bad and had to start jacking up which triggered all of this anxiety and so what I did was in that moment, all I did was I had him replay the memory but act like it happened differently, remember he was in a trance. So he was in data so we weren’t just doing this in beta, this was a lot deeper. So it has a deeper effect on somebody. We imagined him just playing around and if dad encouraging the behavior, his dad letting him, I said imagine the person on the other line talks to you back and imagine they Want to Converse eight with a little four year old kid and I’m like Be that four year old and for 10 minutes I allowed him to be a four year old in that moment. I allowed him to imagine his dad say you can do whatever you want son. Like I love you, you wanted your love, I just had them reach, remember the past different, this re wires a neural pathway and will literally change your current perspective and rewiring your perspective of the past.

You can change your past guys, we think our past is solid, your past is not solid, your past is an idea, ideas are fluid as hell, you can close your eyes and you can revisit a past event and change it. I help somebody get over their fear of setting by going back to a past moment where they got made fun of for reading books in the hallway. So they got made fun of for being the loser kid. I had her imagine that all of the friends sat down and asked her questions about the book because they were curious about the book and they accepted her for all of her weirdness and from that moment on social anxiety disappeared and she went and she out, she went and she um she like herself completely skyrocketed and she moved over to sales manager. These kind of things happen when you go back to a like, so what you can do a very simple way to do this Is imagine yourself your house in between the ages of two and 8, whatever, whatever house wants to come up in between that age. If you lived in multiple homes and I have a guided video, I’ll give your audience access to this and they can actually go through this process.

Go to your childhood bedroom, open the door, find out of a child. Imagine your childhood self sitting on the ground or sitting on the bed african. What do you need right now that mom and dad didn’t give you and give it to them if they want to be loved, hug it out of them. They want to be seen, put them on a stage with thousands of people looking at them. Imagine they wanna have fun, imagine them at Disney world. It doesn’t matter if it’s real, it’s real if your mind sees it period. So just by doing this, you can read you can meet unmet needs and refrain, long held long held perspectives. Like the reason why I went from being socially anxious to being able to speak very well was because I became aware of that belief that there was something wrong with me. Like in that story I shared earlier, I went back using this method, I went back to that five year old, I sat next to him with all the other kids laughed and I said, look, man, I want you to know that you’re so unique that the universe gave you a speech impediment.

So nobody ever forgot your voice. That’s why you have the speech impediment. That’s why you will never, ever be forgotten. And now I get invited to speak back in big places, right? I get people want to encore. I get I get more than half of my business through speaking because this is my speech impediment. We will never forget period period, right? And so I refrained that perspective for that little child and the change where I felt right now absolutely um reorganized my entire experience based off of that. So those are the three. That’s so yeah, that’s, that’s how we can all get it done guys. Super long answer to your very short question. Well, thank you for the in depth answer and it was well worth listening to. So a lot of value in there. One of my questions actually was going to be around almost like a before and after of you said you had struggles with anxiety and when you look at where you are now there’s a stark contrast, but if this is the process you went through, I can certainly understand why it would be the case that you no longer literally what I did was I took your remapping, which is the process I created and I took myself through it.

Um, and because I was having a lot of social anxiety, I was so, this is why I went into it because I was so socially anxious, like, like I felt confident man, but the moment I got around other entrepreneurs, I was like, oh my God, like I can’t hang out with these people. I started getting there and I started noticing this was, it was causing me to avoid conflict, to avoid making connections. It was costing me a lot of money. Socially social anxiety cost you a lot of freaking money as an entrepreneur and I was like, all right, I need to get to the bottom of this, I’m helping people all day with this shift. I didn’t figure out what’s going on with me. And so no remapping. It utilizes timeline therapy, which you’re aware of it. You study a little bit of NLP and what it timeline therapy for those who don’t know, it’s a great way of, let’s imagine that you are in a big dark warehouse and you’re stuck and you’re trying to get out. You know, there’s an accent, you don’t know where it’s at, it’s pitch black. You can’t see timeline therapy is turning on the light in your mind, you can see all the furniture in that warehouse or all the memories in your mind, you can see your direct path out, right, And so you can go and you can find where you picked up certain behavior patterns because all behavior patterns, our emotional patterns or emotional patterns of thought patterns, all thought patterns are byproducts of your beliefs.

And so in this case I found myself sitting back in my little five year old body sitting at that cafeteria table and then I went through what I went through and then when that happened I was like whoa, this all makes sense. So I sat next to that little boy and instead of changing the event, I didn’t change the event. So I sometimes I change the event for myself or for a client. Like I literally because I believe there’s infinite probabilities, you can go pick whichever one that event is one probability in the realm of infinity. Go pick another one if you want it. And so I would either create another another one. But in this case I didn’t, I just changed my perspective on the situation. I made it mean something else as opposed to what I made it mean for because the two most important decisions you’re making at any given moment, like Tony Robbins says is what you’re choosing to pay attention to paying attention to all those kids, laughing what you choose to make, that mean that are making that mean um something’s wrong with me, turn around and made that mean, oh look, they see what I see this uniqueness and they’re not forgetting about it and it’s making a mark on them and it’s leaping over an impression.

So go use his genius. And then I opened up, came out of that session, Social anxiety, gone, started a public speaking career and bam. Uh so very, very interesting experience. Well, one of the things I was gonna say was before you gave that answer was around, how is it actually looking back on that hardship and that bad experience for lack of better term is actually a good thing now that you’ve been able to determine all these and no lessons and you know, you can help people as a result of going through that. And it’s a, it’s a recurring theme that when people go through, I don’t know, hardship, that it, it makes them better if they can, if they can, how many times have you gone through something crappy? And then a year later, two years there, 10 years later, you look down the line and you’re like, oh my God, best possible thing never happened right like that. So, with that being said with every event I go through like, this can be good.

This could be bad, I have no idea, but I am just going to make it good. I genuinely, myself personally, and I have still been working on this because I can still kind of feel it in my experience on dropping the belief in bad. Um I know it sounds very, it threatens your logic to believe in good without a belief in bad because it’s like no, there’s one, there has to be another, but it’s actually very practical for you to believe only in good, your nervous system, you will notice your nervous system stays in, your nervous system will be a lot more balanced, your body will be a lot more healthy. Um You won’t be dealing with a lot of emotional and mental ills if you genuinely just believe in good um you like, if you believe everything works out for you, like carry that belief um You know, you will not see such heavy evil experiences in your life. They won’t be, they won’t they? It’s not saying that they won’t exist, you just won’t see them because your beliefs are gonna filter them out. It’s not that you’re turning your cheek towards ugly is that you’re creating a better world. So yeah, in the moment it felt bad but at the end of the day um it’s good, all is good, all is well all the time and so that’s where I’m at.

But um yeah, so I do recommend though if people still believe in bad, of course if there is a if you’re going through something right now that feels bad, just remember you have no idea it’s gonna be the best possible thing that can happen to you. So just assume that it is and reality by law will follow that assumption. So well the other thing that I was going to ask you about was when you’re determining Teresa, what questions you’re gonna ask yourself so that you can learn what your beliefs are about that thing. One of the questions you asked was, what do you think about life? And so I’m interested to know Adrian, what do you think about life? Well, I think first and foremost that energy at its basis is indeed love. If you look into a, if you look into an atom, you will find that the charge and the center of that atom is a positive charge. So I genuinely with my heart believe that everything carry this energy of love and everything is just different expression of love for example, hate is an expression of, hey, you’re not meeting my expectations.

Um, so I feel like I’m not loving you the way that I should, I feel disconnected from the love that I have from you when it comes to really any kind of emotions, just like it’s just like a rainbow. We have all the colors of the rainbow, but all colors come from one light the same exact way. All emotions are different expressions of one manifest are different manifestations of one thing that is love to me. The second thing I believe is that do that um do what you wish for this. But if I eat a banana or if I had a banana right here and I snap my finger and that banana turned into a human being, who would you think? I am? Probably think I’m like God or something, Oh my God, that’s the one. But I ate a banana last night before bed right now, the banana became my flesh and bone, That exact process that you would, that you would attribute to God happening within me happening within you. So, I genuinely believe that there is not a creator outside of ourselves and so going within yourself allows you to literally manipulate your experience very, very powerfully.

And another belief that another thing that I believe about life is that everything that we everything that’s uh I believe that no beliefs are unconscious. A lot of people have a belief that they have unconscious blocks. You know, I have a lot of people coming, I feel like something’s unconsciously blocking me clearly, something’s not, you’re very conscious that something is blocking you. The belief and unconscious blocks paints the picture of an unconscious block. There is no such thing as an unconscious belief, what is unconscious is the way your heart beats, right? The regeneration process that’s happening in yourselves right now, the way your breath happens all of that’s unconscious, right? But your beliefs, no, they’re conscious, you’re just too scared to feel the feelings that they bring, so you just ignore them and you hide them and you just steer them away. Another thing that I believe to be true about life and this is like probably where I want to, it’s like really contains everything else, but I said it in that speech and I don’t believe that there is an external reality.

I genuinely do not believe in a reality outside Outside is the inside in my mind not just in my mind but in in a physics mind, in a physicist mind as well. The inside is the outside is just a different reflection of the inside. For example, I’m touching this wall right now, but I’m not really fitting this wall outside of me. What I’m feeling is the sensations in my hands, I can’t feel a wall and I can feel the sensations in my hand. If right now my voice, you think you’re hearing it out here and the podcast is and you think I’m coming out of the stereo or their headphones or their phone, but the reality is is I’m not, what’s happening is there’s a vibration that you are interpreting in your mind as words and you’re making it mean something, you’re making it a sound same thing with images, thomas, you’re not looking at me, you’re looking at the image in your mind of me, that’s in your mind in the way that’s literally the way our brains work, we have an obstacle, open the back and it sends this light out and grabs the image.

It reflects it internally and we see it internally, right? So in and when it comes down to understanding that the external is the internal. So, living your life by paying attention to by by living your life by that principle inside out. Um will lead to you experiencing a life that feels like actual life. And so that right, there is there is nothing outside of yourself but external events. Your beliefs paint your picture so well, you forget that you painted it and they become these bars that we forget we’re even looking through and your beliefs, they do their job. So well, you can’t tell between the physical events and the emotions and the belief that created those events. Everything that you see in in in this physical world is a mental phenomena. This cup is a mental phenomenon. I am looking at, I’m looking at a field of energy and I am perceiving a physical copy out of this empty field of energy.

Everything in the universe is a mental phenomena when you understand it’s all a mental. And by the way, when I say mental, I also mean emotional. There’s no separation. I hate when people separate your mindset and your emotions, I’m like, you can’t do that, they’re all the same thing. Um, and that’s another thing. There is no such thing as too. There’s only one, you can’t have, you can’t have two without one. Uh I mean, you can’t have one without too, but you can always have two with one. You can always have to read, you can always you need one to create anything else. It all comes back down to one. And yeah, so there’s a couple of things I think about life have a really, really interesting mind. I’d say I am, it’s interesting because typically when I speak to people I can, I can see where they’re perhaps inspirations or mentors come from and I wanted to know whether you’ve taken any inspiration from as a man. Thinketh James allen, yep, that book is somewhere around here.

I definitely have that book around here. Um, that was a big inspiration where it actually started for me was Esther and jerry hit, are you familiar with their work? Like the law of attraction, teachings of Abraham and stuff. Um, by the way, I’m not a big fan of law of attraction anymore because I don’t need to attract anything outside of myself. I’m the whole damn thing. But aside from that, um Esther and jerry hicks is actually what got me into. So what happened was I lost £91. That’s another part of my story, Thomas, I lost £91 in my lifetime when I lost £91 Within that time span. I think I was about 70 lb down. A good friend from high school reached out to me and she was like, Hey, you look amazing. I just want to say you look happy. I’m a lot happier now. And this book helped me. I figured you should check it out and it was a law of attraction. I read that book sent chills down my spine and that led me to the work of um, Jane Roberts, which is a she lived and she she channeled, she was like, she channeled some inner entity and wrote all of these books, um, from the 60s to the 80s and she passed away in the 80s.

But I dove into that work. Um Seth speaks, she channeled this energy called Seth and Seth was breaking down a reality down to like holy crap. I mean, interesting things. Very interesting things. But that’s where my inspiration really started. That got me into like all of this spirit. So, I mean, I’ve got probably hundreds of books here and most of them are in the spiritual consciousness space And then the other like 40% or maybe are all like business books because of course I’m a business guy as well. But um, yeah, so that those are my main inspirations when it came to that. But it all, it would have happened without my best friend at that time. So Ariella, I love you to death. Thank you so much. Well, thank you for that. But there is also some, um, some reference to science or physics in some instances. Do you. What’s your approach there? Yeah. So for me it’s all about understanding reality, right? And when it comes down to understanding reality, you understand that everything is an electromagnetic unit of energy, right? That creates this world that we see and that brings in this space that we call quantum physics.

So the work that I do that literally help people take quantum jumps. I demystify the mystical by like breaking it down to a science. Because again, existence ever if you ask any physicist what the universe is, they’re gonna say, I don’t know, but they will tell you that is a big swarm of energy, belief or energy going through the work that I do. We’re just moving energy around. It’s always like it sounds so crazy when someone’s like You mean I’ve been drinking for the last 20 years of my life, you mean I can sit down and never drink again after today, are you? That sounds a little bit too out there. Then when I break down I’m like no what’s happening is you’re behaving this certain way. That’s because this energy, you’re feeling this certain way. This energy is going through your system, its energy. It’s coming from this electromagnetic impulse in your mind. That’s called a thought. That’s coming from a deeper electromagnetic charge. Called a belief. So all we’re gonna do is change that belief and very by by the law of physics.

Remember Greg Brayden? I don’t think I don’t know if I said this in that speech but Gregg Braden is a scientist and he says if you want to change reality, you have to change the electromagnetic field around you. If you want to change reality, our brains are electromagnetic. Our hearts are electromagnetic. So literally with every single thought you think and every feeling you feel you reorganize your entire atmosphere. Your reality physical matter. It’s changed by our perspective of it. If you don’t believe me, go ahead after this Youtube um the double slit experiment and you will see that reality, you don’t act like the sub particles that create this entire universe. They know when we’re looking at, they know what we’re expecting. We expect a particle to act like a solid piece of matter. The particle puts on his little acting mask and acts like a solid piece of matter. But if you expect nothing to be there, the particle disappears into thin air.

Not really, it just becomes a wave again and it acts like a wave again to the point where you can’t see it. So at the end of the day, all of this comes down to the quantum level of reality. This is the reality of reality. And that’s where physics really comes into play in all of this, is understanding the laws of the universe and the laws of the universe is down to the laws of energy. And when you study energy you start to see really quickly like why your life is the way it is. Um So does that make sense? I know I was kinda little bit all over the place there, but does that make sense? It’s fascinating is that the scientists you mentioned is that the person who did the Harvard study that you referenced in your talk? No, no, no, that was not. The Harvard study was a group of students. The scientist, that scientist, I mentioned Gregg Braden. He actually mentioned the study in one of his, I was watching a video from him a long time ago, you mentioned that study and so I’ve never heard about it. So that’s when I googled it, googled it and I was able to see that it was a bunch of Harvard students that actually saw it and they were like, that’s interesting.

So they were like, hey, let’s open up this data and it’s like pinpoint and stuff to see what’s going on in the world that created it. So um no different person, but he, he’s the one who made me realize that that was a study itself. And that thing blew my mind when I was like, oh my God, that was insane. So it was just more about a nation for what my bones already felt and what I what I mean by that is a lot of people listening to this and maybe passing their mind a lot of it, I try to make it as logical as I can by bringing the science into it and really like breaking reverse engineering reality, but I can understand a lot of, it’s hard to logically understand, but you can feel this in your bones. Your bones. No, it’s true. They can feel certainty. So I felt that in my bones whenever I I saw that, I would just say, oh, just more validation for what I knew. And so yeah. Well, um, I was going to ask you about Self sabotage because you referenced in your earlier life when you were 23 about having the E. Brake on. But I do kind of feel like the first part of our chat today, not the speech, but when you went through ways to change your beliefs, it kind of covers it.

So one sabotage behavior, right? It’s all it is, it’s behavior and again, the same exact way you’re gonna pinpoint that behavior down to a belief. All it comes down to is pointing a behavior back down to a belief. So exactly what I told you. So self sabotage comes from just like anxiety. Just like everything else comes from a belief about yourself as somebody who’s sabotaged their success because they believe they’re not important. So their needs were not important. So they would just sabotage their success, their relationship over and over and over again. Because of that belief, I took him through a narrow remapping to do the same exact stuff that we did, um that we talked about here to eliminate the pattern itself, but it’s the same exact thing. And one more thing I want to just communicate here. If I know I’m talking a lot about like going back into like past childhood like going back to your childhood and your past do not fall into the trap of believing that you are mercy of your past or your childhood, you’re not, your point of power is now time does not exist.

The past is an idea. If I told you to go run until you found the past, I would literally never see you again. What that means is you can go back to the past and manipulate events but the reason why I use timeline regression so so people can go back to past memories. It’s because you will only review the past through the eyes of your current beliefs. So I have them look at the past to shine light on what they currently believe. If you believe that something is wrong with you, you will find in your past moments where that belief is being validated. But it’s a current belief, not a past belief. That makes sense. Yeah that’s a great point. I do like to ask everyone who comes on what success means to you. So does anything come to mind there? The ability to do what I wanna do by being who I want to be period succinct answer. It’s almost like you’ve had some some thoughts about that before. Yeah I’ve been I’ve been asked that question a lot into me because success is so subjective.

You know like I made almost half a million dollars in my life by 23 I could have called that successful and somebody could have said dude like only half a million like you know so like it’s so it’s so variable to me and it comes down to like yo are you being who you want to be and doing the things that you want to do, whether that’s being a teacher, like I was being a custodian but I don’t care what that is to you don’t let somebody else defined success from you. Is there anything I should have asked you about today? Love that question. I really never know what the answer to that one. So I guess um No no yeah there’s nothing you should have asked me today. You asked me some really good questions and I know that story that that talk at the beginning or answered a lot of questions that probably should have been asked. So yeah I mean we’re all good on that one. Alright well um I guess congratulations on everything that you’ve done, everything you’ve achieved and learned and well done for being an amazing guest. Thank you, yeah thank you, thank you so much and if it’s okay if your audience wants to like download that video I talked about where I actually show them how to get into data.

I can just share the link with you and you can share it in the show notes but this will actually take them through what I was just talking about. That way, they’re like actually, they can go through an experience as opposed to just like okay let me go try all of this stuff so I can guide you through like how to get into transit and all of that stuff. I’m happy to put any links in the description, but for those who are listening where can people connect? Yeah if you’re listening, just go to, and again you can drop it in the description too, but if you’re listening go to www.rewiremythoughts.com/unshakeable. Yes, you gotta give me your email, your phone number and your name, but it’s gonna be well worth it. Alright so go ahead download that and you will check your email and It’ll be sitting right there in your email, it’s about 40, 45 minutes, because it’s a real experience. Like it’s not like me just talking to you. Like I’m actually gonna be guiding you through it. So set aside time for it and make sure you can be distraction free for at least like 45 minutes.

One more thing. Don’t eat before you do it. I recommend you don’t eat. When your stomach is empty, your minds clear so don’t eat before it. Your your keynote was brilliant and the value you brought today was brilliant. So thank you very much. Thank you so much, man. It’s a pleasure being here.