#253 – Mindset First With Dr. Victor Manzo

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the episode today, we have Dr. Victor Manzo. Victor, welcome. Thank you for having me on my friend, excited to be here. It is my pleasure. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do? Yeah. I’ve been a pediatric chiropractor for the last 12 years and about three years ago I started getting into business mindset coaching and it was just because I listened to advice for the first half year of my career from chiropractors and the topic of entrepreneurs and self help and personal development, and it helped me get to my financial peak, but I was burned out, exhausted and I just like, I don’t know how billionaires who have tons of businesses are able to do this, where I have one, and I’m burned out, I love what I do.

And so I started to look at the principles of what I learned early on in my career with like energy medicine, spiritual truths, universal laws, the power of the mind, aspects of how limiting beliefs work and all these different things, and I was like, you know what, I’m gonna start doing the next half of my — well not that, ended up being the next half, but of being practicing chiropractic to not do what I was told, and I’m gonna just define what success means to me, how I want to do that, how I want to do all these different elements where I’m not going to work hard grind hustle and do those things. I’m gonna totally different and I had massive success where I worked less and made more and I was more fulfilled. Never had burnout since. And that’s where I was like, that’s why I got into coaching, cause I was like, I’m tired of hearing the same advice that’s being told to entrepreneurs. And since then I’ve been, I was doing them as like a side hustle for the last three years and I’ve done it, I’ve been doing it full time now since January 2022. Thank you for the introduction. There’s a big kind of moment that my ears perked up when your introduction, it’s like, how is it that I’m burned out and all these other people have multiple businesses. What did you conclude from that point?

You know, it was more or less. for me it was just always having to do something. I always felt like I had a, you know, they tell you to grind, the standard advice, grind, hustle, sweat equity, you gotta put all, you gotta do all this hard work. And I was like, you know what, that doesn’t go along with nature, the law of the biology, how your body works and things like that. There’s a law called the law of least effort and what that is, is what’s the minimum amount of work to get the greatest game possible, and I read a book years ago about how billionaires think. I forgot the name of it was, but and what it was is that they only focus on one or two little things that moved the needle, they don’t like expend all this energy of what we’re being told to do and I was like you know what, when I started going into this thought process, I was like how can I work, how can I maximize my effort, my gains by working as least possible. And that’s what I started to do is just focus on things that matter to me. The type of advice I give is very unorthodox, but it has a lot of, because it’s very unorthodox in the way, because we haven’t been taught or exposed in this way of like what I call the quantum field and understanding how that works and when you start to tap into that you don’t have to work as hard, you work less, you accomplish way more.

I had more time to where I was able to start a coaching business, write books, start a podcast and do all these other things on top of what I was already doing before and had the freedom to where it wasn’t like stressing me and there’s all these things I can share about practicing techniques, but at the end of the day, it’s a mindset first. So the mindset that you’re referring to is, would you say it’s delegation, is that fair,? It can be, you can look at it that way because a lot of people say, you know, you know, one of the things I was always told is like if whatever someone can do 80% as good as you do it, delegate it out and just focus on what is the only things that you can do, right? That’s good business principles, but if you don’t have your mind wrapped around that to understand like what is your greatest output that you can get, what’s the greatest bang for your buck, that’s how billionaires think. It’s like where can I, what can I do that no one else can do that I’m going to focus my energy on that is going to help keep things moving forward and that’s how they’re able to accomplish so much in such a little period of time. And the mindset side of things that you’re referring to, what’s some of the best advice or best learnings that you’ve gotten around the topic of mindset?

Well, one of the things when it comes to these kind of these aspects is you have to have an intention of why you’re doing what you’re doing now, it kind of comes into what I was sharing a little earlier about when you do something, it’s you want to make sure you get the greatest paying for your buck, but shouldn’t always be about money. It’s also what is why are you meeting with someone like Oprah, I love when I found out about what Oprah does any time, she has a meeting anytime she’s doing something, she will always say, what is the intention of us being here? Here’s my intention. What’s your intention? What’s your intention? And as she goes through everyone’s intentions, then she has conducts the meeting and what that does. Is it from a mindset perspective, it keeps you laser focused on what it is you want to discuss? You don’t get off tangents. I mean, I think Bill Gates, if I’m not mistaken, he has seven minute meetings. If I’m not mistaken, it’s been a while since I’ve read this, but I’m almost certain it’s that and he books every meetings every seven minutes why? That’s laser focus that’s being laser focused honed in. So you get you what you’re doing is you’re allowing to just you’re you’re you’re minimizing all the distractions. I can give you practical advice is for some individuals, when it comes to this is your just centering yourself and you’re getting in the present moment.

And that mindset perspective is that understanding when you can see how more impactful this is. You can get a lot more done in a shorter period of time when we’re laser focused, we just we get we set the intention of why we’re doing what we’re doing and that keeps us on pace or on page two, what we have to do to get accomplished? And you can do this in your daily daily living, what are the 12 or three things that I need to do? What’s my intention behind why I need to do those? And then all of a sudden you, you put all your energy into that, Whether it’s allowing is again not to get derailed, not to get distracted, not to let the low value things that you know that you don’t want to accomplish get done and you focus just on those big elements. So it’s something that it takes people some time to get to this level of understanding that mindset, because we’re so usually easily being able to be distracted. Our attention spans around eight seconds, probably little less than that now. And so it’s easy for us to be pulled away from stuff. And so setting an intention of why you need to do what you have to do if it’s a meeting, if it’s a task like that’s what I do every morning.

Like what’s the 32 or three things that I need to focus on today to call it a win. And when I look at that, what’s the intention behind why I need to do that. Great. When I figure that out, then it just, that’s my energy for the day. That’s what I focus on. I get that done. It’s a win. Yeah, there’s other, there’s 1000 things I have to get done on top of that. But those are the things that matter most right now and how did you go from or how long did it take you to go from burned out to should we say doing multiple things and not feeling that way I I would love to say it took like one day um it was a process it took because what happened was is there’s all this old conditioning that I’ve been told as a kid, right? Hard work to make, you know, to make things work, you gotta put in a ton of work, you got to do other things and here it is, I’m doing the opposite of what I’ve been told. So there’s a lot of old conditioning I had to work through. So too, when I fully got into that process, it was about a year, a year and a half like where I was finally like just not um stressing about things, not worrying about things understanding that I understood again when the quantum world you don’t have to do really that much.

I’m not saying there aren’t actions you have to take. There are some people, when I say that they get a little like, oh what you mean, you don’t have to work at all. I must say you don’t have to, there’s a law called the law of inspired action. You have to take action, but it’s so much less. And that’s what I start to understand. I was always trying to figure out what’s my next step, what’s the next thing I have to work on, what’s the next thing I have to do here. You know, I always had to keep my mind on something because I felt like if I didn’t do that, if I don’t keep my energy focusing on something, then it business wouldn’t thrive the way it needed to. And it got to a point where I stopped doing all that and it took about, like I said about a year, year and a half to trust that process to where I just focused on where my energy was. Where’s my emotions? Where’s my thoughts? Where’s my vibe? And just keeping my energy there and just making knowing that as long as I stay there. Then all of a sudden the ideas, the thing that the circumstances, situations and the actions I need to take will come to me, it won’t be me trying to figure it out. And that was the big game changer for me making those choices because then all of a sudden I just, all I had to do then is just show up and love on my patients.

All I had to do was just be connected with my, my, my, my staff and my team and love on them and and just see the vibe and the energy of what I wanted to be in that moment with everybody and that what grew my practice, that what has helped me create sustainability, even through Covid, um we broke records through Covid is one of those things that it was definitely different than the common norm that you were hearing. Do you make any distinctions between size of business in terms of like if you are a startup, some people think that you need to wear all the hats and then maybe as the business grows, maybe you can start relieving some of those jobs. Is it universal or is it dependent on the business? The concepts? I speak on our universal. I think it’s in the beginning of when you’re a startup, there are a lot of things that you have to take out. It’s just unless you have the means of financially to hire people. It’s one of those things to, you have to take on a lot of that. Like I know when I first started my practice as a chiropractor, I I was the assistant as much as I was the doctor and then there’s the entrepreneur side of things and then there’s the marketing side of things and then there’s, you know, I was doing all these different stuff but I would, there’s, there’s different aspects of where like we talked about like focus and how to center all your energy and what I learned to do because I again, I was very headstrong, I’m a type a driver personality.

So when it comes to like here’s where I want to go and I can, I’ll put the system together to make that happen. So it’s very easy for me to create systems. Um one of the things was that you just said, you know, I set parameters and days for stuff. These things will still, they still work. So like if you’re a startup and you’re like sitting there going, you see the bank account and you’re not doing as well as you like. Again, it’s a vibe thing, Get your mind focus on what you want to create, Get into that being element, get into that state of where you want to go. I mean, I just I literally changed my whole life from end of this year, I moved from, I’m originally from Chicago and I moved to Knoxville Tennessee and yet I walked away from a practice because we just couldn’t sell it and it was just the climate wasn’t right with Covid. And so I all of a sudden didn’t have that normal income I’m used to having and I had to go with my other income, but again, it’s again going into this place. So I’m kind, I wouldn’t say it’s a start up, The business has existed, it’s not like it was a side business, it was a part time business, it wasn’t something that was full time like I was doing, putting all my energy and my chiropractic office. And so then all of a sudden I had to, you know, shift, I had to go back to these principles and just get into the vibe that I didn’t do that initially because I was like, I have to create this business, there’s things I need to do to make it to get to that level and now I’m at a point where it’s like, no, just the vibe, get back to the vibe and just focus on your energy and ideas come and all of a sudden here comes an idea and I act upon the idea, I feel like I pulled to want to take action, I take action.

That becomes a very successful idea all of a sudden started helping me generate to get more exposure and have people get to know me more as a, as a business mindset coach and so, or you know, meeting somebody, some, I felt inclined to meet some of this person and reach out to them and talk to them and actually, you know, they have a partnership not speaking on their platform and all these other things. So these are the kind of things that, so it works in any element, whether you’ve been in business or startup, the key element is just focusing on that vibration where you are and everything will come to you. So if you were to, let’s say talk to someone and they had that hard work, hustle type mentality, maybe feeling a little bit burned out and they said, can you tell me one thing that I should just do to try and make this better, like a first step, what would you say to do nothing because they’re so used to that because you said what’s the first thing I need to do to do this and and doing nothing is still doing something and you gotta understand that that’s foreign to me. I’m still trying to master how I can. Like, like one of my friends was like, just go listen to a book all day and don’t do anything, I’m like no, that that can’t happen, I gotta do something.

So it’s still ingrained in me and I’m working through that, but it’s like said he’s the founder of Taoism and in this book, teaching one of the verses, I think it’s verse four, he says, when you feel like you have to do force that’s grinding, that’s hustle, that’s all that, It’s force, energy, that’s Newtonian physics. And he’s like when you feel like you have to do that, don’t do anything, pull back, just get to get back. And what that means is they get back to that essence of being, get back into that vibration. The things that you need to act upon will come to you. The problem with, with humans in general is we don’t like uncertainty, we need control. The mind needs control the mind also creates massive resistance. And so when we this is why these ideals, when we think about it, you hear them, you the first reaction, you’re having a knee jerk reaction from your mind and we’re all conditioned that we have to work hard. You know, we have to in order to be successful. You gotta put them working out of sacrifice. These are things that have been embedded into our minds for hundreds of years. This is not something new. And it’s one of those things where um the to go the opposite of that and trust that all you have to do from a quantum perspective.

You know if you are the true creator of your life and the bible says you’re you’re made in the likeness and image of God, God was the creator God created the world in six days. I’m not saying you can do that, but what we can do is we can create that’s what we’re designed to do. And so if you’re creating your life why can’t then all you have to do is just showcase what is it that you want to create? This is where vision comes in. I work with a lot of my clients on this and we work we use a tool visualization and there’s an emotional side because then all you’re doing is you’re projecting to the universe. God Allah whatever you want to label the label doesn’t matter whatever works best for you and you’re projecting what it is you desire. You’re creating that vibration and then what like attracts like. So if you’re in that vibrational state then that experience in your physical realm is going to come because all things start nonphysical and they go into the physical and so that’s the the journey process to, you know, when you understand that principle, then you realize you don’t have to work so hard. I mean the old story, I love to share on this when it comes to the law of least effort.

You know, effortless success is something I use a lot or I feel this action. These are the things I’m talking about. And when you think of like the story of David and Goliath in the bible, if you’re not familiar with it, it was David was the king of things in this, Goliath was this big massive being standard business advice of what we’re told today is grab a stone as many stones as you could possibly find. And just keep throwing them. Just keep throwing them. Don’t stop throwing until it finally hits the spot you need. That’s that’s that’s that’s across the board constant advice that I’ve been, I mean, it’s been what, 12 years? And then I was listening to stuff in 23. So it’s 15 years. So the first like 10 in the last 10 years, this is the same 15 years has been the same story after the success. The Quantum World Law, least effort, putting all your focus in one. Take action when you feel it when when you’re inspired. That’s what David did. You took one stone through it decked. Um and Goliath fell, that’s taking action when you’re inspired, that’s when you’re in an element of vibration, when you take action that um um, when you’re feeling inspired to that is when you’re in alignment to your vision, you’re in alignment to your definition of success.

You’re in alignment to your dream life. I can use alignment for many different things here. And that’s when you get that good vibe feeling and that’s when you know that you’re in that state of alignment. So you take that action, that’s why it becomes successful. So let’s say the busy person who has their long to do list, I’m sure you’ve been there at some stage. Um and they’ve got all these things, what’s practically what, what should they do? Because I can, I can hear the objections that that person would say. So what would you say to that person? First off, everybody has a busy list. I have one too, you know, every day I have a list that I go through. Here’s what I recommend from number one. What are the must have like the things that have to get done no matter what, like they’re the absolute, your whole list is not that there is a percentage of them that are going to be, what are the 12 or three? I used to be again, I’m a type a driver personality guys. So task oriented tasks in getting things done is like, oh, that’s like my, that gets me excited.

That’s also my downfall. So I make a list every day. What I need to get done, then I just pick 12 or three, color coordinate them. Some people like color coordinate green is what, you know what you want to focus on. Yellows are like whenever you have a chance to and reds, those are like, don’t have to those or you can buy versus colors, however works for you. It doesn’t matter, but just choose a couple of things that are like absolutes and you need to get done and then what, look at the rest of the list and then just look and see what are important things that may need to be done and what are things that you can push off. This is what billionaires do. They only focus on what needs to be done for today. They don’t focus on maybe halves and then I can worry about that next week because a lot of times our list, like I have things where you know, I just became a new dad seven weeks ago and so having a baby in the house, thank you so much, having a baby in the house, right? There’s a whole shift of my lifestyle that has to happen now. You know, my wife should stay at home mom, but I need to get her brakes. So my schedule has gotten more interesting. Not that it’s hard, it’s just a new, gotta adapt to it. So I had to really look at my schedule and then just fine tune it and say, okay, I know four hours out of my day, I’m gonna be the minimum because I want to hang out with my daughter.

I’m going to spend time with her, just me and her, but at the same token I still have to run and I don’t have, I don’t have one business, I have multiple business, I have to take time to focus on those and then also keep everything moving forward. So you have to be I from my mindset at first, of course, what did I react to? I’m very transparent, I don’t mind sharing this. I got into overwhelmed for a quick second, right all of a sudden I gotta do this and this and I got a chuckle with the baby that I don’t know how much I miss disdain all this and then I did some meditations, I did some breath work, I resented myself and I’m like, you know what, let’s see what’s what, let’s let’s play around with some of the schedules and let’s see what works and now I have a beautiful schedule that works. I have to get up a little earlier in the morning, which is perfectly fine. I used, I used to be able to get used to get up at four in the morning every day. Um So getting up a little earlier doesn’t bother me because my wife wakes up around with the baby around 7 30 so then I’m like great if I can get most of the busy work done up until that point, then I can take care of the baby for a little bit and then I go back to work at a certain time, I gotta look around my schedule. So you just manage things as things come up. But that to do list thing again, what is the most number one priority I have to get to?

And then there’s things that you don’t have to do today, like it’s okay, like there’s just some stuff that’s not a priority. It’s not gonna, if you don’t do it for the next day or the next three days, it’s not gonna change anything. And that’s when you have to be really clear on what it is because we’re so caught up in being workaholics and overdo ours because what we’re practicing and what we’re told since a young age is to be a human doer, not a human being. So look at sometimes what I do and what I work with clients, I get them to this point where I just tell them look at that list and just feel what you have to do. Like sometimes you can think about it and that’s fine, but I like feeling because it gets the head out of the way and just be like I feel like I have to work on this list and this and that’s all I need to focus on, great, let’s do that and that’s all and then you other things that are not as important, they’ll come important will eventually become a priority and you have to get done. And I hope that answers the question. Great answer. You mentioned sort of waiting for the feeling or the inspiration. Is that what you refer to as being in flow blow? Yeah, flows a little different. So the feeling, the feeling is now it shows up for many different people.

And I’ll talk a little about what flow is to in a second. Um, the feeling is really more of like a, like a joy, bliss, um, calm, um, excitement. It’s something that’s a higher vibration of emotional vibrational state and you just feel like I always say I’m trying to work with adults and trying to get them to be excited like kids again, that that’s a lot of what my work is about because at the end of the day, if you can get into that feeling, I think of like a four year old, a three year old when they do something, they’re excited to do it. You know, they’re they’re just, they’re they’re not focused on anything else who’s thinking this, who’s thinking that No, they just want to do that. They’re excited. Um that’s the feeling I’m talking about, that’s the state of alignment. The state of flow is similar in some ways, but something different because flow is when you’re in a state of being for athletes, they call that the zone where all, all of a sudden you are centered and connected. So it’s it’s when you have this um your left and right brain are actually they call it um hemispheric synchronization, what that means, that they’re both, they’re both vibrating at the same state.

They’re connected with each other, they are connected. But what I mean is that they’re not ones more dominant than another. They’re both balanced in that state. And what happens is is that all of a sudden you can your focus and your concentration comes in. This is where more focused attention comes into the feeling is just the feeling that will propel you to something, it’s like a magnet, it pulls you towards it where flow state is like you have intense focus, you can get into visionary things, there can be feelings, there can be ideas that come from that and it does. And that’s where some of the seminaries are. The flow is like for example, like when I wrote my third in all my books, um some people ask me like how did you do it? What was the outline? What did you do? What did you follow? And I’m like, it’s nothing. The book title came to me the you know, I want to write 30 books in my life. So the book title came to me in November. I came up to me, I was like, well I think that’s a cool name, sent it to my my artist to do the book coverage just to see what it would look like. He came back very close to what I wanted, shared a couple more things and fine tuned it when it came to writing the book, I just, I’d be like, I don’t know, I’m gonna title the first chapter.

I mean literally this is me getting ready to be in a writing state and I’m like, I don’t even know what a title, first chapter, That’s no worries. Let me just get into my state. That’s the flow state. All of a sudden it comes to me and I’m like, here’s the first title and then boom, I just right, and then all of a sudden I look back and I’m like, wow, alright, I finished the chapter thumbs up. Um I didn’t think it, I notice that sometimes very hard for people think I didn’t, I didn’t like think of the process of the writing process or what I was going to share. It just flowed to me. And also I’m just writing it out and then all of a sudden I look back I read and I’m like this is good stuff, I like it, it connects with the title went off on a tangent here, but I can see how it connects and so forth. So that’s the feeling side, it pulls you towards it. It has an inkling towards you, you can’t ignore it, it gets louder and louder and that’s how you know, you’re being attracted towards something. And what’s the title of that book? That book is called Decoding. The Matrix sounds cool. What’s it about? So it’s all about the conditioning of the mind and how the Matrix. Um there is a matrix that exists.

The other name for that is called human collective consciousness. It is basically what that means is it’s every thought, every emotion and the things that humans focus on when you average all that out. That’s a vibration. You can put that as like a number, you average all those out that becomes the Matrix. And the key thing about that is that creates experiences, that creates what we go through as humanity as a whole, as a whole. But there’s also sub Matrix is under that like continents and countries and states and cities that you grew up in and the individual himself and those all add to the experience. And the thing is, is that conditions us because why is it in the fifties? Something was, you know, this was a common thing in the fifties, but in 2000 it’s a different thing. But people say, well, that’s just how we evolve. Well, that’s true, that’s also the Matrix evolves, it’s changing. Um and as that changes and evolves with us because it’s always averaging things out. If you’re not aware of it, you will become the average and were not designed to do that as humans were designed to inspire were designed to, you know, express our own path and our goal is to not be muted into the whole, our goal is to rise above that and I share about how to do that.

What’s your potential? I share what I do a couple when I start with coaching clients, what are the big things I focus on? And then I talked about how that leads to a spiritual awakening or accelerates your spiritual, your spiritual awakening when you’re on that path. Well, congratulations on becoming an author. Um, why 30 books just came to me. I really don’t have a reason to it. If there’s no ego behind it. Um, I already got three in and it’s one of those things where um, it just came to me one day I was like, how many books would I want to write? I want to be an author, what do I want to share? And I was like 30 bucks and I am not attached that number I can end up with, I could be, I could be done with my three and I’m done writing, I’m happy with that. Um, it’s just the inclination of again getting back into this different thinking process of being pulled and attracted towards things like I already know, I have an idea what number four is going to be, but again, I’m thinking about if you notice that I’m not, I said the idea of what four will be, I’m not being pulled towards it, but the time will come because I I wrote my, I wanted to write a book every year. And so in 20,019 I wrote two books, one book each year.

And then I took two years off because Covid came and I wanted to focus on the practice more. And then literally I didn’t have any intentions. I was moving in the middle of getting ready to develop my third book. I mean I’m moving from Chicago to Knoxville, I’m closing an office, my wife’s pregnant and here I am. The books coming to me and I’m just going to university in the universe speaks. So I’m like, I feel pulled to this. This is what I need to focus on. My wife’s like go ahead, you know, you do you and uh so yeah, that there’s really no answer to that 30. Would you mind speaking a little bit about potential? Yes. So like in my book, I talk about the, what is human potential, right? We there is no instrument. No technology can, can tell you what your limits are. We from a mindset perspective were limitless. And so I’ve always been intrigued by potential. We use that term in chiropractic a lot, you know, experience your human potential and so forth. But from a mindset perspective from an energy perspective quantum physics neuroscience and all these things. I was like, well what’s really potential? Like how can we define it so that people can understand And it was very simple and spiritual spiritual truth.

These are when I say spiritual truth, this is information that’s been shared 2000 to 5000 years ago. And it’s still true today, science is just catching up with us. And so one of them is that you, whatever you see in your mind’s eye, you can create your reality. So your mind’s eye is just another term for imagination. And what I found out is that you can only create in your life what you can see, I’m not saying physical, I see I’m speaking within. And so that’s your potential because if you can see it, then you can create it. If you can’t see it, you can’t imagine it, then you can’t create it. And this is huge for so many people. Because if again, um if we can’t if you want to create a dream life or you want to make a million dollars, if you can’t visualize that, you can’t see that, you can’t see yourself with it, you can’t see the experience of it, You’re never going to create it because you have to see it first. And so that becomes our potential. So what is it, what, that’s why we’re limitless in events. Because if you have a limitless imagination and you can be extremely creative in so many different ways. You have endless potential that’s there for you.

And so that’s the essence of our true potential is there’s work, I must say, you’re just thinking, it’s gonna happen, but at the essence, if you’re looking at what is my potential to become this individual person, if you can see it in your mind’s eye, you can create it in your life. Have you got any thoughts about what your imagination is going to come up with, what, what can, what you can see or what your potential is for? You know, it, I what my potential, my potential is limitless and that’s a belief system I have built behind it. So, um as of right now, there’s things I have ideas of, but I’ve gotten so used to thinking of what my next steps were, that I’m getting away from that now and I’m just going into the being element and it’s more of just like where I’m at now, right? I have uh I have my, my mindset coaching program for business and entrepreneurs. I’m creating the vision of that for spirituality for individuals, I’m creating a division of that for health, um and that’s just where my energy is being pulled towards right now at this moment, down the road from a mental perspective, what my potential of what I’m trying to create is an online consciousness school to where minds can come together and they can help accelerate and wherever they are in their life, to create an awakening process and what I mean by awakening is just truly understanding who they really are.

That’s the purpose of my life is just to help people raise their consciousness levels. So they can remember the greatness of who they are because if I can get them to remember the greatness of who they are, they will then all of a sudden create and be that creator that they are and do all that. They do lead a fulfilled life, not be conditioned and pulled from what the world says or leaders say that, you know, when it comes to success, you know, money, big house, big cars is a big standard thing that’s always told and all the fun toys and that may not be, you may be pulled into thinking that’s what you want, that’s what happened to me. I thought a successful chiropractor was, you know, I got to this point financially, and all of a sudden I’d be like, that’s it, I’ll be that successful, that’s wow. And then I got there and I’m like, this ain’t fun, this is not fulfilling. I was like, I need to change this around, you know, in a couple of years we’re back where we were financially, but I was way more fulfilled. Um, and it wasn’t because of the finances, the finances weren’t even important to me anymore, It was more just the experiences. Um, so I’m hoping that answer that question. It does, but it leads me nicely to the next question because you mentioned about knowing who you are?

So if I ask you the question victor, who are you? What would you respond with? Oh, that is deep. Um, I am and I just leave it at that because think about it, I can be anyone, I choose to be as long as I put my energy and focus to, you know, I can’t I’m not I’m not a chiropractor, even though I say I’m a chiropractor, that’s not who I really am. I’m not a coach, even though I say I’m a coach, that’s just not. But when we’re talking about who I really am, that these are all titles and labels of giving me an identity. But really, at the end of the day, I’m nothing and everything if we want to get real deep into it. And so that’s what I said I am, because it’s the two words that are most powerful in the human language or English language, because that statement, whatever you say afterwards, when you declare like that, that’s what you that’s what you’re gonna end up creating that identity to become. Well, I can tell you that of all the times that I’ve asked that question, that is the shortest answer. That’s what I would say there. Well you got because I was like, I can go down this whole path and I was like, no, I’m not gonna go there.

I want to keep this deep, that’s a deep question, I want to go with the depth of that, You know, if I had an answer who, you know who I am, I am just a creator. I’m a soul having a human being experience and I’m creating the life that, that that intrigues me or interested me, that if I had to keep it that short, that’s, that’s probably the shortest, I can keep it. Okay, well, um, for people who perhaps inquire with regarding your business and they need some mindset, help help and what is typical in terms of what their problems are. You know, a lot of times they’re facing a challenge. Um, there’s, it’s two things, it’s either gonna be a challenge or something that they’ve been dealing with, that they just can’t overcome. They tried on their own, they tried doing a workshop, they read a book or multiple books, listen to podcasts and they’re just struggling hitting a wall and they want to overcome that. And usually a lot of times it’s not what they think it is, there’s something deeper blocking them. A belief, a limiting belief of some ways they perform usually. Um the other one is just trying to achieve a dream life, they want to get to a certain point in their career, make more money.

They want to have a certain level of lifestyle. Um, and they want to grow their business into a certain aspect and those are the other types of clients that will reach out to me, uh, to help them acquire, to get to that point. And again, it’s not like we design business structure, ideas, It’s, it’s again working on you, the individual to unlock whatever limits you have that are holding you back from there and then how can they get to that dream life faster? And you mentioned limiting beliefs, have you got any thoughts in addition that you want to share that? Yeah, I mean limiting beliefs for those who don’t know those are beliefs that we’ve we’ve had conditioned in our we’ve been told at one point between usually around the age of zero and seven that is kind of a belief of what life is. I call these things codes before I became a chiropractor, I was going into computer science before I had my health issues and then it totally exposed me to the world of chiropractic. Um and so codes or you know, if anybody knows about coding in the computer system, it’s it’s an input. It has the code written and then that creates an output.

And so no matter if the code is the way it is, no matter what that input is, it’s always going to run the same until you change the code. So that code is a belief. And so limiting beliefs or things that hold us back is it could be, you know, money makes you need money to make money. That’s a limiting belief with money. Um you can believe that, you know, it could be in relationships, so it can be with your health, it can be with business, it can be with your self worth. There’s so many different elements of limiting beliefs that can show up and what they do then is is they hold us back and no matter what we do, doesn’t matter what you do. If you have that limiting belief that exists, it will be a ceiling and block you and hold you back until you can excel. And I experienced that with money because I came from a family background of blue collar and money was always uh praise, but it wasn’t seen as much and they all just wish they won the lottery and will take care of all the problems and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a life like that. And it was one of the things where I, I didn’t realize until I was hitting some walls financially in the business and I was like, I don’t get it, I’m growing, but I’m not growing at the level I think I should be growing.

Like my potential of what I could and it was very frustrating and I got to a point where all of a sudden I was like, you know, I’m just gonna focus on limiting beliefs. I knew about beliefs before I knew the power behind them. I know that everything you believe is what is what your reality is. You know, it’s not seeing is believing, believing is what you know seeing. And so I decided to just focus on that and then all of a sudden two years later I tripled my business and I 5.5 x my profits and I was like, wow, I didn’t do anything different. Like I didn’t do anything different to the business, no new adds, no new marketing things, no nothing. All I did was focusing on those limiting beliefs. And so that was a big game changer for me. So this happened in our life in various forms and you know, the key is in order to create massive change, You’ve got to become aware of those things and that’s a big thing I worked on with a lot of my clients, a massive change that you’re referring to there in relation to money. What was you mentioned the the limiting belief or what was the thing that overcame it? What overcame is I had to realize where did that limiting belief come from? Who was telling me that right? Why? Why did I think I needed money to make money?

Why did I think that I’m going blank with all the limiting beliefs on money. But um you know, my self worth or you know, I had low self worth issues and so I didn’t think I was valuable enough even though I had the credentials and I could have backed it all up with my ego and all that I still felt. I had little little stuff worth. So I had to understand where did that begin? And there are things that show up because when you work on limiting beliefs, their subconscious, they’re not, you’re not aware of them. If you try to think them out, you’re never gonna get there, you’re gonna be running down, it’s like a dog trying to catch its tail, it’s never gonna get it. Um you’re were thinking of a short tail and a dog can’t move that well. So because some people are like, well this dog has a long tail, look how easy it is. You know? Anyway, I digress. So it’s one of those things where, you know, you look at these things are subconscious, you have to look at triggers, you have to look at patterns that show up in your life. For me, when, when I had to spend money on something or Bill came out of nowhere, there was a certain emotion that hit, there was a heaviness and I was like, why do I have this heaviness? I’m like, I’m not, I was, I was fine. The Bill came okay, so what?

And I had to go do some seeking to understand, Okay, well, what does that feeling means? Because that’s showing me, I’m not an alignment and there’s something I need to work on, you know, not work in the sense of mental, just something that needs to be healed, I need to become aware of this. And so all of a sudden I would start to do that work and I would start to catch these things like I think, oh I need money to make money, that’s one that’s a big trap, your valuable. And when I started to actually hone in, I started to do this as a belief system, I said, you know what I found where that came from and all these things and it’ll come to you, you know these things, it’s in your subconscious, you just have to become aware, quiet the mind and just become aware. And that’s a tough thing to do. It’s not as easy as I’m saying it is. Um, but when I got to that place and I said, where did this belief system serve me? When did I choose to let it serve me? And all of a sudden I remember my image came to me as a kid and I was like, I remember that, I remember when I was at that age and you know what, and then all of a sudden it’s just like playing an old movie in your head. And then all I do is you just take that belief and I’m like, okay, thank you for serving me. I appreciate you serving me for the time you have, but your time has gone and I’m, I’m releasing you back and you can say into the universe, whatever.

And I’m going to choose a new one. And then from that moment on, when I say a code, when I say a belief system, I said it to say this is my new belief system and that’s it. So now I am valuable, I don’t need money to make money. I’m money is people pay for what they value. If I am valuable, I am valuable and providing valuable information or valuable resources and become that person for them they will pay and they’re going to pay me for what my worth is and that was a game changer. So just from that one little thing going into talking to patients about their health, giving them an extensive plan that’s going to help them and so forth. I came with a different energy and the energy was receptive and all of a sudden people were all of my conversions went up all of a sudden everything in my business started to change. I didn’t do anything and just shift that belief system, Thank you for sharing that. Um I think the self work is is very important and even if you go back to that memory or that belief and you maybe look at why you believe it even if you act the same, you’re still going to be beneficial to know why you do things, you say that’s fair.

100% and you don’t even have to go back just declare really quick. You don’t even have to be like some people are like do I have to go back to the exact memory in order to claire? I’m like, no, you don’t have to you can just become aware of the feeling that feeling you feel because it’s a heavy, like I told you mine was a heaviness. Like everything just sunk in and I was just like, I don’t know why I feel that way. I don’t like that feeling icky. It’s like slime goo just thick and it’s just it just feels weird. And but then I let my mind play a role with me because the mind wants to be a part of things. And I said, okay, mind when I feel this, this relates to that now I’m programming my life. And so then every time I felt that my mind will kick in consciously and go that when you feel that that means this. So that means you have this thing popping up. So what do we do that? I can correct it. I can correct it in the moment by changing my feeling right? Change the belief. What’s the belief? I am valuable, I am valuable people. People who seek, you know, all these people had different information for it. But I had an emotion behind it and it would raise my emotion. I would keep saying until my emotion got back to being high where I didn’t have that gooey icky feeling.

I felt light and airy and when I felt light and airy, I was good to go simple as that. You say. You have the affirmations, um what what do affirmations do for you? Would you say? I don’t like using affirmations too much, but I was using them at the time just to reaffirm kind of things I was saying, but when it comes to, like, affirmations in general, I I’ll declare a statement that’s powerful, but it gets me, I I tie it to, like, an emotion that’s of a high vibration. So, when I meet my emotion at the high vibrations, I remember an event in my life that brought up, like, it could have been in sports most time. It’s in sports. I played baseball for 25 years. And so there’s an event where I was like, everything was on the line and all of a sudden came through maybe pitching or may have been hitting or maybe in the outfield and I remember that now that I have a daughter who’s seven weeks old, it is the easiest thing in the world. I just picture her in my arms, right, I can see her in my arms. And then I get this. But early feeling, I feel great. I feel light. I feel airy and then all of a sudden, it’s like, I’m in that good vibe. And then I’ll just, you know, that’s the vibe I need to get to with an affirmation if I use them, I don’t use them often be very transparent.

Because a lot of people use affirmations thinking that just because they’re saying that it’s going to make the change and make the initiation, there is a power to them, but you have to use emotions to Thailand and if you don’t, you’re missing the boat on them, well, thank you for that. You touched upon the concept of success not being big House, big Car. I do like to ask this question. What does success mean to you? I love that question. To me. Success is fulfillment. It’s it’s what fulfills you because that’s really what matters at the end of the day, because if you’re fulfilled, if let’s say you want to make, let’s say, someone says success to me means making millions and millions of dollars a year, okay, but if you feel fulfilled that millions of million dollars will come to you and continue to come to you and keep following you regardless. Now, I’m not saying there’s not people who are, I was unfulfilled and I hit a very high level of success in my world, but there are people who I know who are unfulfilled millionaires, so it can happen to be that way. But to me true success in the meaning of element that’s gonna amplify every element of your life is fulfillment, thank you for that.

Is there anything I should have asked you about today? No, you had some great questions, I think these were great, you know maybe what, what is fulfillment. But I don’t, I don’t know, I’m thinking about that, I was thinking about it, like you didn’t ask fulfillment, but I’m like, I don’t know how to respond to that because it’s a feeling, it’s not a mental thing for me. It’s like, it’s here’s how here’s how I explain fulfillment to people, is that it is the one thing that you can take away when you leave this place, when our time comes to transition that element of fulfillment are all the things outside to that that you can take out to your next whatever that is that you may believe. Thank you for that. If people do want to hire you or connect with you, where do they go? The easiest way to find me is my website, it’s my hub. It’s www.empoweryourreality.com. Up on the top right corner, if you like what I’m talking about, you want to set up a free discovery call with me, take 30 minutes we go through challenges or what you want to create in your life, and then I will give you a couple of action steps to how to move forward and if I feel like I know I can help you, then I’ll share how I can do that.

Also I have my podcast, I have free resources in there and then if you want to connect with me on social media at the bottom left of my website, I’m on four platforms, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. I share videos five times a week, at least something related to mindset, spirituality, money, you know, just raising one’s life, consciousness, and so forth, so come check me out. If you have questions, DM me, I do read my DMs, I do respond to them, I love hearing from people, so, yeah, come and connect. Well for everyone listening, please review the links in the description. Victor, thank you for being a great guest today. Oh, thank you for having me out, man. It was a lot of fun.