#262 – Living Life To The Fullest With Edwin Carrion

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the episode today, we have Edwin Carrion. Edwin, welcome. Thank you. Thank you for having me on the show, Thomas. How are you? And to everyone listening out there. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Let’s get ready for an amazing show. One of the better responses I’ve heard, so thank you for that. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do? Oh sure, of course. My name is Edwin Carrion. I call myself the God made millionaire and a lot of people get to know me by that name, but I was born in Ecuador. I came to the United States when I was 12 years old, raised by a single mother and migrated to the United States. From there on, I started my military career at the young age of 18 years old into the United States Marines, left the United States Marines. Had some amazing time in the military and became a successful entrepreneur and today I’m here with you to share my experiences and be able to impact your life in one way or another. Great introduction. Thank you for that. I wanted to ask you some things I saw on your profile that you became an entrepreneur at the age of 14. Do you mind telling that story for a bit?

Yes of course. Like I mentioned a minute ago I was raised by a single mother so I did not want to be a burden to her so I had to figure out how I can make money at a young age, especially my mother raised two kids on her own and it just sounds like a Tupac song right? Like Tupacs are you know, raising two kids on your own, but from there on I realized like that I need to make money on my own to be able to buy the things that I wanted at the same time not to be a burden on her. So at 14 years old and we lived in an apartment building and I started looking at the doors around and there was too many doors to count. And then I looked down at the parking lot because we used to live like on a maybe seven or eight floor and there was a bunch cars on the ground, so I’m like, wow, what can I do at 14 years old, that is going to be easy for me and able to make money. So I looked at all the cars, I’m like, okay, I could wash cars, that’s something simple. All I need is water, which is free and I need a bottle of soap, which I can take from my mom’s, this washing soap and start washing cars.

So sure enough, I convinced my best friend to do that and we started a car washing company at 14 years old. But then the cool thing about that was that in no time I had too many cars to wash, so we had to recruit another friend of ours. So I was doing the sales because I did not like to watch the cars. So I was doing the sales and I had my friends doing the dirty work, which is washing the cars. So that’s kind of, I always say I started my entrepreneurship at 14 years old. It’s brilliant. Any thoughts in terms of why you decided to do that versus maybe your friends didn’t, what makes you come up with that idea where other Children wouldn’t have done? I think it’s part of need. So when you have a need in your life and what there’s a want in your life, then you kind of figure out what is it that you need to do in order to fulfill that need and the want. But sometimes I always say the need is bigger than the want. Interesting. And I guess that’s the challenge of when, let’s say, once you become successful and you, you don’t have that need anymore, it’s tricky if you have children to try and teach them that. Any thoughts there?

Yes, it is. But again, once you become successful to me, I have two kids and my two daughters, 8 and 10 years old and they are very blessed, extremely blessed because they’re able to have anything that they want, but at the same time I make sure that I teach them and I make them understand to always stay humble and to be grateful for everything that they have, because they have it now because of their merits, but because of how good they behave, how good they are and what they do in school. So they still have to earn everything that they have. So to me teaching them that things are earned and not given. Great answer. So how does your first business venture end? How does my first business venture, let’s talk about moving forward because starting at 14 years old again to me that was more of a hobby, but my first business venture when I really called the business venture was when I started my DJ company at 15 years old.

So I started deejaying company and it was so cool because I always loved music until this day, I love music, all kinds of music. And my best friend comes to me, it’s like you know, hey bro, I got us a party, I got us a gig, they’re gonna pay us like $500 I’m like oh my god $500 for four hours. So we’re making $100 an hour. And this I’m talking about almost 30 years ago, 28 years ago to be exact, so that was a lot for for a 15 year old kid. So I told my mom was like mom I got a party, they’re gonna pay us, I need you to please be my investor and invest with me, I need to buy the equipment, the speakers, the music I need to buy. So we spend like around 2000 or $3000 for this one party. But that was the beginning of the DJ business. Uh it was an amazing experience. The first one that we had, I was all crazy. We got there an hour late. It took us like 45 minutes to set up the equipment, we had none of the music that the birthday girl requested because she like rock and roll, we didn’t like rock and roll at that time.

So she had to give us all the music and we played with her, but they had a great time at the end, we finished the night, good, we got tipped and it was a great night. So from their own fast forward a couple of years I was, I had 10 DJs working for me, I had a big entertainment company, I was working at radio stations, I was working at night clubs, I grew my deejay business and then that business ended because I gave the business away to a good friend of mine because I joined the Marine Corps and that’s when the business stopped at that moment. There’s a lot in that answer because for one thing you started another business a year after. Um so I, my guess is you’ve got the bug at that point. But the biggest thing for me that jumped out was the fact that you had 10 people working for you in that short space of time. And sometimes it takes, it can take years to get, I mean, you know, a decade maybe to get that kind of growth for some people. So what would you say was responsible for that?

Um again, once again my drive and the ability to make connections and understand how to delegate and that’s one of the biggest things that I always do is is delegate learn to delegate, learn to figure out how for me not to work. So I can have a lot of free, a lot of free time and figure out how can capture a lot of the market and be really good at one thing and one specific niche and able to delegate and help people out. One of the things that I learned now that I’m older and I’m wiser is that the bigger each one of my company gets, the more families and the more people were able to impact why? Because we’re able to sustain more families were able to give more jobs to more people. So to me that has been one of the biggest blessings of learning that that I make my company bigger not to make more money, but the companies have to grow in order to be able to give back a lot more to other people. The delegation thing is is really interesting because I have heard it before. Do you think it’s one of the main reasons why businesses don’t scale where owners hang on to work too much, 100%, That is one of them.

And I see it every day with the people that I mentor and I consult with businesses is because they think no one else could do the job like they can and they’re right, nobody else could do the job like you can, but they could at least come close to doing it the way that you do it. Mhm. And you decide to give the business away instead of selling it. What’s the thinking there uh too young. Did not know you could sell a business. I have to live to the Marine Corps within a couple of weeks. Didn’t know what to do. Had a lot of parties book for the rest of the year and that just kind of handed off to a good friend of mine. Like, here’s my book of business, take care of it, take care of my clients. Here we go. Sometimes some blessings. I think you did there, but I’m interested to know if you got any feedback about the business at any point in the future. No, I did not. I was going for four years after that 4.5 years actually to be exact in the military. So I kind of completely disconnected from that world once I was gone.

So it could still be alive today then they could they could still be alive today. Well, I don’t think it could still be alive today because I know for a fact I wouldn’t want to be doing that because even though it’s a great business, but again, you’re you’re you’re working every weekend, you’re working nights, you’re working holidays, you know, most of the parties happen on those times. So I don’t I don’t think I’ll be involved, especially now that I have a wife and kids in that business. Well, the next part of your story, you referenced the military and it is something that I find the topic fascinating. It’s the, the idea of that kind of discipline structured discipline in your life. First of all, what made you decide considering you have a successful business at that stage, What made you decide to join the military and what did that look like? Um, a couple of factors. Number one, I always wanted to be in the military. I love how the uniform looked and you know, you’re being a military type of person looked at.

I loved that part and I always wanted that, that was like one of my childhood dreams. But the second thing was that at 18 years old, I was kind of hanging around with the wrong crowd and I did something that I wasn’t supposed to and I got arrested and I went to jail for a day and when I came out of jail, I’m like, I need to change my life around. I’m going to the military, which a year later passed by, I signed that, I signed the papers but I didn’t go into it because I had to wait like a year. And within that year I changed my whole life around, I was going to college to become an attorney. My business was growing, my deejay business was growing and then a year later the recruiter comes and it’s like you need to go to the military, it’s time for you to go. I’m like no I’m not gonna go. And then he kind of calmed me into going into the military because once I was in it I realized I didn’t have to be there and I got the option of coming back. But then I gave I gave away my business, I quit school, I quit the other job that I had and I was already committed to being there so I’m like I’m gonna make the best out of it.

And sure enough I made the best out of it. I had The most amazing experience that only maybe one or 2% of the marines get to experience. And I was like this is the like if you look at the triangle right? I was like at the top, top of the peak of the triangle of the experiences that I that I had in the military compared to everyone else in the military. Why is that? Um Number one I got to do amazing things. I got to travel the world. So I was stationed in in Japan, I went to Korea, I went to europe, I was stationed in Moscow Russia. I got to guard the american embassies. I got a top secret clearance, I got to work with the FBI and trained with the F. B. I. D. A. C. A. So not everyone in the military gets to do that, only very few and I was fortunate enough and blessed enough to be able to do all those things in such a short period of time. Thank you for that. So to the degree that you can share anything is there any story that you could share that was you felt was cool or noteworthy.

A couple of good stories. I mean uh going on our way to Korea we were doing an amphibious assault exercise just like in the movie saving private Ryan just like identical in the movie saving private Ryan. But to me it was, it was great because on the way there Kosovo was happening and really scary moment that we might go to Kosovo, we might go to war and other suddenly they just turned around and took us back to Japan and the first new went on their first marine expeditionary unit went and took our place and we got back home safely. So it was an exciting moment but at the same time a good blessing because now that I understand the effects of going to war, I am extremely happy that I was never in war. I was never had to encounter anything like that. Thank you for that. In terms of your learnings from being a marine, what would you say? The key learnings are one of the main, the main key learnings that I always apply into my life today is my core values and not that I learned them in the military but that reinforced those core values into my life which which was honor, courage and commitment.

So honor, courage and commitment, I always have those values instilled in me since I was a little kid, to always be an honorable person, to always be committed to the things that I do and um and to have courage, you know not to be afraid of doing things but he’s been in the military, those are the military, the United States marines corps values and that just kind of reinforced that into my life and I carried those through my life every single day of honor, courage and commitment. So I always been a person of honor, being courageous and being committed to whatever I do and to the people that are around me and how would you say it changed you? How are you different when you came back um different the the way that I looked at things and the biggest difference was that when you go into the military as a young kid they completely transform who you are and especially going into the marines which you know those are the badasses of of of all the military branches in the United States and coming out of there you come up with this pride that you’re indestructible, you’re invincible, you’re like the biggest badass like you are the S.

H. I. T. And nothing could take you down and and that pride carries on with me and it’s gonna carry on with me for the rest of my life and and that is actually what kind of helps me every time I start a business knowing that I have that owner that carries the commitment. And there’s nothing that could stop me that always keep pushing through. So it’s kind of just giving you that self confidence and that know how the mindset that we could accomplish anything we want in our lives because going through what I went through in the military, I mean there’s nothing that could be worse than that. Well, um unfortunate and sorry that you were sort of lead there on false pretense in a way. But um when what was the story in terms of when you decided to to leave, how did that go when I decided to leave to the Marine Corps or after 11. Oh, come on. Okay. So what happened there was that since I was so fortunate enough to be surrounded by all these federal government agencies, FBI D A C I A Department of State and working in the american embassies, I realized that there was another part of the federal government that is much better and it has a lot of better benefits than being in the military.

So while I was in the military, I looked at myself that I wasn’t part of the military because my group within the military was very small. So thinking about coming back to a military base in the middle of nowhere in the United States and just having some odd jobs. I’m like you know what, this is not what I want for me if I want to be in the government side like I need to become a C I A agent. I need to become a D. E. A. Agent so I could travel the world, I could be living in these embassies in different countries and and get paid a lot more and and I looked at things that way. So prior for me to get it out when it was time for me to get out. I’m like if I don’t get promoted to this rank and it was again it goes, you know you have to ask for something, you have to reach the sky in order to kind of like uh you know get to get to the top. So my requests were extremely outrageous and uh if I would have gone I would have stayed in the Marine Corps. But you know the odds were very little to none for me to get what I what I was requesting.

So it was my time to leave. I had fun. I did everything that I wanted to do and in my life I knew that it was time for me to move on and to move on to something better. Do you mind sharing a bit about the thinking there in terms of asking for something which is you said the word outrageous presumably that’s something which you still you still do. You shoot for the stars as you said, do you mind sharing your thinking on that principle? Yes. Um again you always hear shoot for the stars so you could hit the sky, right? So again with that, I’m like, I know this is crazy, but I know it has happened at one point in my life, I know has happened at one point in somebody’s life in the past. So let me just give it a try. You know the words that that could happen is they tell me no and it did exactly that and it actually helped me be more at ease with my decision of walking away because it was a scary moment at that time of living having that comfort of having that, that that weekly paycheck or the bi weekly paycheck that would get comfort of having a house and knowing that when I lived the military, I was in debt and I had to go back to mom’s house after being being out of her house for 4.5 years and then starting all over again.

But I knew that if I didn’t make the hard decision, if I didn’t put myself on that uncomfortable situation, I was never gonna grow and I was never gonna move on to the next phase of my life and whatever that was at that moment and figure out whatever I needed to do to continue, I wasn’t gonna have that need, like I mentioned a minute ago, because I had that one. So I I didn’t have I needed to figure out and have a need in my life in order to continue moving forward. And that’s exactly what I had to put myself in that uncomfortable situation to move forward. Any adjustments to coming back home, um adjustment. It was just uh just dealing with people and having to figure out how to to move forward, how to grow how to just having that drive. And I had that hunger of being successful of being a millionaire. And and again, to me, that thing was living the military. I started my own business and I’m like, I want to be a millionaire and it was it was constantly in my head, be a millionaire, be a millionaire and being in the military and working, don’t stop.

I had the drive and I and I, that’s all I will do. Just work, work, work, work, work, trying to achieve that millionaire status until I finally achieved it. And that was all in my hands. So, it was to me, I put away everything, everything that my family, I put away my friends, I put away my relationship with God because I was chasing I put away my health because I was chasing the millionaire status. I was chasing this, supposedly what I thought in my life was gonna be success of becoming a millionaire and I achieved it and achieved the fast. But then it was all gone. Yeah well yeah, I was going to ask what happens next for you, but you mentioned that you had that, should we say the voice in your head or that drive, did you know why you wanted to be a millionaire at the time growing up on a very humble home and uh going to good schools and seeing people have things, I wanted to have those things and and again my dreams, I had plenty of dreams as a little kid, I wanted to be a pilot, so I wanted to fly and I know that was expensive, I wanted to have a Lamborghini and uh you know in one way I could have a Lamborghini was that I need to have money and I wanted to have my own big house and I had my dreams and I would and I wasn’t gonna give up on my dreams and I think that was one of the biggest things that I did not want to give up on my childhood dreams that didn’t want to give up on the dreams that I had, I wanted to help my mom out and retire her.

So to me like all these things were in my mind that I need and I need and I need this and I want this and I wanted that I was working hard for that to achieve my childhood dreams so what happens next for you? Um I go bankrupt in 2007, the real estate market crash. So I lived the Marine Corps, I become a real estate developer, go bankrupt and I’m like wow, I’m a failure. I’m a loser. I made all this money and I have nothing to show for and that’s what it was a very humbling moment in my life, realizing that all this time and all this effort that I put into this business to become a millionaire and I used to call myself a self made millionaire, I realized that I didn’t achieve the success that I had on my own. I put away everything that I thought I wanted in my life and all the people and my family and I’m like I mentioned a minute ago to achieve the success and I’m like, you know what I have nothing to show for.

I wasted five years of my life and here I am again, back to zero to square one and after a little bit of being down, I started back up again, a good opportunity came out and I started a gold buying business. But this time around, I said I’m gonna live the life that I deserve. I’m gonna live my best life, I’m gonna live a fulfilled life. And money is not an object to me, it was more achieving the lifestyle that I wanted. And sure enough, in no time in less than two years I had an amazing company making millions. I was working five hours a week and spending all my time on the on the boat every single day. Pretty much driving the Lamborghini, living on the on the house of my dreams and just having that financial freedom and living that life living life to the fullest like I call it. And I was preaching everyone you need to live your life to the fullest. And the reason that part of that success came into my life was because my focus at that time it wasn’t money wasn’t being a millionaire, it was having a fulfilled life, living my best life.

I got my relationship with God again I met my wife the girl of my dreams and God gave me two beautiful girls which that’s what I wanted in my life to be a father and have two beautiful girls. So I got everything that I wanted in my life and he just continue going uphill from there mm thank you for that. There is a lot there that I want to follow up on. The first being that was the main lesson that you learned from the real estate company um failure. The main main lesson that I learned from that is that whenever you have a company you need to have your company recession proof you need to make sure your company is recession proof because there’s times and bad times we’re gonna come in any business and in any market like right now we’re entering a recession so if your business is not recession proof, you’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna feel it, How do you recession proof for business?

That’s the key. Right? How do you recession proof business? Uh one of the simplest way to to have your business recession probably think about what is it that you need to do if you were to lose 50% of your revenue overnight, can your business sustain, are you able to sustain your business for the next six months or 12 months? And if the answer is no, then you need to figure out what is it that you need to do today To be able to sustain your overhead and everything in your business. If your revenue was to drop 50% you’re gonna be able to sustain your household for that. And that is one of the most important things that elite, how much debt do you have? Are you extremely over leveraged? Because to me that was one of the biggest things in 2007, 2000 and I was extremely over leveraged cause I wanted to grow really fast. So are you over leverage and things that, those are the things that you need to think about. Can I shut down my business for a year and still survive and then open it back up and continue having the same business that I have.

So that’s kind of how you recession proof your business, but at the same time when a recession comes in, is your business going to survive through the recession? Do I need to offer different products so my business could continue creating the same revenue that it does great answer and thank you for that. And I think if if people actually listen to that advice going into what is essentially a tough time, I think it’s very worthwhile that in in and of itself you also mentioned your new company, the gold company and you referenced in, I think you said two years that it grew very quickly and I was wondering what the reason for that was. How did you grow that company so quickly? The reason we grew that company so quickly because I know how to scale a company. I learned how to scale a company while I had my real estate development company, I took that company from negative $100,000 in debt to over $20 million dollars in assets in just five years.

So I knew exactly how to scale a company really fast and I knew all the mistakes that I made which is Being extremely over leveraged. So this time around I made sure that I wasn’t over leverage and I had a good foundation, some good roots on the ground before I scale this company and during the recession, during the recession of 2008, this business made me millions and again it goes back into being recession proof. So making sure your business is recession proof. So why I got into this business, this was a business that it was a recession for business that this business survives during a thrives during a recession and survives during a good economic time. Why? And it was a good business because again one of the things that I started looking for business was how can I serve other people? And this time during a recession, a lot of people were hurting a lot of people needed money. So we were giving money away to people in exchange for unwanted and broken jewelry.

So it was a win win situation for everybody, but at the same time all the broken jewelry. I don’t want the jewelry that I was buying from them. I was recycling that and helping the environment at the same time and That’s how we started and we grew that company created a franchise model had 14 stores throughout the United States and in 2014 I sold that business. So one of the biggest things that I learned there was that not only do you start a business but you scale a business and once you scale the business, you sell the business and once you sell the business you get one of the most amazing things that you can’t get which is you’re by yourself your time back. Well I definitely want to ask about the exit but in your previous answer you said that you like to live life to the fullest and it’s very much something which I feel is beneficial for other people to hear. So what do you mean when you say live life to the fullest, Live life to the fullest means to me, it’s living my ideal life, what do I want?

My ideal life to be like? So if today something were to happen to me and I’m laying down in my deathbed and I look back at my life, am I gonna say I should have done that, I could have done that, I would have done that. Or am I going to say, wow Edwin, you had such an amazing life, there’s no regrets, there’s nothing that I didn’t get to do because I got to do everything on my wish list and my bucket list and I had so much fun along the way and not only that, but along the way, I created some amazing experience and memories for my loved ones because the only thing I can live to them that is never gonna go away are those memories and that’s what I’m creating every single day with my family. You do like a formal exercise of the deathbed exercise or was it just something that was in your mind that you were thinking about? Um it was just something in my mind that came to me and again I said, you know, because what happens to a lot of us when we’re adults is that as we grow older, we realized that we forget about the childhood dreams that we had.

So, no, maybe as a kid, you thought about that you want to drive a race car, you never got the chance to do it right? Because you never took the time to do it. So that was a kid. You know, when you’re a little kid and you and you’re playing with your toys, your car tells you like, oh my God, I’m gonna be driving a race car blah. But a lot of us never get to do that in our life. Why? Because we forget about the dream that we had as a kid or my perfect example, which is I wanted to fly planes and I wanted to be a pilot. And as a kid, I always wanted to be a pilot, I looked up at the sky, I’m like, oh my God, I wanna fly, I wanna be in the sky. And then sure enough, you know, I didn’t put that dream behind, I became a pilot and or you know, when, when, when you looked at, I love the water, I love the ocean and and to be being on the water is one of the most satisfying things that could happen to me. So I always wanted to have a boat. And sure enough, I’m like, I did not put that dream aside, but against the dreams always change and they get bigger and bigger and bigger. So it came to the point that I told my wife when my kids were little, I’m gonna retire on a 45 ft yacht and that’s gonna be my last year at my biggest one that, that’s where I’m going to retire.

And fortunately, no, I’m not retired yet because I don’t want to and right now I have a 54 54 ft yet and I love it because that creates amazing memories with my family. So it’s not so much about the material things that I have, but it’s mostly what those material things do in my life and for my family and what experiences can I leave behind? And I love that because I invite a lot of the people that I meant to, to go out on my yacht and I show them the experiences and, and the legacy that you leave behind for themselves, for their family, for their loved ones, for the people that they love. And once you start understanding that you start shifting your mindset into living that fulfilled life, living your life to the fullest. Any advice for someone who’s perhaps not living up to their potential at the moment? Um, yes, the best advice could do is, take some time, sit down, write down, how do you want your, your life to be? How do you want your ideal life to be? What is it the things that you had as a kid, What are the dreams that you had as a young kid that you have not accomplished yet, put them all down and me and start focusing exclusively and only on that.

Don’t worry about how much is it gonna cost if you wanted a Lamborghini, don’t focus on how much the Lamborghini is gonna start focusing of you having the Lamborghini attracting that into your life and eventually you’re gonna get that. Were you referenced in your previous answer about the fact that you sold your business? So I’ve actually done a couple of episodes all on the exit of a business. So for other people, what would you say are your best learnings from how to sell a business. Those learnings of how to sell a business is number one, make sure your business is scalable, make sure you have good systems and processes in place. So when you exit the business is easy to transition. Number two, make sure you understand how to value your company, so you’re not taking advantage of when you’re selling and if you hire a broker, make sure your understanding, you read the fine line on the Brakhage agreement because some brokers they want to take you for every they want a commission for everything you’re gonna get in the long run.

So you kind of have to figure out that that commission is only based on the transactional part and the cash that you get up front. Okay and did you make that mistake and it was it was costly or did you actually you know you read the terms and thought I’m not going to go ahead with that deal. You know I made the mistake. If not I wouldn’t give you that advice right? So how much would you say that cost you then a Couple of $100,000? Well that’s a very good piece of advice for you to pass along then. So thank you very much for sharing that. And that’s why I always say you know the the importance of having a mentor it’s it’s so valuable because people don’t understand that not only a mentor is gonna cut the learning curve but they’re gonna make you so much more money not only in revenue but in other ways and in network and in people that you get to know once you have the right mentor because without it yeah you could do everything on your own.

But it’s gonna cost you just like it cost me well based on our conversation today I can’t ever see retiring. I think that you’re always gonna have something going on. But the question is you know what’s next for you Next for me is this year I’m really pushing my public speaking career and I’m very blessed that I’m actually gonna be going into the UK soon to speak to over 600 amazing entrepreneurs and that’s just the beginning my my ultimate goal and my ultimate mission at this moment is to impact as many lives as I can, to impact as many people as I can and teach them and show them how to live a fulfilled life, how to live their life to the fullest. Well on that topic, what would you say, other biggest mistakes people make in relation to living a full life, not having a balance in their life, and I think that’s one of the biggest biggest ones, because like I mentioned at the beginning, we focus into having a successful business, we focus into having this amazing company, we focus into making the money that we forget everything else that’s important in our life.

We forget about our family, we forget about significant other, we forget about our relationship with our God and we forget about all those things and when, when, when we don’t have those good relationships here, it doesn’t matter how much money we have, we’re not gonna be fulfilled in our lives and we forget about ourselves, which that’s one also the most important things to, We forget about us forget about our health, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you’re healthy, no money in the world is gonna help you out. So, again, it starts within and from there on everything grows well, I mentioned, I ask one question every time I speak to someone and that question is what does success mean to you? Ah success mean to me being a God made millionaire, being rich in all aspects of my life and because of that I wrote a book is called nine seekers for a successful life and business that what your listeners could have today for free and how do they get that?

Just go to my website Edwin Carry on.com and you’re able to download the book nine secrets for a successful life in business. And these are secrets I created. But these are secrets that a bunch of my millionaire friends have shared with me along the many, many years of my journey in business. This is very impressive that you’ve got it up on the screen there at the click of a button. This is the the excellence that you you take to your other businesses, right? Yes sir. Love it. Do you have any closing thoughts for us today? Yes, I’m gonna leave you with one thing that if you don’t know where you’re going, you will eventually get there. Well for those I know you’ve referenced in the previous answer, but for those who are looking to either follow you or connect with you, where do they go? Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, EdwinCarrion78, you can find me there. And if you have any questions, send me a message and like my mentor says, become an ask hole because if you don’t ask, you’re never gonna get an answer.

So it’s okay, reach out to wherever you want. The worst thing they could say is no, but just ask the questions and I’m here to serve and help everyone. Edwin. I have found you to be very inspiring today, so thank you very much for being a great guest. Thank you for having me and to everyone out there, have a beautiful day.