Success Left A Clue With Robert Raymond Riopel

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the podcast today, we have Robert Raymond Riopel. Robert, welcome.

Hey thanks, Thomas. I’m glad to be here. Appreciate you inviting me.

Glad to have you. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do?

Yeah, absolutely. I am an international bestselling author with my first book success left a clue. I’m an app designer, a serial entrepreneur and one of the things I think I’m the most proud of is I’ve been blessed to travel around the world several times and personally trained over half a million students and in live trainings anywhere from 3 to 5 days at a time Where I’m up to on stage up to 12 hours a day. So I love doing that because it allows me to live my passion and today, though I do things virtually because of where things are at and I still love to impact people’s lives and you know, helping as many people as I can around the globe. The first time I heard something similar was from and when I say similar, what I mean is success left a clue. It was from Tony Robbins and he always uses the phrase success leaves clues.

Do you have a Tony Robbins? Shall we say one of your mentors would you say, you know, interesting enough, even though for 20 years I’ve taught all over the world, he’s one person I haven’t learned from yet and the same company books him in that books me in for all the different places, but I know, you know Tony’s message. I hear all over the place and I love his messages and that’s probably one of the things that kind of got me spurred on to start noticing if success leaves clues, what are they? And so I started noticing the people around me that I’d share the stage with and successful people versus non successful. What were the differences? And that’s where I started generating my clues from those observations. So I guess you could say a joint, it started from that. You helped me along there, you’re helping me as a host because you just said, what are they? These clues? And so you know, it’s a great question. So, but you know, help me with the question well there’s so many clues. One of them that I love though is don’t, if you’re going to reinvent the wheel, do it later.

And what I mean by that is one of the things that I’ve noticed as a big block for people is that we’ve grown up and we’ve been taught, you know, don’t copy other people don’t ask for help. We think we have to do it all on our own. And so even if a system for success is presented to us, we go, oh that’s great, but I’ve got to do it my way and we try to reinvent it and then we wonder why we struggle. So that’s why I say, look, if you want to reinvent that wheel do it later, get the success, use a system that has created success before, in whatever it is you want to do, get the success and then once you have the success, if you still want to reinvent the wheel, go ahead and do it because at least now you have the success instead of trying to reinvent right away and wondering why you struggle. So that’s just kind of one sample of one of the clues that I’ve come across. It’s a good one, I like that and it is something that I struggle with and one of the examples, if you like, that have been rolling around in my head a little bit is frequency of upload. So this might be going on a complete tangent, but I do regular episodes and I have varied between uploading every day to, alright, I’m gonna upload every week or Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

And my conclusion is that I’m just going to upload for me whenever I want to sort of like a more of a passion type thing than it is a, I’m definitely going to do it here. But there is some success leaves clues principles, perhaps, which says that you should do it consistently because your audience will tune in on a particular day, any thoughts on that particular example. Well, you know, maybe BC before Covid that might have been more pertinent, but today with how much people are online, I don’t know if you can sit there and target certain times in certain days because so many people have made adjustments in their lives going through from everything from Zoom burnout too. You know, because all of a sudden they were devouring as much as they could online. So I think all those algorithms have changed for when people actually do. And so I think you’re on the right track Thomas when you say, you know what, I’m going to do it when it just feels right for me because if you if, you know, you’re not a person that strong in being kind of pigeonholed, I’ve got to do it here, here and here.

If that’s not a strong suit of yours, then you’re going to resist. You’re gonna self-sabotage, you’re gonna find that, then you’re going, I’m not enjoying this as much and you’re gonna probably not remember why you started this whole podcast in the first place. And that might be a reason to stop to quit. And that’s one of the things I’ve seen for a lot of people that do quit things is because they forget why they got going. So if you truly want started this to help people then do it in your flow and you may set your own algorithm because you may connect with the people that are in the same kind of flow as you are and go, this is what I needed. Thank goodness Thomas Green is releasing now because guess what? It popped up and I hear that so many times when, and you’ve probably heard this as well. Someone goes, you know, I needed to hear that message right now, thank you for delivering it and we have no control of who needs what when. So long story short, definitely I would go with your gut on that one. I knew you’d have a good answer. It’s not, it’s a question that wasn’t even remotely covered in the things that you’ve got in your profile and you want to speak about.

But I knew you would have a good answer. But one of the things which did pop up out of me, which I really wanted to ask about and it maybe not always what people ask you about, Which is after going from $150,000 in debt and stressed to completely financially free by the age of 32. That sounds like a very compelling, worthwhile story for people to hear. Would you share? Absolutely. Growing up where I did where I now live again in Alberta, we’re taught you take care of your family, you do whatever job gives you security and pays you a good amount whether you like it or not. And I watched and so it was like, hey, find a union or find a government job or a city job. Those are the ones that, once you’re in, you’re in. But I watched so many people struggling through that. And at the age of 21 when I’m now being laid off from my third company and you know that I thought was gonna be a company I worked with for a long time. I’m going like something’s not working here. And because of the economy, I started delivering pizzas for Domino’s pizza.

And because of my work ethic, I became a manager, my wife became my assistant and we started working hard like we’ve been taught to do. In fact, we were working open to close seven days a week. And as we’re doing that a year and a half in, we’re now qualified to be franchisees. And I don’t know how much you know about the franchise system for Domino’s. You can’t just buy a franchise. You actually have to successfully manage a store meeting a lot of criteria for at least a year and then they qualify you to be a franchise fee and they waive the upfront franchise fees to make it a little easier. You still have to buy or build a store which is still expensive. So we’re qualified and we find out our franchisees selling his two stores. I went into fear mode because my mind’s like, oh crap, what do we do? And my answer was we need to find other franchisees in the city, see who needs managers because now it’s my wife and I are about to both lose our jobs and I when I’m, you know, in this panic mode, my wife and I said to my wife, we’ve got to start calling the other franchisees. She looks at me and she’s like, why would we do that? We’re qualified to be franchisees, Why don’t we just buy the store we’re working in?

And I looked at her, I’m like, because we don’t have any money, that’s why we don’t buy it. Like hello? But my wife, who is the youngest of five raised by a single mother, she was taught you find a way and we made a lot of mistakes, Thomas. But over the next 4-5 months we learned what worked and what didn’t work what to say what not to say. And we’re actually able to not get the financing for the store we worked in, But we ended up getting 100% financing for both the stores. We had that my franchisee had for sale and we became franchisees and that’s great. It was like we were successful. We knew how to run a domino’s pizza, but we didn’t know how to run a business. And there’s a world of difference between the two And we struggled for the first couple years and then we started figuring it out and as we started making more money and becoming successful, we started spending more money than we were earning both coming from poor families. We want to keep up with the joneses and that’s what got us into $150,000 in personal debt by the time we’re eight years um, into being franchisees. And when we ended up getting that deep in debt, I don’t know if you’ve experienced financial stress, but I’ve never experienced stress as bad as that, how it just ripped through our whole life.

And that’s when we were introduced to personal development for the first time and we went to a three-day training that taught us why we’re in debt. But more importantly, it taught us to take ownership. See, I was good at blaming other people. They lost my investment because of them. I made that decision, that decision that lost the money and when we learn to take responsibility, that’s when our world changed. And then we were given specific things we could do to get out of debt if we wanted and putting into practice. And this is why in my book step # three is you have to take action. We didn’t just learn it. We took action on what we learned. Nine months later, we end up going from $150,000 in debt to completely financially free at the age of 32 and our minds went, that worked. And then that’s what led me to the journey I’m on today because it was if this much information, give me that result more information do. And I found my passionate train and my whole dream started like this, it wasn’t how do I help a lot of people around the world. It’s if I can help one person, One person do what my wife and I have been able to do go from deep in debt to financially free.

It makes it all worthwhile and 20 years later here where here’s where I am today or not pick up on something if I may and that’s the difference. My knowledge around franchises is fairly surface level. And when you said I assumed it was like your local business, the equivalent of a local business. What’s the difference between a franchised business as you said and a typical small business you might see. Yeah, my difference that I see is in my one Domino’s pizza location In our delivery area, we had 41 competitors and we had some of the big name competitors which were franchises like Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, you know, Little Caesars Pizza, those kind of ones. But we also had a lot of local ones where it was John’s Pizza or you know Athena Pizza where it was owned by one person, they had one location and it was owned and operated by that person.

So a franchise. So Domino’s Pizza which has now In Canada alone over 500 stores across the country, that’s a franchise where one of the biggest difference is whether I make money or not I pay them a royalty every single week and you know, when I was in it, the pizza business was a cutthroat business, I gotta tell you not a lot of profit in it. And so, um, yes, the recognition of the name brought me more business, but there’s also other expenses to it. And so when I, knowing what I know today, if I was ever to go back into the pizza business, I would open my own shop because I’d have actually more profit margin to be able to do things. And a franchise is also very strict rules. Here’s your uniforms, here’s what your store has to look like. Here’s what you’re marking looks like. So it’s very, very stringent guidelines. So like a McDonald’s probably the most well-known franchise in the world, no matter what McDonald’s, you go to, you’re going to get the same heartburn – I mean, hamburger – at the same at each one around the world.

How probable is it that you’re going to go back into the pizza business? Knowing what I know now not, but if I ever had to, I would go back in a different way. I would go back in having, uh, um, group of partners where we’d go in and we’d have 15 20 stores instead of us having to be in there running each one, we would have the supervisors in place, managers in place, we would make it as an investment, not as a business that we were running, that would be the biggest difference. And you use the term financially free. do you have a definition there because people use that term in different ways. Just so we’re all on the same page. What that means to you? Absolutely. I’m glad you asked that because a lot of people, when I tell my story that I went from 158,000 in debt to financially free in nine months, they automatically think, oh my God, you’re a millionaire. You, how did you go from that to millionaire that quick? And I’m like, no, I didn’t say I became wealthy. So if you look at the definition, we use financial freedom. It’s when your passive income, which is money working for you, money working instead of you when it’s greater than your expenses.

You’re now technically financially free, meaning you don’t have to work because you have enough income coming in that your expenses will be covered. So my wife and I as an example, we still had debt after nine months, but because we had found two passive incomes that was producing enough income and we simplified our life. One of the reasons we were in debt. We had all the toys and we were willing to make the tough decision that you know what, we don’t need the boat that we’re never using, but we have all the expenses. Let’s sell the boat. We don’t need two cars. We’re always at work together. So we only use one vehicle, let’s sell that and get rid of the expenses. So when we dramatically reduced our expenses, same time increasing and learning and putting in place passive incomes becoming financially free came very quickly for us. And what that allowed us to do though. And here’s the magic of it. The moment we are financially free, we ended up having a freedom, we never realised, see we’re working in our stores and in our business 50, 60, 70 80 hours a week, earning a living the moment we were financially free.

All that time freed up. And also, now we had an extra 40, 50, 60 70 hours a week to do and put our energy in other areas. And so we committed to taking 10 hours a week of this freed up time. So it’s not like we got busier. We still have a ton of free time to do stuff. Now. We took 10 hours a week, and we focused on creating wealth. And if you look at, you know, napoleon hill think and grow rich where attention goes, energy flows, results show. And so because we’re putting 10 hours a week into creating wealth also in the wealth creation became so much easier because we didn’t have the stress of being so bogged down by time restrictions, great points just regarding the details of how you left the franchise business because I don’t know anything about how you would leave that type of business because technically you’re not selling your own business, How does that work? Yeah, you actually you are, but you’re only able to sell to qualified franchisees. And so when we had our two stores at one we sold our first door out of desperation.

We were deep in debt and we had to sell. Now, in that moment, I will tell you I played the victim and I will say the guy took advantage of us. But when I look back now I am a big believer that we teach others how to treat us. So I now take ownership that we allowed him to treat us the way we did and we sold that store under direction where the price kept coming down. We ended up financing the purchase instead of getting a lump sum. It was a stressful time. But from selling that store to a year later selling the second one, we’re now in personal development, we’re now owning who we are. No one wanted our 2nd store. And the reason they didn’t want it is because it was in an area that if you bought that story you couldn’t expand, there is so you’re kind of limited to one store. And so because of that people didn’t want the store. Whereas our other story was in a city where the only way you could expand was by getting existing stores so that’s what why people wanted that one. But the moment we changed our mindset and we said you know what we’re gonna. Systemized the store. So it works without us. We’re going to turn it into a passive income. So that means we’re not having to work it.

We’re gonna have paid managers in there that are doing well, they’re happy to be there. We’re gonna have it all systemized and we’ll make a little bit of money as the still owners but without having to be there so we can do other things. And if it sells great, if it doesn’t sell not a problem we’re making money. The moment we changed our mindset also three people three people also approached us going we want to buy your store. It’s amazing how powerful your mind is because now we, the first one was a young gentleman. First time being a franchisee, he is now qualified and he had funding to do it. So we went to them and we were very upfront. We said look you came to us first. We’re gonna work with you first and learning from our past mistakes. We said here’s the price non-negotiable. Here’s the possession date. Non-negotiable. We’ll tell you the good, we’ll tell you the bad will tell you the ugly of everything going on in the business. As long as you live up to your end of the business or your deal the deal will go through if you don’t the deal ends no hard feelings. But we’ll go to the next person and we’re very clear on that. And everything went smooth until he was supposed to put down a $5,000 non-refundable deposit.

And he was supposed to meet us at a coffee shop with the check and he didn’t show up. So we found him and said eric what’s going on? Well, well, well and inside, I’m frustrated. I’m like, we put months into this now. But I had to remember my commitment and my wife and I said, look, we’re not up front with you. Have we told you everything? Yeah. Yeah, well, you didn’t live up to your end of the bargain. The deal is now done. We’re going to the next person. And we hung up the phone and inside we’re going. And as soon as we hung up the phone were like, what did we just do? And we’re going through turmoil. two minutes later, he phoned us back. He goes, no, no, no, I’m on my way. I’m on my way with the check. Now, here’s what’s kind of interesting Thomas is in that moment we had a choice. The relief flooded through us and we could have went, great, get down here. But what I don’t know why, but my wife suggested it. She goes, no, you didn’t live up to your end. We’re going to the next person if you still want the deal, the price just went up $5,000 and you have three hours to make a decision and hung up the phone and I’m like, what did you just do? She goes, I don’t know. But it felt right. He called us back within three minutes said I agree to the terms I’m on my way and everything else went smoothly and we ended up getting more money for the store.

And the only difference between the first sale and the 2nd 1 with us and our mindset a great story. And it really illustrates what you said about you teach people how to treat you is this the main driver behind that principle. I would say yeah because we learned so much and then we started looking back at our life where we’ve played the victim and who in our lives that we find talked down to us and who do we even talked down to or who do we look at and go, oh my goodness, I could never approach that person because they’re way better than me. And it’s something of a mentor of mine said and reminded me of even just a couple weeks ago, he says play the middle person realise we’re all the same. No 1’s better or worse than anybody else. But it’s us that either elevates people or looks down on people. So if you choose to be the middle person and look at everybody that look we’re all we came from the same place, we’re going back to the same place. They may know something, I don’t know which is fine, but I know something they don’t know which is fine. So we’re all the same, we’re no better or worse.

And when I come from that perspective, my life flows a lot easier now. Think that’s well, one place I’ve heard that before is a little nightingale. We’re all superior and inferior in our own ways to everyone else. You like to help? Yeah. One of one of the greats that has influenced so much where everything is today for personal development. I wanted to ask you about living an empowered life, but almost everything you’ve spoken about now sort of covers that. So, have you got anything you want to add? Well, I just believe that the greatest gift anybody can give this planet is to be themselves, live authentically. Because when you’re you, one of 2 things happens either people like you for who you are or they don’t, and if they do like you for who you are, That’s awesome. If they don’t like you for who you are, That’s awesome because I used to be a world class people pleaser. And I looked back and I go look at the time, energy and money and stress I spent trying to be someone else for other people when I’m just me, I’m always blown away by who’s attracted to my energy.

And so I I’m just coming from that perspective if I can empower people to just be themselves, whatever that looks like they will be amazed at how their life has just becomes more energised. Have you got any thoughts on how to implement their, because I think that most people would agree with if they’re reasonable people, they’d agree with what you just said. I think the implementation is difficult part. You got thoughts around that. Yeah. And I totally agree it is difficult. And think of it, have you ever watched the documentary, the social dilemma? I don’t think so. Okay. I would encourage that you check it out and it infuriated a lot of people because it was a deep dive into just how the algorithms work in social media and how they track how long you pause on a video, how long you watch a video and so all of sudden they’re feeding you everything that you’ve been pausing on looking at everything like that. And a lot of people get frustrated at that. But if you look at it, it is actually the greatest example of law of attraction out there.

If you think about it because well, if you’re looking at your feet and you’re not liking what you’re seeing, take a look at where you’re putting your energy into it. Are you responding to the posts that get you upset? So of course you get more of those which gets you more upset and the change is actually easy. And the reason I’m using this to answer your question is because you can actually, we’ve proven this with the number of people you could go into any of your social media feeds right now and you can actually change all the ads that are coming your way just by, if you see something that you usually don’t like, you just scroll through it quickly. Things that you do, like we like to say slow your scroll and instead of just liking it, put a heart love it. And also within minutes you’ll see the advertisements and what you’re seeing on your social media actually change bringing you more of what you want. But most people focus on what they don’t want and that’s where they struggle and they wonder why they get more of it. So when it comes to being you Break it down into one step at a time. What’s one thing I can do today that honours me for who I am and then just take that step because people get overwhelmed.

They’re so far ahead of themselves trying to figure out all the what if scenarios, well if I do this and that person might like me. But then if they don’t, I have to do this and I have to do no wonder we get overwhelmed and tired and chronically fatigued, take a deep breath in come back to the present, be here right now and then say what’s one step I can take. I think it’s some Joe Rogan in his stand up says, we’re all a walking calculation like you do something to get some feedback or I better not do that type of thing. And that’s exactly what you’re saying. And I think I’m guilty of that as well. I think I’ve got some work to do that. We all do. Let’s be clear all of us. Even me. Hello. The reason I do this work is because I’m always working on me. What are the four currencies of life? Yeah, the first one is the one everybody might think of, which is the currency of money. And in my research I realised you can either have too much money or you can have too little and too much money in your life is called affluence. And you know, you are in an affluence kind of state when you start making crazy decisions with your money buying things that you really don’t need.

But hey, I’ve got the money to do it or the biggest one is you start making financial investments without doing the proper due diligence. And then you’re shocked when you lose the investment because it didn’t work out. So too much money is affluence too little is poverty. And what I’ve realised is that there’s a zone, everybody has their zone, everybody is different. Your zone is different than my zone. My zone is different than the next person’s and throughout your life, as you grow, it will change up and down. But the more the more you can, and you can really identify quickly because you’ll see where you make your crazy decisions, you’ll see when you get stressed, when I had my domino’s pizzas anytime. We gotta rate around $40,000 a year. I was stressed out because how are we going to pay the bills? Oh my goodness, this isn’t working, something’s wrong, Anytime We got over 100,000 in a year, things I would, we would spend it on crazy things. So that was our zone at that time. So that’s the first currency. The second currency is the currency we all have the exact same amount of which is the currency of time. And a lot of people that I hear, especially they say they want change, but they go Robert, you don’t know my life between my business or job and my family, I am way too busy.

I don’t have time to do something else and make a change. And what I’ve learned is again, through my research, that there’s a big difference, Most people are really, really good at being busy, but they’re not necessarily productive. And again, a world of difference. And just from watching myself, I break out on my calendar. I live by my calendar And I’ll take 30 and 60 minute blocks of time for productivity. I call it focus time and say it’s writing my new book. If I put down, I’m going to write my book for an hour in that hour, no distractions. I write my book and what I’ve realised is one hour of being focused for me is the equivalent to about six hours of being busy and getting distracted. So when people understand and if they can get in the habit of using focused time, they’ll actually free up time in their life and it’ll be like they’ve created you know, an abundance where now I have time for family because I’m a very big believer, you don’t want to have success at the expense of your family paying the price and you can have both. And an example of that to Thomas because I can only go from my own experiences, Even when I was flying 200,000 miles a year around the world training, I still took six months a year off and how many people would love to be able to do six months a year off to do whatever they want.

I created that reality for myself because of focused time. The 3rd Currency is the currency of fame And this one is a tricky one especially with instant gratification that people want. They want their 15 minutes of fame on social media. And if you’ve ever noticed when you talk extreme celebrities also in someone skyrockets into the, you know, public frames and success and fame can ruin their life. They go into drug addictions, alcohol addictions, all these things, but yet the same fame for someone else. They seem to handle it very well. So what’s the difference? Well, I’ve learned that the differences is who are you. Can you be authentic to who you are in that situation or as that fame is coming your way? Do you think you have to try and be someone else and keep, you know, impressed people or try to, and that’s where the people that crashed? And I learned this lesson really from interviews I saw with Jennifer Lopez a lot of years ago, the interviewer said Jennifer, you know your powerhouse and business acting, singing all this, but you also seem to have a great family life, how do you keep the two separate?

And she said, oh I’m just me, but when I’m doing business, I’m J Lo, that’s my brand, that’s my persona. When I’m home, I’m just Jennifer, that’s all I am. And I went, wow, that’s, I can resonate with that because when I’m on stages around the world, I have assistance, taking care of everything. I’m Robert Raymond Riopelle, that’s my brand. But I mean, in that round I’m just me, but when I’m home I’m just Robert or Rob and my wife and I have a running joke to help me stay grounded. I come home from traveling around the world to go, honey, you’re home now. No more assistance, go take out the garbage and I love it because it reminds me that I am no better than anybody else, I’m just another person. So that’s the currency of fame and then the fourth currency is the one I love to spend the most time in and that’s the currency of experience when you’re living life, are you just existing or you experiencing it? And let me be clear, I’m not just talking the good time. Can you truly experience when you’re in frustration when you’re in anger when you’re in pain, can you experience it or and most people, they try to just say ah I want to be there for the good times.

Some of your hardest times make you who you are to the extent that you can help a lot of people, but if you just try to exist through it, are you really going to be able to be of service? I want to be able to be on my you know deathbed in 100 years from now, let’s be clear. I plan to stay here a long time and I want to be able to look back at my life and go what a journey that was instead of looking back going, what did I do? And so that’s a currency of experience. How did you come up with those? Yeah, oh from an amazing friend of mine and I you know he, I love to acknowledge source. I nicknamed him years ago I call him the quantum monk And the reason I did is because he was actually a monk for eight years Over 15,000 hours of meditation. And he loves to study quantum physics brilliant man. And he, it was part of something he called his chaos modules. And when I heard him teach him for the first time I’m like Greg, this is brilliant. But see it wasn’t his passion, his passion was something else to teach. But he had come across all this in his research.

So I said do you mind if I bring it to the world and I go deeper, it needs us, please do. And so we’ve spent many hours on Zoom where I’ve done deep dives into him and it’s now where when we the last call we did, he was like you’ve actually taken us to a different level than I even thought. And so he’s very happy with how we’re bringing it out to the world. That’s quite that’s one way to leverage, isn’t it? All the thousands of hours of meditation. Oh my goodness. Could you picture I couldn’t do it. I’m not sure I could do anything else if I did do that. Well. And I guess that’s why eight years as a monk. He had the time to do it. Well, I’ve got another one which sounds very interesting and six steps to creating the life of your dreams. Mm hmm. Yeah, It’s only six steps away. It is. And this is what is in my book. Success left a clue. It’s the six steps to change in your life and here’s why I did it. And I’m glad that you said only six steps. I could have put all the research, the quantum physics, the science all behind it and made 1000 page book with every detail and most people will get in about five pages.

They go, you know, so I decided to how do I boil it down to make it as simple as possible. And I’m gonna say this, do not let the simplicity fool you do not. I I wanted I’d rather you take the simplicity and put it into action and also and go wow it’s working. Then the mind will try and say that’s too easy and it’s never easy, you gotta put work in. It’s simple if you follow the steps difference, big difference there. So the six steps and the first one is to dream but not just dream big as my friend Les Brown says the problem is not that we set our goals too high and we miss them. The problem is we set them too low and we hit them and that creates mediocrity. So dream big. This is where vision boards are huge. I am a big believer in dream boards. Second step, find a mentor or someone to model because chances are again going back to that, why reinvent the wheel, chances are unless you’re an Elon musk or Jeff Bezos, chances are whatever you want to accomplish, someone’s done it before, so find out how they did it and mentor model.

But this one also comes with another side to Thomas switches as you’re finding a mentor and some of the model from ask yourself, who could I be a mentor to? Oh, Robert, I don’t have the success you have. I can’t mention people you don’t have to have quit comparing yourself to me. What have you gone through in your life? That someone else could use that guidance on to get through it. And this is where you look at your pains and your tough times because those could be the greatest gifts and it’s not all about take, take, take. So it’s how can I contribute to others at the same time. Third step, probably the number one thing that I see difference between successful people and non is action, successful people take action, unsuccessful people don’t, I love this saying that says one step in the right direction is worth 1000 years of thinking about it and most people think themselves out of success, they never take the action. So take action. The 4th step is one that’s very missed and this is the one that if they don’t do it, this is why people self-sabotage and that is celebrate your successes and I don’t mean it has to be big things by myself a car because I did this, go on a vacation, it could be something as simple as great job you carried through on the commitment you said you were going to do, you got up and got out of bed this morning and started your day At eight instead of 8:30.

Excellent job! That celebration anchors into you and people go, oh, Robertson, I only celebrate big successes. Well, let’s be clear. There’s no such thing as small, medium or large. Only the mind makes up. That crap. Success is a success is a success. So if you really want to mess with your mind Thomas, you mess with it by celebrating even the smallest things in a big way because your mind will be going, what are you doing? Because your mind, if it doesn’t want you to change, it will make your successes seem smaller. So you don’t celebrate them. So celebrate and create the habit on the smallest things and watch how it creates into celebrating everything in your life. So that’s step number four step number five is in by celebrating. It’s going to increase your self-esteem. The # one issue everywhere in the world have been, it doesn’t matter, your religion, your beliefs, your upbringing where you live low self-esteem is probably the biggest issue I’ve encountered for people all over the world that we all have in common. And so it’s believing in yourself as step number five and it’s not about ego confidence, not arrogance. I just truly believe that you know what I do deserve more in my life And step six, which is the one that messes people up because it’s the simplest one of them all Repeat the 1st 5 steps because here’s what happened when you dream, you find a mentor or someone to model from, you take an action, you celebrate that success, it elevates the belief in yourself which allows you to dream bigger, find greater mentors, take greater actions, greater celebrations, greater belief and it becomes a beautiful circle.

So that’s the six steps, lot of good stuff in there. A lot of good stuff. I did want to, I didn’t want to interrupt you but I did want to ask about who your mentors are and also maybe an example of how you’ve helped be a mentor to someone else. Yeah mentors for me as a trainer, probably my greatest mentor is a gentleman by the name of Blair Singer, he is known as kind of the, the master of trainers that he not only did he start teaching me how to be a trainer, but then I got to work side by side with him a lot in my early years and he is probably the number one person that’s allowed me to be the kind of trainer, I am my first real mentor which helped my wife and I get out of debt. T Harv Eker and I don’t know if you’ve heard his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. You know, I’ve actually spent 18 years travelling around the world teaching his philosophies because and this is kind of a cool thing, you don’t even have to if there’s something you want to do to help people, doesn’t even have to be your own idea, your own stuff, you can help other people deliver their message greater.

So I’ve been able to, you know, blessed to, I was his very first protégé, and I actually went on to train all the trainers that they use around the world because he the trains are done around the world with his material. So he’s another one. Les Brown who made me brown paper boy loves Brown, you gotta be hungry. He started off as a mentor. He became a friend and now we mentor each other, which has been a beautiful, beautiful kind of something I never expected is that I could actually be a mentor to the great Les Brown at the same time. so these are just some of the mentors I have in my life, I could, oh my goodness, Stephen Covey Senior vision Jack Sonni, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of visual acuity Mind Valley started off as one of my students. I didn’t even know I had changed his life and help this company what it is today now I think about $100 million company and I didn’t even know I was kind of the catalyst for that change, and so kind of going to your second part is just by being you, you won’t, you may never know how you’re impacting people in in a positive way and in a way, and the cool thing is I don’t need to know, even though one of my greatest blessings is when a student comes up to me and says, hey Robert, do you remember when you said this, here’s how it changed my life, I love that, but I think about all the people I’ve never met that have had change, and that’s kind of what drives me, so you know, it’s really impactful in terms of how you treat people as well, because if you never know what kind of an impact you’re going to make on them, then sort of conduct yourself in a particular way and you could be significant in their lives, I guess Yeah, and going back to Blair Singer, probably one of the greatest advices he gave me when he, I was starting to train, he said Robert never be afraid to meet a student off the stage anywhere in the world and have to figure out who to be, that’s why you want to be you on stage to be the same off the stage and in in this industry, like all industries, there’s great people, there’s people that you wonder about and in the training industry, because I’ve been blessed to share the stage with so many of the top speakers and trainers and thought leaders in the world.

It’s amazing to see how many are who you see on the stage, the moment they step off the stage they turn into a different person and which is a great reminder of me to say, you know what, that’s not me. And when people meet my wife for the first time, because I talked about her a lot on stage, they go, is he really this kind of kooky and in real life? And she goes, that’s him, that’s all he knows how to be. And I’ve met my students in all the most amazing places around the world and it shocks them when they’re, you know, sometimes when they’re like, wow, you are just an everyday person. I’m like, yep, I’m short, I’m aerodynamic. I’m just me. Well, from the point of view of perspective from another person, I certainly don’t view you as kooky. Um, but a lot of value today. So I guess from a perception perspective for you about, I think that you’re a very valuable educated person. So that’s feedback for you. Thank you. Yeah, you just haven’t heard my jokes yet.

You could say, don’t worry, there’s still time. That’s right. Exactly. And I got a good question for you, which I’m interested to hear what the answer will be and it is why is it? People can have less knowledge and experience as others but make more money mm hmm. It’s all about how you’re being perceived. Are you being perceived as an authority or not? And the biggest thing and this is where kind of like people go, yeah, marketing, you know, with editing anybody can look amazing. And so it’s about how you see yourself first because if you don’t perceive yourself as an authority, you can have the greatest knowledge in the world. But if you don’t believe that you have that authority kind of experience, you’re not gonna show up in the world the way you can and someone else can come in that has a little more confidence in themselves and say, hey, I am this person and they will be perceived as the top of mind awareness. And that’s actually one of the reasons I’m writing my new book called The Authority Key is because it’s not just about here’s a practical waste to be seen as an authority. It’s who are you as a person to not only be able to create that authority but to then maintain it, you know, going back to that currency of fame because as you become an authority, there’s gonna be more visibility of people wanting to know more about you.

So are you going to be able to handle it? Or do you crash, are you gonna be able to serve or you’re gonna be able to, are you gonna go into what I call the starstruck stage where it’s like, oh wow, look, it’s all about me now and you’re going to crash. So I work the books really working on the inner person to be able to be that authority in themselves first before they present themselves to the world as an authority. Yeah. Great principle. you mentioned your books a couple of times. How is the writing process for you in the previous one and perhaps how you’ve altered it for the for the new one? Well, the previous one, it was a struggle. It was a 15 year procrastination, right? Because I am a procrastinator. and it was finally when I was held to a commitment and I committed to it that I got it done. And it took a lot of assistance from a lot of people to really bring it to fruition. and that’s the one that’s now an international bestselling book. My second one, I just, I’m passionate about doing this one and I took a different approach on it because where I realised I struggled on the first one and I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this Thomas, where when you’re in the moment, also some brilliance comes through you, But then also in 10 seconds later, it’s like, what was that again?

I don’t know have you ever experienced that right too frequently, unfortunately. And that’s why it was a 15 year struggle because I’d open up my computer and I’d be like and the thoughts were gone and I get frustrated close the computer, so this time to prove my kind of theories of the authority key, I decided to get onto podcasts and become a guest and you and I met through pod match and I decided you know what, I’m going to learn their system. I want to be the number one guest. And in a five-month period at the end of last year I was the number one guest for three months in a row And I did 167 interviews in those three months. Now here’s the benefits from it. I was saying my message again and again and again. So I was able to go like that, don’t like that make adjustment here. So I was formulating my book be because every episodes recorded and I got the recording. I’ve already written my book, it’s already down. So I’ve leveraged again and see the social proof now That I’ve got 100 and 25 star ratings and reviews on my profile that you better believe all over my social media, I’m sharing the podcast so that people see this is what I’ve been able to do and I’ve leveraged everything in that way.

So I’ve taken the lessons from the past what didn’t work and I put them in a way that does work and allows me to move forward in the direction I want. And so that’s the way I’ve been doing this writing journey, because now that I’m ready to put finally my fingers to the keyboard, the book will flow just like that, there will be no second guessing, no, how do I want to do this again? It’ll just be I’ll spend an hour at a time and I’ll just pound the book out in in no time at all. I wasn’t planning on asking you about anything specifically around productivity or efficiency or I use the term leverage, but I mean there’s certainly a theme here, do you think that’s fair in terms of the way to describe your work? Oh, without a doubt, because it was so not me even 10 years ago, you know, like I said, procrastination and I realised I used to fight being a procrastinator and because I’d fight it, it would show up even more and then I beat myself up over it. But then I learned to realise that you know what it is, who I am. So how do I work with it?

And a quote I came up with is this I designed my day in such a way that procrastination cannot play, which means I could, because I haven’t had to work for money for a lot of years, I could just sleep in sleep in sleep in and I used to do a lot of that, but I know in my mornings now I on purpose will schedule trainings coaching classes interviews for early in the morning because the moment I commit to someone else I’m up, don’t even have to think about it. And now my day started. So instead of resisting procrastination, I work with it, which has made me more productive. And let’s be clear, I still take a ton of time off. I still take care of me, I still take care of being with family because that’s as important. And so I’ve just learned from all my journeys. I won’t call them mistakes, my journeys. I’ve learned how to flow with what works best with me to be productive. Great answer based on what you’ve said today. I’m looking forward to this particular answer that you’re going to give. Okay, you ready for the pressure, the pressure you ready?

I’m ready. What are your goals? Ah is I’m blessed in so many ways and my wife and I about 3.5 years ago we purchased a beautiful acreage that we live on now with one of our goals to eventually build our own training centre. So I’d travel even less. And thanks to Covid, Yo, we went from 200,000 miles to zero. That’s a lot less. And over the last year and a half, we’ve actually, I’m now sitting in my office of our 2400 square foot training centre built off the back of my house. So on the other side is 1500 square foot facility itself for the actual training. So my goals are to start bringing my coaching and mentoring students right here to my home because I love training trainers. I believe that people who have a message in them that they want to get out in the world, I want to be able to help them be more authentic on stage, be more connected to their audience. And that’s one of my skills and my talents as I can draw that out of people. So I my goal is to have as many people come here where I can put them in front of a camera, can work on them, I can adjust and tweak them to get them to be able to have their message out to impact more people around the world have a great answer.

Is there anything that I should have asked you about today? I don’t know. You look, you’ve covered the gambit. I love that because not everybody, they just have love. Let’s go through this. Okay, thanks for the interview, but I love the gambit of questions you’ve gone through. So, I’m complete on that. You got any closing thoughts for us today, I would go back to the, the greatest gift I believe but show up in the world for who you are and a lot of people get afraid that what if I lose friends, it may happen, but, you know, a paradigm shift. I went through even a year and a half ago because I’m always growing myself is I used to believe it’s the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people and I would tell you know, I’d be in front of 1000 people. Aren’t you excited? You’re in a room of 1000 like-minded people. And they’re like, yeah. And then one of my mentors a year and a half ago, he said Robert, he said, if you’re surrounded by complainers and you’re like-minded, you’re gonna be a complainer.

He says, what I’d rather you do is surround yourself with growth minded people and here’s the difference, a growth minded person. Yeah, they’re gonna be there to pick you up when you’ve fallen. They’re gonna be your greatest cheerleader when you’re doing well. But one of the most critical roles are gonna play. Is there going to be the person willing, willing to have the tough conversations with you when it’s time? Like why aren’t you stepping up and playing a bigger game? Why are you playing small? Why are you being a jerk right now? See, so now I choose to surround myself with those growth minded people that are willing to have those real conversations with me because left to myself, I’d be in a different space because my mind would take over and boy would I go down some dark holes and so having those people around and probably like my wife, You know, we met when we were 13, We started dating when we were 16. Got married when we were 19 this year. We celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary, please don’t do the math on how old I am. And I have no problem admitting if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be talking to you today, I’d be in a job comfortable but miserable as hell because I know there’s more potential for me, but I wouldn’t have had the courage to stand and she’s the one that a lot of times has had to kick my ass to say step up.

And so she’s a great example. It’s a gift she gives me as a gift I give her now too. And so those are the kind of people you want to have in your life. Yeah, great peer group if someone wants to buy the book. And do you do you do training as well? Right. Oh yeah. Would You classify that as consulting 1-1 training or because I know you’re a speaker, but you work with people 1-1. I’m now doing one on one work with people coaching and mentoring, but also because we can’t with the regulations, I still can’t bring people live to my facility. I’ve turned my 1500 square feet into a super Zoom room where I can now I have the monitor to see four or 500 students call camera angles and I, because I do big trainings around the world as well. but the easiest way for people to connect with me and for my book, success left a clue, I’m gonna make it very easy, you know, Thomas you are gracious enough to spend your valuable time and asked me to be a guest and I believe time is one of our greatest commodities that we have and the fact that you have given your time and your audience, oh my goodness, taking their time to listen as a gift from us to them, if they just go to, just my name,, they’re actually able to download the entire digital copy of my book as our gift to them.

Now I will tell you it does come with a caveat, though. You know, I I didn’t write the book for people to put it on the shelf, make it shelf help. That’s not why I wrote it. Step number three is the action I wrote it as a workbook. So all the way through, there’s action steps for people to take and I’ll even sit there and I’ll say in the book, hey did you do the last Action If not stop reading right now, go back and do that action before you read anymore because I want to create that habit and I’m gonna make a promise to people if they download the book, read it and do the action steps, they’ll take their life to another level and then as a little extra when they download that book, What I’m doing for a little while because I am now working with more people is they are actually able to book in for a complimentary 20 minutes strategy call with me Where they’ll answer some questions for me in advance and I’ll be able to in 20 minutes laser in on where they’re at what they’re stumbling blocks are and give them specific strategies to go to another level. And on that 20 minutes I don’t do any selling. It’s just about sheer value to that person In that 20 minutes and that’s a gift I’m giving right now as well as a way for me to give back.

Well, thank you for that. And just coming back to what you said about all the other podcast episodes that you’ve been on. It does show. So I think you’ve been a great guest today and Robert, thank you very much.

Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for having me, Thomas.