Linkedin Advertising Is Expensive

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about Linkedin Advertising. I have thought and heard many times advertising on Linkedin is too expensive. I would like to share a way around that which we are running at the moment.

When creating campaigns on Linkedin, you currently have brand awareness, engagement, website visits, video views, Lead generation, website conversions and job applications.

When you are choosing the vast majority of the options mentioned. The manual cost per click default is quite high relative to most other platforms. Whilst CPC isn’t the metric which should drive all your decisions because if CPA is the same, then CPC becomes irrelevant. But I have found typically the CPA goes up in line with the cost in this example. Meaning that Linkedin doesn’t tend to convert any better than any other platform.

There is one exception though at the time of making this video which isn’t expensive. If you compare the typical cost per click for my audience on the Google display network. You can get clicks off the GDN for 30-40p fairly easily. Less if you wanted. But Linkedin is £6 per click easy so we are talking 20 times the cost when the performance is nowhere near 20 times as good.

With a video views campaign though. For some reason you can reach the same audience on Linkedin that you would with an engagement ad for 11p per view. By comparison YouTube views normally cost around 5p for us. So it’s just over twice as expensive, vs 20 times as expensive, but the targeting methods are the same.

Naturally, we are running a video views campaign on Linkedin. I will update you with a case study once we have some data. But if your client is on Linkedin and you have previously thought that Linkedin advertising is too expensive. Test a video view campaign to see if you can reach your audience at a fraction of the cost.

Let me know if that helps you and you get any success stories from the campaign. If you would like help with it visit to set up a time to discuss and I’ll speak to you soon.