Social Self Interest

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. Today I would like to talk to you about a quick principle I call social self interest.

What I mean by this is, Social Media companies all have competitors too. If for a minute I make you head of a big social media company. You get to decide which posts get big reach and which ones go into self isolation. I ask you about a specific post. This post happens to have a link to one of your competitors in it. Would you allow that post to get big reach or not?

If in your post, you ever link to a social media companies competitor. Expect that to be found only by people on your profile.

This also applies to videos. If we take a specific for a moment. If you embed a YouTube video into a Twitter post. Or you upload your video so it is now a Twitter video. Which one of those do you think is going to get the most reach on Twitter?

Pinterest have just released video pins and the reach of a Pinterest video vs one that is embedded from somewhere else is about ten times.

You also have to think about duration of the video and audience retention. As head of your social media company…If you had a user who was uploading videos to your platform was keeping visitors on your site at a far higher rate than other users. Who’s posts would you try and get in front of people?

As you are probably aware, this is done by algorithms rather than people, but the principle is the same.

So when you are posting. Think about social self interest and how your activity looks to the company you are posting on.

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