The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Google Ads – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the Beginners Guide to Google Ads is about the Adgroup level, there are a lot of similarities on this screen to the previous Chapter at campaign level, I encourage you to go back and re-read about the various buttons in the Google Ads interface, as these will be just as applicable at Adgroup level than at campaign level, there are a few differences though, one being instead of the new campaign button, it is now the new Adgroup button.

Beginners Guide To Google Adwords

This button will allow you to create a new Adgroup, Adgroups are created within campaigns and Google Ads recommends that they are themed. This means if you have keywords, they should be placed within an Adgroup only if they are similar to each other. If they are different, meaning about a different place or subject topic, A new Adgroup should be created.

When you create a new Adgroup, you will need to have an ad and a keyword (in search), for it to go live. You will be prompted to do this upon clicking the new Adgroup button.
At Adgroup level, you also have the option to set the default maximum cost per click. This means when Google has a search which matches a keyword you are bidding on, you specify the maximum you are willing to pay.

You will not necessarily be charged this, it is simply a maximum. Some people get confused by this option, as if you have existing keywords in this Adgroup, they will not be updated to your maximum cost per click. In order to do this you will have to set the bids at keyword level, but this will be covered in the next chapter.

The statistics you will see at Adgroup level will be useful for optimising your campaign. An example is cost per conversion, if you are working to a target CPA, You will see at a glance which Adgroups are meeting this goal and which are not. You will also see average cost per click which will show you what you’re paying as an average each time someone clicks on your ad.

Again you can see this at campaign level, but when you look at Adgroup level you are drilling down into the numbers and it will give you more of an idea of what is working in your campaign.

Beginners Guide To Google Adwords

A bad practice for ad groups is to get a large amount of keywords and put them into one Adgroup. This can often have a negative impact on quality score and is not recommended by Google or Ethical Marketing Service. The best campaigns tend to be very segmented or granular in their approach, that is why we implement one keyword for every Adgroup.

When making bulk changes to any account, we find this the best approach. This does lead to creating campaigns which tend to be more themed, so requires more work/time, but the end result means a more organised structured Account.

This was a very simple chapter due to the detail covered in the last one, although Adgroups are very important, there is less to learn here if you have covered everything I have taught you earlier. In the next chapter we will talk about keyword level within the Google Ads interface.