Clarity And Purpose With Adam Hindley

Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service. On the podcast today, we have Adam Hindley. Adam, welcome.

I mean, how are you doing?

Marvellous. What about yourself?

Yeah. Doing really well, thank you today, just getting over a little bit of a cold, but I’m doing very well myself.

Good. Would you like to take a moment and tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do?

Yeah, of course. My name is Adam kindly, and I am the founder of a business called Air Game Consultancy. We are a health and wellbeing business. We primarily help people with their mindset to improve their mental, physical and internal health started the business with myself, my two business partners. All three of us are called Adam, which is crazy in itself, but between us we’ve got myself, who covers physical health and my background in physiotherapy. Other two business partners, one of them is a nutritionist and one of them works as a life and mindset coach, so we cover all aspects of the mental, physical, internal health and we do that with individuals with our coaching program and we work with corporates and businesses on kind of corporate wellness programs as well which is really, really cool. Thank you for the introduction.

There are a couple of things that I want to ask you as a follow up. I think the main one I’m going to go with is if you’ve got two business partners who, let’s say, focus on the topic of mindset. I’m interested to know what’s the to say the best bit of advice or the best learning that you’ve gotten from working with people who are focused on that topic Yeah, the biggest thing for me is it’s always around what people want isn’t necessarily what they need and um a lot of the time people come to us, I will come to me particularly going like I want a six-pack, I want to get a beach body. I want to lose weight or whatever, and that’s not actually what they need. What the need is they need to be able to shift their mindset around the relationship with exercise, around the relationship with food, around the relationship with their own body and their own relationship with themselves. And often I just, I kind of massively prompts people is like if your goal is where it lost, the best thing you can do is throw the scales out and start looking a little bit more into yourself and internally, and this is something that we focus a lot on the business and it’s why when I say at the start is that we work on people’s mindset to improve their mental, physical and internal health, because your mind is like the anchor that is the main point, that’s what it’s telling you to do every single day.

That’s the language, that’s the conversations that you’re having with yourself, that’s the language that you use to yourself, whether whatever you’re talking about these things are so important to get right and then you let the body, you let the mindset, you let the routine almost be a by-product of this. So we need to work on your, kind of, your mindset, in your relationship with something first and what that’s like in the language that you use to yourself, and then we can start to let everything fall, everything else fall into place as well. Just a little bit of a different shift to what you’d normally see and you kind of coaching remit in a sense. So did you know that going in or did you have that approach as a result of, for example, telling people how they get a six pack and then noticing that they weren’t doing anything? Yeah, well, it was a little bit like, the business has developed in itself, as we have, we have, we all started out with being the three Adams with the three different levels of expertise, three different areas of expertise and then come together and we found that a lot of our clients had things in common is the contours wanting one thing, but then they’d end up needing another thing, so we end up branching off the other way.

But I almost learned this myself, the hardware by um like diving into a little bit of my personal stories, I Start I competed in a bodybuilding competition and was ripped on stage, like my like sub 5% body fat kind of really to that point, Well, I’d always had added issues with binge eating as I’m growing up and when I competed on that stage, I thought that I’d be feeling my best. I thought I’d be at my best, but when I looked at my best, I actually felt the worst. Like my mental health was in the worst position it could have been. And that led me to going back to Binge Ian the day afterwards, the day after the competition, I actually had 10,000 calories, which is an absurd amount of food. And because of that, I realized that just because I put in the physical work, I’ve achieved what everybody wants to achieve by getting the six-pack and getting rich and having barely any body fat. I’m still not happy here. So I need to approach my approach it differently.

I need to go from the mind. I need to use the how can I approach this? From improving my relationship with food, improving my relationship with exercise and myself so that I can now achieve happiness within these areas and that’s what everybody wants. I don’t care what you want. Unlike whether you want more money and whether you want to lose weight or whatever, that doesn’t matter what you want is happiness. What you want is to be happy and feel happy in yourself. And if we can break that down and work out ok, what is going to truly make you happy, then you can start to actually make progress with people. So again, people want this surface level stuff like the body, the to lose where they want to improve their mindset, they want to improve the relationship. What you really need to do is work out what is actually going to make you happy and then dive into it a little bit over there. And I think that having the holistic approach of the three Adams there with the mental, the physical, internal health really gives it a whole, like, a whole perspective of what your health is like, rather than just focusing on one area, like you may do with other people.

It’s a really interesting topic of how people can, in your instance, you’ve achieved that goal that you wanted to do, so your body building competition, 5% body fat. I think in a lot of instances, because people don’t achieve that or they don’t achieve this grand goal, um they continue to chase it and think that they still would be happy if they reached it. Whereas I think there are a few people have seen a few videos, one of them, Tyson Fury, talks about how he was five time heavyweight champion and he was completely miserable. Like there’s nothing else for me to do. I thought I was going to be happy and now I’m not and it’s really interesting thing that there is that preconception that if I can reach this amazing goal, then I’m going to be happy and like you said, I mean, did you pretty much feel the same when you, when you’re at your peak physical fitness?

Yeah, no. Yeah, that’s it. I felt worse because when I say there’s this peak physical fitness and then this stage ready, because when you’re doing bodybuilding and you’re doing that kind of thing, you’re, you are anything but peak physical fitness when you’re stepping on stage, because you are so physically and mentally drained, like you’ve stabbed yourself for so long, you get past the point of where this is healthy now, this is unhealthy, this is just getting as lean as you possibly can, and these things are just uh not ideal at all for your mindset and how you actually approach your relationship with these kind of things. So when I step on stage, I almost imagine myself too. So I have like this, there’s two points and normally I put like a transformation picture together of the Adam before, so I waited 55 stone heavier than what I was when I competed on stage, so that I put a picture of that Adam, a picture of me when I’m on stage are all tanned up, I was laying as hell and then a picture of me last year, I put this, this picture of three together and a lot of people commented on it saying that you can tell just by looking at your eyes That the first two Adams one be another way, one being on stage look exactly the same, like, like the first expression, the kind of the way that the eyes look to look the same.

And I can see that because I felt it. It’s like I changed so much, but also so little at the same time. And I think that that’s where a lot of people get and hung up in certain areas as well as that. They’re trying to change the surface level stuff and you can change that stuff like that stuff will change. But what’s the mindset? What’s the relationship with it? Which is a big key pointer, which people need to think about really doing the work around. It’s interesting, do you want to tell me a little bit how your business got started? What’s the story there? Yeah. So basically I am throughout Covid and throughout the whole, that whole period, i it was very stressed. So I was working as a physiotherapist at this time, like, it is my background and as you can imagine, being a physiotherapist, working in person just went to nothing, basically, I wasn’t able to work, also being self-employed. The government did not very help. Didn’t help self-employed people very much. So end up getting a lot of anxiety and stress around finances and around money and um at a certain point, I reached out to my friend who would start in his life coaching business, who happened to be the other Adam about getting, getting some help about my routine and my daily habits and things like that and I worked with him for a block of six weeks and I saw loads of progress and he said to me that’s like I love, I love working with you, like your inaction Turkey, it’s really positive, you’re perfect kind of guy that I want to work with, so We just kind of went our separate ways for a little bit and then he came back to me in the December of 2020 and just went to me, look, I’ve got this idea, I know you your background and another guy, he happens to be called Adam, he’s actually a nutritionist as well.

All three of us could come together and we could do some great here, I think that there’s a gap in the market for something of like a complete holistic approach to health and wellbeing, were like, you know what you write, like, let’s go, let’s do it. And within like within the space of having that conversation to a week later, the business was like registered on Companies House, we were getting ready to go, we’re having conversations with companies about doing stuff in the new year and then within January, we took on our 1st 15 clients, which was, which was crazy and kind of the whole market inside of it and uh we just, we just went literally from strength to strength and over the last of the last year we’ve worked with companies like the Atlantis in Dubai Sky bound and wealth management company in Switzerland and like, like hospitality industry throughout the UK of like restaurants and gotcha and stuff like that. And it’s been it’s been great to see how health and wellbeing has developed. And I believe the awareness since the whole coven and lock down anything, the awareness around health and wellbeing and mental health has come into play so much and how business are actually taking this seriously now and actually looking for people to um of ways to invest in their staffs, mental health basically.

And it’s, it’s good, it’s really good to see, it’s really positive that this is the way that the world is going at the minute. I didn’t think your client would be company necessarily. So who is your typical customer? So we have like, it’s like saying it’s like two sections of the business. We have our 1 to 1 coaching style of things where it’s like the full health reset, kind of holistic approach to reset and your health and then we have the company side of it. So on the, on the company side of it, we have niche down a little bit recently and we work with more small to medium businesses because we found that we can have a greater impact with the teams that have got employees around 30-100 rather than going into your big carpet style stuff. So we normally work with small to medium businesses around that kind of level for the carpet style training. And then we primarily work with men like high performing men who want to achieve something in their life that they feel like just a little bit stuck at the minute.

And what we like to call the habit metrics are stuck in that kind of life where his life seems to be repeating itself week after week after week and you’re not really making any progression in different areas of your life. That’s what we call the habit metrics. And it’s about breaking that, finding out what you’re curious about in your life, what do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go and then facilitating that about where you go within your mental, physical and internal side of your health. Sounds good. No, it’s really like it’s really positive and we’ve seen a lot of um a lot of positive changes from people as well, like some of the testimonials we’ve seen is great. But yeah, it’s like some of the some of the big things are like I say it’s the big lessons that we’ve learned is that it’s not always about what people want, it’s about what they need and you need to find a way of being able to do both basically because you’re going to build trust with someone if you give them what they want. But then at the same time, you know best as it’s your job to give them what they need at the same time. I think that relates to pretty much anything in any area of business, really.

Like when you’re an expert in marketing to say you miss, someone may come to you and go like, I want to do this, this and this, but you’re like, no, actually for your business, this this and this is going to be a lot better. So it’s like it’s how do you do that in the best way possible. And I think that that’s very relatable in any industry. Well on the topic of marketing in prep for the for our conversation, I did check out the socials and you are very good. Your social media approach. I was just wondering if you would share, let’s say what your tactics or what your strategies are there. Yeah, of course. Uh Until next month we’re starting with a marketing agency and we’re going to be running paired advertisement. Everything we’ve done until then is organic marketing that we’ve done. So we haven’t done any paid marketing until, let’s say, until January when we’re going to start doing some of that. But yes, so my background is so within we have the three atoms. We’ve all got good skill sets within business as well, which complement each other.

So mine is social media and then one of the other Adams is sales and that kind of thing. And networking, then one other Adams is like the back of the house systems, the website and all that kind of stuff. They are emissions of them kind of things. So when it comes to social media, I’ve done YouTube for like five years doing vlogs in the past and all that kind of stuff. I’ve been doing Instagram content of the last four or five years as well. And I’ve just been pushing out on like Pinterest on, linked in on just all over the place, basically learning about all these different platforms. So there’s often, there’s a lot of gurus that say like just dial down on one and stick on one and stay at it. And I agree with them. If you don’t know what you’re doing on all of the other ones. But the genius thing for me was repurposed in the content. It’s like I met one YouTube video a week for the Air game, bring your A game YouTube channel. That YouTube video is then transcribed into a blog post then snippet it up.

So we have copy for, throughout the week, the different blogs, different person stuff that YouTube video is then cut into three or four reels to be posted on different platforms throughout the week. And then we’d potentially use some pictures or some infographics that then use that blog post copy. So realistically, I’m creating a YouTube video and a blog first. And then everything else is created around that and everything else is. And leading back to where we wanted to lead, which is obviously getting traffic to our website, getting people into our Facebook group in our community from that point of view there as well, which is really that side of it is really, really good. The organic market inside of it has been really good. And then it’s about nurturing building the community, letting the clients that we work with now leave testimonials like them, talk to us about, talk to everybody else about the changes that they’re making and in the, in their life and just building a community around it. Like that’s the biggest thing. And the most thing that I’m proud of, the biggest thing I’m proud of over the last year is not, well, the business has come a great, great way and that’s great.

But it’s the community that we’ve built. It’s the people that we they they’ve coined themselves now. They’re the air game is we have this community of their game is just these people that are like, just love it and just get so involved with it and that is by far the best your people, the people that work with you are your best marketing tools and I think that that’s been really, really powerful. There is. And do you, because that sounds like a lot of work for the typical business owner, Do you do all that or do you help some to someone? Help you? Like, what’s that? So I I’m like I said, I’ve done a lot of the actual content creation, I do a lot of it, like I do Located to 90% of it personally, and then scheduling it, we all take it in turns to do say if it’s our own personal platforms, are they actually, again, platform or what not? But no, because I’m quite dyslexic, I don’t do the copy side of it. So I give that to one of the other Adams. The strategy was all kind of my idea of like, this is what we need to do, but the actual way that we divide it out, we divided out between the three of us.

We did take on an editor, someone to help me edit the content and stuff that at one point, but and it just didn’t work out like, financially, in the moment, it was like, okay, well now that I’m not doing this, I’ve got so much more time where no, I’ll actually just do it because I’ve got so much time still, it wasn’t like, it was it was over stretching me uh over stretching me for the time, so we are willing to outsource it when it comes to the fact that we need to. But as of for this year, it has been the three man band that we’ve kept working with really. So if you’ve got the time, then do it. If you don’t have the time, then outsource it. Yeah, that’s exactly in the three atoms, Right? Yeah, exactly. And I think that that’s a lesson for a lot of people, is that we like to say we have a big thing of this year has been expanding the team and uh I massively believed that the quicker that you quicker you want to scale the more people you’re gonna have to bring on board. So certain things that I’m sure that you talk about doing about being on social media platforms, engaging with other people coming in, other people’s content, like sharing other people’s person stuff.

All these kinds of things are very time-consuming. So this is what we’re looking to outsource with potentially like a b a v a company or like online business management style company. And then this is why I love doing stuff like this, like reaching out to podcasts and being on podcast as well, because I’ve got my phone up there, recording me right now and then maybe snippets of this that go out on social media. So it’s like, it’s just multipurpose in the different things that you do all the time, which is which I think is really, really a good way of looking at it rather than it just been one piece of content now. It’s done. It’s like, no, it’s like get that one piece of content across all your different places that you need to get smile. Yeah. Coming back just briefly to the wants versus needs. Um Yeah, someone does come to you and they say I want the You use the example 5% body fat. I think people struggle with knowing exactly what they want. So what do you say to that person who says that they come to you and they say that? What do you say? So this is this is always, it’s a simple technique that I mean, I promised anybody to do this.

I always like to do it in in your general life, you go, why do you want to be successful is the first question that you ask. And then, so in that sense it would be why do you want A 5% body fat? And then they give you an answer because it’ll make me look good. So why? Why do you want to look good? And you just repeat the same answer to them with the y in front of it. And eventually, when you get past all kind of the beauty pageant answers and like why do you want to be successful? So I can have money for world peace. It’s like, no, no, we’re going to get past this. And like, what do you truly want and you get down to what would be kind of your real why? So okay, it’s like the wife of the 5% body fat is because I’ve been trying to be my entire life and I’ve been I was bullied when I was younger and I need to prove to everybody else that I’m really this person or whatever and they know it cares. So it’s like, okay, so you don’t want To you don’t want to be 5% body fat, you want to be validated because of actions that happen to you in the past.

So it’s like, okay, well let’s do some work around that. Like who is it these people that you want to try and get validation from? Like, do you still, it may be that one bully, that one kid that said summit to you when you were 10 years old or something and you’ve held onto that. It’s like, So when you do get to 5% body fat because I’ve been there, I’ve been that fat kid is like when you do get 5% body fat, what you’re gonna say to that bully, like you’re going to say anything, have you spoke to this person and God knows how long does that person even remember what you actually said. So it’s like yeah, you need to be able to be, you need your need your client, you need the person that you’re working with to be vulnerable and to be able to open up and talk about some of these kind of almost like darker areas of the life. But when they do and when they open up about what it really means to them. That’s where you find the true need rather than want. And it’s the same one like I say about re align it with business and I open up a little bit more about mine.

It’s that I will, I want to be, I see myself as like I want to be successful because I want financial freedom. I want location freedom. Well, why do you want that? Because my mom and dad never had it and I never saw myself having it when I was a child. Well, why do you want to show you mom and dad that you can have that or my dad had a lot of debt and it drove him to depression. It’s like, okay, now we’re getting down to some deeper points of it. It’s like then it goes like I never want my family to see me go to the dark places that my dad went to because of financial debt and struggles that he was having when I was when I was younger. Okay, now we’re getting to like some deeper meaning. So no, you don’t just want a million pounds in a nice car. You actually want to have this financial stability that you never had when you were younger and like that’s the kind of thing that will really potentially drive people to actually get up on them on and put in the work that they need to do and that’s gonna drive you a lot more than going, I want to be a millionaire having pictures of like a millionaire and a nice car and a vision board on the wall, like you need to be able to get down to really have to say it’s the inner work, it’s doing a little bit, the inner work to kind of find out where you want to be.

There’s a better use of time as well I would suppose because if you spend years doing something that actually find out you actually don’t want, I mean you can, it’s just a much better way to spend your life working towards something that actually matters to you. I think that’s  100% and a lot of the time people, you’ll, you’ll see, you’ll still talk about it a lot. I know Stephen Bartlett, he’s got a podcast called The Diary of the CEO and he talks about a lot in there that he bought a range rover as soon as he is company iPod and he sold his shares about a range rover and he’s wanted this ranger over his entire life and his emotions where nothing, he felt nothing when he got that range rover, he felt nothing when his company sold and he’s worth tens of million dollar of a sudden, it felt nothing and there’s so many other millionaires are successful entrepreneurs that say exactly the same thing I wanted, this thing so bad and I got it and I felt nothing. It’s like, okay, this is a theme here. This is happening a lot.

So you need to figure out what it is that you do really want and what you do, really. Because the end of the day is like me saying that I want to be a millionaire and then me saying that I want financial stability so that I never have to my family and may never have to go through the struggles that my dad did Are two completely different things Like that. Financial stability could be a nice 70 grand a year. Cause a comfortable life, what I actually really want don’t need to keep pushing for the the millionaire status kind of thing because it’s not necessarily that important. And it potentially neglects your family in some instances. Exactly, yeah. Have you found that success in stuff like personal training and successes in quotations um, tends to cross over nicely into your business. Yeah, I mean 100%. It does like what I’ve gone from like a coaching remit into a coach and remit, but it’s different and I feel that this, the way the air game teaches now is a lot more authentic to me because it is the holistic approach is more of a well-rounded approach rather than it just being like I’m a PT.

And I’m a physio, I help people get better with their injuries and help them lose weight. Like that’s cool, that’s fine. But it’s like now I actually get to like it’s almost impact people’s lives rather than impact the body where they are right now. Like the work that they do with their game now is going to change the life is gonna change the way they look at things is going to change the relationship with themselves. And that bit is that bit is something that I’m really grateful for and I think that’s been great from the business and it’s been great from like just the development in myself as well, from being a personal trainer and working like within like a personal trainer and physio and working with injuries and stuff like that and working with people getting them better from that point of view to actually go in. Okay now I’m looking at the whole person now, we’ve got a team, I’ve got a team around me where I’m looking at the whole person and this is really, really positive shift that has had from going from that kind of personal training to this business. Well, part of me because you’ve spoken about some really meaningful things.

Part of me wants to talk about the meaning behind it and the other part is I did have one question which was when you are sort of physically fit or you’re focused on the personal training side of things, how does that impact your, let’s say productivity for example, So I guess how much do you focus on physical fitness as you said before versus the um the real meaning behind it, because I from my perspective, it seems like they might be a little bit in conflict because if someone wants you to help them with fitness stuff and you find out that actually what they want is to spend more time with their family. Um no, tell me what your thoughts are there. Yeah. Yes. No. So it’s again, this is where there’s never a one size fits all approach to this because people’s wants and needs are different and it’s something that we often break down with the person is like I say, you have to give the person what they want at the end of the day as well, so someone wants to lose where then they’re going to get an eating plan that puts them in a calorie deficit and they’re going to get an exercise plan that it’s focused around their goals, But we also need to do that work in their mindset to be like, okay, well why do you really want this because we want you to achieve your goal, but we want to know what you’re really true your true goal is, so it there is sometimes a conflict there and there is sometimes where it goes like, you know what guys, I’m going to step away from this one from a physical health side point until this persons may be in a better place with their mental health or their relationship with themselves and then they can maybe come back in and work with me a little bit further down the line and this tends to happen is like, people go through a cycle of, we’re gonna do it like an eight week coaching block, so they’ll come and they’ll work through a cycle with us and they’ll go, no, I want to go again, but this time I want to focus more on this and we’ll be like, cool, you still get everything else, but you’re focusing on The one side of it a little bit more.

But yeah, that’s been a big part of what the businesses and the kind of the growth and development around the business, because we needed to learn that it’s like, okay, well it’s not going to be you have this many sessions with me this many sessions, we’ve I had to make you in this moment sessions with Adam Smith, the other guy, it’s going to be like, no, well this person is really struggling in the relationship and actually the mindset of like loving themselves right now, so they need more mental health side of it, This guy is really struggling to stop himself in GE and so he needs to work with the nutritionist a little bit more, this person’s relationship with exercise is shocking and just procrastinate all the time, I can’t get anything done. They need to work with you a little bit more and it just depends on what different people’s needs are really. But the main thing that I can say around these three areas is they all interlink, it’s like if you go to the gym and you exercise, then you want to eat healthier and because you want to eat healthier than your mindset is going to be better because you’ve got like food and mood is a thing, like if you eat the right foods, you moved, going to improve and then because you’re in a better mental state, then you want to exercise more because you want to be more folks and your girls meaning you want to eat better food and they’re just kind of, they all affect each other and it ends up being like a really positive cycle because there’s a lot of studies and research out there saying that there’s four pillars of health, there’s your mind, your body, your food and your sleep.

These are the four pillars of health. We believe if you get the first three, right, your mind, your body, the food, sleep is going to kind of come into place pretty, pretty well anywhere. So if we can manage these three and get these three right then the sleep is going to become kind of a by-product as well. So just in itself and in general these points are um really there for people to kind of take your own interpretation of it, but at the same time and it’s like each one affects the other a lot. And it’s really important to realize that I didn’t notice on the channel you did a video on the night routine which presumably is around sleep as well. Did you want to share anything on that at all? Yeah. Well yeah, it’s then you, everybody talks about having the morning routine like the best morning routine. How do I have the best morning routine? What’s the right one is five a.m. Club before I am going to get up at six, whatever, like all the different people talking about different stuff all the time. And realistically it’s just, it’s what works for you. But if you want to have a good morning routine, it all starts with your night because if you’re going to bed absolutely knackered.

If you’re watching tv or on your phone right before you go to sleep, you’re not going to sleep as well. If you’re not doing certain things like drinking, if you’re drinking coffee too late in the day and it’s going to affect you in different areas as well. So it’s all about just creating like learning about what your body actually needs and like it doesn’t need fair clients, like I got to ferc lights on me right now. It doesn’t need them blessing in my face at nine o’clock at night, Then it doesn’t, I don’t need to be having coffees until seven pm and it’s like, because these things are gonna disrupt your sleep, like scrolling on your phone and the blue lights from your phone and your computer is going to affect your sleep, affect how you sleep. So your night routine does affect your morning routine. So it’s the morning routine starts in the evening basically before you actually go to sleep. And that’s where that’s a big thing that we actually covered on because we do realize how important sleep is and I think it’s very, very smart that it’s all kind of been highlighted all these things.

The issue I find with it is replacing it with what, so do you, do you actually, you know, what do you do when you’re winding down, you literally sitting there with the lights off for candles on or something, you know? So this is this is it like We everybody has their own interpretation of it. So I don’t drink coffee after 2:00. Um so I don’t have any caffeine then I have blue light glasses. So I tend to go to bed at about half past 10. I will put my blue light glasses on that list at eight And then by 10:00 I’ll be switching my computer’s off or whatever. Give myself at least half an hour before I go to bed to not have any screen time really there anyway. And I mean there’s so many different ways you can do it, like the iPhone has the night mode now as well, where you’re not getting as much screen time and stuff like that, and it’s not about just saying like this one thing is going to fix it, but it’s doing a combination of like the little things that matters. So like we actually put in the blue light glasses on a phone, being on night mode, not having the fair flights on my face at this point later on in the day, it’s like they’re the things that are gonna going to help, but it’s like throughout the day, are you getting outside, are you doing some exercise and all these other like to say all these are little things that add up towards it because I’m not saying that I’m perfect and this is something that often gets misconceived is that people that talk about these things perfect in the manner of doing them and it’s like, I don’t think there’s anybody like even like your Tony Robbins or like you Mel Robbins and the big gurus in this, in this self-development space.

I don’t think any one of these is perfect. It’s like everybody perceives them as perfect, but they’re not, everybody has the things that they go through. Everybody’s got their own mental health issues that they deal with on a day-to-day basis and that’s absolutely fine. It’s absolutely normal. And I think that people not sharing that is almost more toxic because I think that I need to get to this level of where I don’t feel any negativity in my life ever. It’s like it’s no it’s not. There’s always going to be negative, there’s always going to be adverse to that you’re gonna have to deal with. But it’s how do you deal with it? Do you let it rock your inner piece and knock you off, knock you off centre for like four days or do you deal with it process it and move on from it and get on with your dear. And it’s these kind of these are the kind of little things that I recommend to people. Do they recommend that people do day in day out that really developed that stronger relationship with themselves. Well, I promised you that I will make a better attempt of not watching Netflix until the moment before I fall asleep. Yeah, baby in bed, TV in bed is one of the worst things for it and like especially when people fall asleep with the TV on, it’s like just the rapid lights is not going to help you sleep at all.

Is there anything that I should have asked you today, Adam?  I think I think that’s a great question by the way, but now I think that men, I think we’ve covered a lot of the main things really around, obviously talking a little bit about the market inside of things, of how the business is done and how it’s got to this point that has so far. And I think that for anyone in business right now as well, there’s been a lot of, a lot of valuable information in takeaways for people to have really what your goals my girls right now. So I got ready. I’m going to predict what your goal is 4% body fat, right? No, I’ve have well and truly lost the goal of anything aesthetic. I let my body be a by-product now. My God, no, I have no aesthetic goals. Like one of my men, men, like things are sayings that are saying is to be athletically aesthetic and it’s very important. It’s athletically aesthetic and not aesthetically athletic.

That’s a mouthful in saying it, but I want to focus on performance. I focus on how I perform in my day to day routine. I profile folks, how I perform in the gym and then my body is a by-product of that. So if I got to 4% body fat because my body was being a by-product of my habits and behaviours in the gym and fair enough, but I don’t think it ever would because that’s never been what I’d be training for again. So like when it comes to weight loss, like I say, I haven’t weighed myself in about two years, so that is not one of my girls right now to do around anything to do with wear and aesthetics. My main goal, being completely honest, is to be happy like what? And it’s very, very vague, it’s like, what does happiness mean? Like, how do you just be happy? But it’s like, I’ve got a great relationship with my girlfriend at the minute, so it’s, it’s great. That’s, that’s a goal of mine to have a good relationship with her. I would love to travel a little bit more and that’s the great thing about having a business that’s primarily based online is that I can, I can travel around, I can do different things like that more obviously depending on whatever is going on in the world at the minute.

And realistically it’s to just keep working towards that way of building that financial stability for myself in the longer term to make sure that I don’t ever feel like I’m gonna be having anxiety around money or I’m going to be worried about, cannot pay the bills the next month or I need to make sure I’m paying the credit card at this time. It’s making sure that I am working towards that and enjoying the process and been happy along the way because like we touched on before, it’s like if you’re just chasing the angle, chasing the angle and you hit and what you’re doing in the process, then you’re never going to be fulfilled doing it anyway. So you need to make sure that your vision for whatever you want in life, your vision, for your body, your vision, for your mind division, for your relationships or your career, you need to make sure your actions are actually matching that because we can all go vision is six-pack, six-pack, six-pack, but actions are beers and takeaways, beers and takeaways. And again, you’re never going to be fulfilled.

The same thing with Korea career is uh financial stability, financial stability. But then actions are procrastinating in scrolling social media, you need to check yourself on what your actual vision and your actions are and that’s something that I am to do every day with my girls is just kind of make sure I’m checking myself and making sure I’m staying on track. So how do you stay on track with happiness? So that’s that you’ve got to kind of, this is where I think reflection works. Some people journal. I don’t personally journal, but I do like to take some time to actually reflect on the week. Like have I enjoyed what I’ve done this last week? Have I had impact this last week? Do I feel fulfilled doing what I’m doing, and if the answer’s no, it’ll be like, okay, well what can we change, but if the answer is repetitive, lee no, after a few weeks back to back to back and something needs to change. So again, it’s, it’s having moments of where sometimes you may sit and scroll on social media, it’s actually thinking about, well, I’m I fulfilled doing what I’m doing and my actions actually fulfilled in doing what I’m doing right now, and if they’re not, it’s up to you to change it.

No one else is gonna come along and do it for you. This isn’t about taking action, Adam. Have you enjoyed this podcast? I’ve loved this podcast, but I feel like I’ve talked to you a lot who said it’s going to be very confidential conversational that I feel like I’ve talked a lot, No, you’re fine. You let people know where they can find you if they want to learn more.

Yeah. So we’ve got loads of blog posts over on Every blog post has got YouTube video with it as well. If you want to learn a little bit more about it, visually, it’d be great to have anyone as a part of our Facebook community. So it’s a Facebook group called Bring Your A Game and you can follow me adam_hindley on Instagram as well. It’d be awesome to see you guys on any of those platforms.

Adam Hindley, thank you very much.